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This page is dedicated to keeping track of the C64's that are still alive and well and in the hands of collectors around the world. Perhaps we can find who has the earliest and the latest serial numbers once and for all?

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Board Types

Assembly Lines - Please let me know if some of these are inaccurate, they are my assumption only.

BadgeKeyboardCase SerialBoard AssyBoard RevBoard SerialOwnerLocation
Prototype auctioned at VCF 2003. Power light label says "POWER" and not "64" like the first production runs. Serial number is a typed paper label, but matches the one for #21 that was submitted. Ths unit belonged to Charles Winterble, according to the auction.
00213262986unknownCharles LynchNova Scotia, Canada
serial # label is white with typewriter type printing
S00001044326298BMD6-VA3402 No.0358TCaj RollnySverige
Ceramic SID, RAM's, VIC, ROM (Kernal), ROM (Character). Chip datecodes between 1482-2482. Fully functional and near mint condition. Originally owned by the legend Jim Butterfield.
S00001185326298BJeremy DuBoisMassachusetts, USA
s00001281unknownJohn JusticeFloyds Knobs, IN USA
bought in 8/82, case has never been opened. John bought from Jeff Von Holten of Columbus Ohio. Original receipt was provided. Unusual black and white slide-type box, like a 1541.
S00001390326298REV-BNOT MARKEDc64web.comAustralia
Mint Condition :)
S00001450326298BDave McMurtriePittsburgh, PA (USA)
S00001576326298BMatteo CacciaItaly
Ceramic chip: SID, VIC2, RAM, C4, C5.Green power switch. Pla revision A(2?)
S00001991326298BMatteo CacciaItaly
Ceramic chip: SID, VIC2, RAM, C5.Green power switch. Pla revision A
S00002126326298CQ????5Jim DrewArizona, USA
S00002163326298REV BCommodore ZUnited States
DRAM, SID, VIC-II, & KERNAL ROM are ceramic & gold.
S00002330326298BunknownSt. Charles, MO, USA
eBay auction 2010-11-07. Ceramic SID (1982), ceramic VIC-II (2882). RAM also ceramic. New condition - but unknown working condition.
S00002345Ethan DicksColumbus, OH
Was a warranty replacement for a pre-release 3rd party developer machine number S00002007, which had the VIC chip "light pen interrupt" bug when the chip got hot.
Computer sold on a swedish retro computer group in March 2017. Unknown funcionality.
CERAMIC CHIP : VIC2, SID,C5, C25, C26, C27, C28, C40, C41, C42, C43
S00003546unknownSouth Haven, MI, USA
Info from eBay auction 2012-10-18. Probably belonged to Jim Drew.
S00003780326298CNot presentJosh GibbsSeattle, WA
Two switches were added - one for reset, and one to enable/disable the cartridge. I believe this was originally owned by a school as it has a number engraved on the bottom of the case. Has ceramic SID. PLA is missing. Case and keyboard in overall good condition, and I will eventually repair this early unit.
S00003898326298REV A326116Justin S. California, USA
Came in a slide box like the 1541. Passed down from a family member who was the original owner.
s00003909CAllen ManceDayton, Ohio USA
S00004029326298REV Bsmudged CB? Q.A.? ACCEPTNorman StrayerSeattle, WA
ROM is REV2 7E17. Ceramic chips at U4 (901227-01), U9-U12 (RAM), U21-U24 (RAM), U18 (SID) and U19 (VIC II). Purchased at a local Goodwill store in the mid-late? 90's for 99 cents.
S00004049326298BCaj RollnyHammarö, Sweden
Ceramic SID, KERNAL, VIC-II and RAM (Golden Ceramic). Chip date codes between 1682 and 2982.
S00004102Dan HetzelWisconsin
S00004156CAllen ManceDayton, OH. USA
S000004219Rev. ARoberto Tomaiuolo Italy
S0000427032698CWin HeagyVirginia, USA
1092 hand-written on the board. Is this the serial/batch number?
S00004442US326298Rev. A Lorenzo Chiodi Italy
S00004744326298BAndy SchmidtUSA/California
No evidence of a shield under the board (No solder marks). No magnet on the keyboard wires. Ceramic(!) Kernal 901227-01. 7E17 PLA. All original HM4864-3 RAM chips. Green power switch.
S00005358326298CStefano McValdemar CanaliItaly
S00005575326798C?Barry A ReevesUnited States
N82S100N PLA
S00005576326298 (1982)REV.AMauro CatapanoItaly
All Chip 1982, gold ceramic ram and VIC2
S00006011326298REV CSean R.West Coast, USA
S00006018326298REV CUNKNOWNmbogomolniMillbrae, CA
Board was reworked to replace capacitors 2017. Still works and is in near-new condition. Power supply is original.
S00006123326298Bdon't have that, probably felt off long time agoWojciechPoland
imported from USA, it was probably used in some high school over there
S00006473326298CMarco DoardoITALIA
It has a different box as an opening type and has printed the double floppy drive. It has a VIC II 6567 R5 and all the chips from 1982. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-2-b_Z6K_4
S00006569326298A-Ernie ChornyCanada
5 pin video. RAM is socketed. "64" by power light.
S00006653JaseinblackUnited Kingdom
Info found on webpage (check out for even more info) : http://www.subpoenaed.org/jaseinblack_com/c64.asp
for sake on ebay:https://www.ebay.com/itm/275933663982?hash=item403eed92ee:g:-hwAAOSwGIhko3fS&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8GPpkZijKVdriFcn2TnVZFRc52DTjwAjfsA9u0rCYhr45EqOyMvacyidEpmDlKkp33uHnc3ZfyAGs5QjouQUyKG0qnp%2FrbHq36VlPioFQmbG3%2Btt42kTvcEnWEwbvlg8Abw4FduFcBkaYsOVsphK7x1gM27sGiYpaEvFL7WAYn23bPXg%2FeWHfHCB8N%2BxRQcXHFOcW8hg%2FEzmIOnIkdood1SObRINKCXTJW0RPjfNA4Q1HrtWdaoYKx9zk%2FAF8bwCHah%2FoqabL7Fkm0Rj34hicvtd32Wtp%2Bo%2FA%2ByHfzIyuwZXo5w0mjg7PI%2FaQyFySw0RUA%3D%3D%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR9S-9f-jYg
S00006805J. DriverCanada
S0000685432698CSteve GrayMarkham, Canada
S00007017326298Rev. C MRM Bargain Center
S00007250326298CunreadableAndrew JacksonWisconsin, US
S00007266326298ASean KennyFlorida, USA
S00007430326298A009402Paco MSpain
S00007765326298C326130-01Jeff GregoryPeoria, IL
Facebook auction 2019-05-26
S00007845326298REV CJC HodgsonUnited States WA
The cartridge shield has (blurry, hard to read): CBM OA- 0 AOC The video unit cover has (again, blurry): CBM OA- 15 ACC The video unit cover also has a sticker: USI MT P/N:326130-01 MADE IN TAIWAN R.O.C. I bought this new in 1982 at a trade show in Spokane WA USA. It's had only moderate use, and very little for the past 20+ years. Never had any service done, but now it has problems: instead of the blue startup screen, the startup is a sickly green shade and the various colors don't display correctly, and cartridge games have problems with the display. Hope I can find a good home for it, with someone who can fix it. One of my favorite memories: when my older daughter (born in 1982) was 2 or 3 years old she loved to sit on my lap and play "Kids on Keys"; she would giggle and giggle as the falling letters were popped.
S00007913326298REV CJim UhligKansas
S00008239Gokhan SonmezTurkey
S00008244326298CJim McClureSouthwest
working condition after replacing Video chip, found 2016 on flea market, TX
s000086873262398cn/aKenneth BellTexas,usa
white ic sockets on 6510 and VIC chip. ceramic VIC. very clean running unit
S00008813326298CJohn C. LonningdalNorway
Could not find Board Serial or Country anywhere. Sticker on RF modulator says USI MT P/N: 326130-01, Made in Taiwan R.O.C. VIC-II is ceramic (MOS 6567T2 2982), RAM chips are also ceramic (M5K4164NS-20 JAPAN 82091A, last number is different on each chip). Kernal Rom is also ceramic (MOS 901227-01 1982 CBM 3182). CPU is not ceramic MOS 6510 1882). SID is not ceramic (MOS 6581 2282). Character rom is not ceramic (MOS 901225-01 1982 CBM 1982). Basic rom is not ceramic (MOS 901226-01 1982 CBM 2482). CIA chip is not ceramic (MOS 6526 1982). Chip next to SID has a white sticker saying "C64 REV2 7E17).
S00008990326298REV. CUnreadableDavid BradleyCanada
Chips All Date From Early 1982
Superb original order, suspect only light use, still in its original poly box (sleeve type)matching serial # on side. All chips are '82
S00009199326298REV CdonniNetherland
S00009380326298REV CDale LarsonWisconsin, USA
U17 REV2 7E17
S00010550Thomas FuchsTucson, AZ, USA
S00010774326298CNorbert ChristGermany
Ceramic SID and VIC, PLA Rev.2 7E17, both labels still protected by foil
S00011149pdhowesanta cruz, ca
s00011150326298REV.CBruce HamiltonCalifornia
Keyboard is stickered Mitsumi 10810529
S00011705326298REV.A326116DOcovichOntario Canada
Fully functional, all chips dated 1982, ceramic Mitsubishi ram chips and ceramic VIC chip. Purchased online in 2007.
S00011740326298REV ATadd JensenColorado, USA
(CBM QA-8 ACC) stamped on cartridge port, no additional board markings; all chips 1982 (I received it Xmas '82); original (gray) function keys, keyboard sticker: MITSUMI 19820722
S11871326298AJon MinesSeattle, WA USA
S00011953326298REV.A130178Marco DoardoITALIA
Ottimo C64, sembra nuovo!
S00011963326298REV.AAaronSLC, UT, USA
Had never been opened! Warranty stickers over the screw holes were still intact!
S00012117326298REV.ABarry VCalifornia
S00012175Tom EdneyOregon, USA
Great original condition, all hooks intact on back of case - Ceramic kernel rom - all other chips are '82 plastic - very unusual heatsink on VR2
S00012668SteveSanta Cruz, California, USA
S00012843Roberto Tomaiuolo Italy
S00012952Greg BartholomaeusJapan
S00013242326298Rev CN/AWesUnited States
all 1982 ICs, original 902503-01 first version power supply. SID caps replaced as per C= bulletin, original 2 piece styro box with C64 sleeve. Works great and looks great with Ray's weak video mod.
S00014573???CyberjankPhiladelphia, PA
I'll crack it open at some point, I've just not got around to it yet for the motherboard REV, etc.
S00014642326298CQA-8 ACCLouie DomereseMichigan, USA
Black sharpie writing by U10 and U11 - 1120
S00014981326298ACaj RollnyHammarö, Sweden
s00015143Michael ShaunessyUnited States
S00015147326298Rev. AAphexianDayton, OH
No ceramic chips besides VIC-II. Datecodes vary from 1882 to 2982. 100% functional and appears all original and untouched.
Mint condition, case never opened so can't confirm board/chips, in original box w/receipt (11/82) and all documentation, serial no. match on receipt, box and case.
S00018614REV.ATony K.Melbourne, Florida
Early Silver Label C64 Breadbin! Original Owner!
S00018821326298rev cNAJon GoldbergDenver, CO
I am the original owner got for Christmas in 82.
S00018975326298REV.C1217 in black on circuit board ?SparkUSA
5 pin DIN Video out. Chips all appear to be 82 date codes 901225,6,7-01 U17 chip has a Paper sticker reads C64 REV3 8411
S00019570326298REV.CJogi VIC20.deGERMANY
S00019638Greg BartholomaeusJapan
S00019745John MurphyMichigan
S00020336unknownSan Diego, CA, USA
-Working unit with box. ebay-auction 2011-08-19
S00020720326298REV.CP/N:326130-01Marco DoardoITALIA
Appena sopra il comparto RAM è stampato il numero 1221
S00021229326298A326130-01Karl JanssonSweden
S00021700250407C988637John GuidaPhiladelphia, PA
S00022017326298AJames MillerUnited States
Working as of 2/23/2014. It appears the PLA and SID have been replaced with 84 versions. The VIC-II is Ceramic. Has the "sparkle bug"
S00022721JasonNashville, TN, United States
S23346326298CRicardo SettiUnited States
S00023588unknownBlue Springs, MO, USA
eBay action 2012-10-20. Working unit, boxed.
S00024189326298Ae5frog Sweden
S00024552326398CIllegibleDopplePhelps, NY USA
FTS310 painted on case, came from a school in NJ. My dad had bought a lot of computers, drives, etc. This was one of them, probably the last I still own from that batch. I might have swapped chips in this 26 years or so ago to get it working. PLA 8411, SID 2383, VIC-II 1786, Others are all 82.
S00024707326298AThomas ChristophCanada
S00024738326298CMichael YountMississippi, USA
S00024944326298CEric NelsonFederal Way, WA
Gold Ceramic VICII chip
S00025425326298CCaj RollnyHammarö
S00025897326298REV. AQA-? / AC? (Partial Print)Steven McCowanNew York
All chips appear to be from 1982. VIC-II chip is ceramic. U17 PLA has sticker typed - C64 REV3 8411. U5, U7, U17, U18, and U19 are socketed.
S00026327326298REV. A123519Ryan B.United States
Mint! No ceramic chips, but was purchased from the original owner.
S00026609326298CSellam IsmailCalifornia
works (VCF Archives)
S00027602326298AUnreadableMarvin DroogsmaThe Netherlands
Clear foil still on labels. Overall in almost mint condition. First owner: Dale DeSharone. Imported from US on 5th of December 2017.
S00028571326298A326116 (03401 label)Conrad VogelNorth Idaho
Absolute Mint, zero marks, Never have i seen one nicer. I am the 2nd owner. 1st owner used for a year and stored until now. He supplied original sales receipt from Dayton's in MN, dated 03/24/83. He got a 10% discount because his new wife worked there. Original Gold Ceramic RAM dated 8215. Ceramic VIC-II dated 4182. SID 2382, other chips similar. PLA only non-original chip replaced 8411 (REV3 paper sticker). Original Box w/ matching S/N. Original 1st printing User's Guide & Programmer's Ref Guide.
S00028689326298A03932Marco DoardoITALIA
S00028696JonathanBlue Springs, MO, USA
Selling in Ebay 8/29/10
S00028922326298Rev a200798Eric dVancouver, Canada
I'm guessing this used to be a silver label, only the 64 remains
S00029332326298A310436Jason NeusUnited States
S00030527326298REV.CDaniel HessChapel Hill, NC
purchased 1/10/83 for $495 plus tax (the receipt is still in the box)
S00031275326298ACharles HillUnited States
S00031388326298AKeith DaytonUnited States
S00031970326298A37455DementorGermany, Berlin
S00032281326298ASellam IsmailCalifornia
works (VCF Archives)
S00032842326928A70927Mark JohnsonUnited States
5Pin board; Newest Chip (DC): Kernal 4982, VIC-II r56a 4682, CPU 4282, SID 3282. Fairchild PLA 8240
s00032847326298rev ASergio "zebra3" MassaccesiAncona ITALY
S00033023326298AChris FletcherWest Palm Beach FL
S00033440326298A326130-01steelmm09Isle of Man
ASSY 326298 REV a 1982 SID 6581 matching 1982 chips NTSC version silver metal sticker very rare- mint
S00033799326298AThomas ChristophEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
Front of the mainboard shows ASSY 326298 REV A (c) 1982, but on the back of the board it shows FAB 326295 REV D
S00034452AMiles LefevreMichigan, USA
all plastic 1982 chips. pla rev b with a paper label. still has the "tall" case style. no functional issues
S00034894326298A110511Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
This came from eBay in the early 2000's. Unfortunately, I don't recall where it came from, but it was the US.
S00034904326298REV.A326116Stephan RickenGermany
Bought it on eBay from a trusted seller in the US in 2015. Has all of its original chips, fully working. Very good overall condition.
S00035325326298ATim NortonUS
S00035485326298Rev. AAphexianDayton, OH
Has a ceramic kernal and VIC-II. Needed a 7805 regulator replaced. Has New Castle Community Schools engraved in nice cursive script on the left hand side.
S00035661326298BNo numberMichael HedgesUK
EBay purchase on the 1/2/16 The 64 was tatty and dirty with slight discoloration and one broken key. The key has been fixed and the 64 has had a complete strip down and clean up. Motherboard clean with Ceramic kernel and Sid chip!, System is fully working. Info here http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=59921
S00035739326298CF OlieEU
S00035895326298A326130-01Michael HedgesUnited Kingdom
EBay purchase on the 9/9/15 C64 Looks new and not used. Motherboard clean with Ceramic Vic-II and Sid Original box is sadly tatty and tapped but still has the original price label on System is fully working.
S00036863326298AJeff MorrisKingston, WA, US
S00037057326298ACaj RollnyHammarö, Sweden
s00037150326298a337522Gianpiero ContiniItalia
s00037335robert halvorsonwashington state
S00037777326298AMike LewisOrem, UT
S00037874Daniel MinionCalifornia
S00037897326298A326130-01Julio E. RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
All Chips are originial 1982 versions except for the PLA that was replaced by a 1984 chip. Board has 5-pin video port, green cartridge port and power switch, red RF connector and white RJ switch. The VIC-II is a 6567R5 Ceramic chip. The case is in prestine condition.
S00038834326298Rodolfo Gonzalez NigroRome, Italy
S00040124326298ALaszlo CsonkaHungary
original box
S40995eBay sellerArizona, USA
S00078451326298CSellam IsmailCalifornia
Works (VCF Archives)
S00083122326298AMartinoSiena, Italia
Solo il VIC è di tipo ceramico. Tutti i Chip sono del 1982. Connettore Video a 5 pin. Il case presente le linguette posteriori tipiche del Silver Label, ma è di tipo basso.
C192423326298C01529Wayne JoyceCorner Brook, NL, Canada
Early model from Canada. Beige lettering on the key faces and function keys, white for the petscii characters. Original silver metal badge. 64 printed on silver page next to red power led.
Ceramic RAM, ceramic VIC
C267904UnknownOrlando BueckertEyebrow Sk Canada
Pre-oredered from first shipments into Canada. Has all original accessories, games, manuals, dataset, box and wrappings. Even has original ceramic half eaten apple as it was to be the "Appple Eater". Board type not listed as unit has never been dissasembled.
C268778326298REV Amarks_commodore_sales (EBAY)UK
Excellent original condition, all hooks intact, all '82 chips
C268796326298A242516John McCarthySan Diego, CA
This was aquired as one of the first machines that came in to Toronto Canada directly from an employee at Commodore.
C269148326298 (1982)Rev.CAlex S.Toronto, ON, Canada
C269187326298A02211Sean KennyFlorida, USA
ceramic DRAM
C269219326298 (1982)Ross bushbyUK
Canadian NTSC, Ceramic RAM
C269249326298Rev A01071snuciOntario, Canada
Ceramic VIC and ceramic memory.
Ceramic Gold VIC Only the 6526 are not in sockets Gold Mitsubishi RAM Chips PLA labeled C64 REV3 8411 (Upgraded?)
C269711326298A02954Matthew LangeOttawa, ON, Canada
"C64 REV3 8411" stickered on U17 Ceramic VIC chip and ceramic RAM (U9-12, U21-24)
C269733326298A02619Retro Repair GuyCanada
C271725326298REV A22039snuciOntario, Canada
Ceramic VIC. Newer style "Power" label near power LED.
C271880326298ADigital ManCanada
Power is printed next to the pwe LED instead of C64. Ceramic RAM chips.
C272663326298A49742Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON Canada
5 pin video. Large chips (except U3)are socketed. U20 has jumper between pins 9 and 13.
C296402376298A326130-01Kapt KipperCanada
Gold RAM, most chips are socketed.
JA1000403Elizabeth YoungUnited States
P00309037326298A 1982Fred SSanta Cruz, Ca USA
P00441616250407B211104Chris La MantiaAugusta, GA, USA
Only owner, received in 1983. System repaired 4-1-90 by AV Tropics, Azusa, CA, USA. I am almost certain it went in with a rainbow label and returned as a silver label so top case was replaced. Board may have also been replaced. Bottom case still has my name scratched into it, so it and the serial number are original.
S 00018769326298 (1982) Rev . A326130Lorenzo Chiodi italy
Tutti i componenti originali del 1982 : chip video ntsc R 56 A , pla con eprom C 64 A , plastiche perfette , piastra dorata sottostante originale .
SC104310326298A326116John NelsonUnited States
SC104470326298A127805Ernie ChornyCanada
5 pin video. Large chips socketed.
SC121572326298(1982)A626116/322523ZsimonZToronto, ON, Canada
Ukb1442003James pitcherUk
WG A 23626250407A???Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
Datecodes on chips: End of 1982 and early 1983. I am the first owner, it was bought from Vobis (Germany) June 28th, 1983. The device is functional.
WG B 0070326298REV. A0465Robert SchröcksnadelCounty Durham
The cartridge port is green.
WGA0191326298REV.A 1982326162-01Dirk FischbachHamburg, Germany
WGA9623KU-14194HBRev. BF 115953 fab no.251022Achim BaqueGermany
eBay auction 21st Dec 2016, blue ceramic chip, made 49th 1982, working condition
WGB1489326298A00255Piergiorgio ZambriniItaly
6510: 1782 6526: 3482 6581: 2482 6569R1: 4082
wgb1704117041KU14194HBGraham BinderWest Australia
In very good condition with original chips (IMO) and still working perfectly.
WGB29516326298REV.CFredrik BoyeSweden
Ceramic RAM, all ICs stamped xx82 except for Kernal ROM stamped 4589
WGB36400250407AMike Peterborough
WGC265469250407BPaul RichardsonInverness
0823326298REV A326162.01MichaelWels, Upper Austria
00003823AJim VellaAustralia
600337Mr c hallUk
S00008378326298C326113Michael K.Bellingham, WA
B5043178250407Rev BBrian KeaneIreland
CPU, PLA, SID, 2x CIAs and one ROM are all socketed. Date codes on 2783, 3183 and 8318 on various ICs...
C272186326298A326116/22161ZsimonZToronto, ON
C272338326298REV. A23131David BradleyCanada
Chips From 1982!
P5232578250425cant see one025489Tim PalgutCanada
Rp0061313250407A051092Richard Scown Boise, Idaho
UKB111994250407REV .AGiana BrotherLondon England
UKB123905250407 (1983)REV.B4023320BodsUK
No board Country Of Origin, Just Says 1983 Commodore Intl Commodore 64. Boxed With Matching Serial Number Made In England
UKB127904250407REV AAlan LevyU.K.
UKB155046250407REV ARichard AtkinsonCambridge, UK
UKB191792Judge DrokkEngland
Recieved from original owner. Never opened, or modified. Very low use, never gamed on, light use from word processing by original owner in 1980s.
UKB250580326298AMark DrewUK
Computer is mint, has had very little use, all hooks at back present. No yellowing at all.
UKB255220250407AF205308Moudatsos StylianosGreece
On 901225-01 ROM it says (c)1982CBM; yellow dots painted on top-right corner of upper chips; looks like both case parts originally belong to each other
UKB551282KU-14194HBAMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
KU-14194HB board, CIA 02/82, CPU 50/82, PLA 4/82, SID 03/83 100% working
UKB948177250407 (1983)REV BVincenzoItaly
UKB1471407260425663112Mike RichmondHull, United Kingdom
ukb2332120Seb PalacioUnited Kingdom
Part of Computer Compendium box set with all accessories and packaging. Untested as yet.
WBC21701250407AF187395Massimo CerioniItaly
wg a0037326298Rev.A326116bernhard kirschDeutschland
WG A13470KU-14194HBF132304Raphael OLBRICHGERMANY
WG B6462326298AMarkBelgium
WG B20028KU-14194HBREV.BMichael CareySouth Australia
This was bought new in 1983 and is still operational. Original ceramic VICII, SID and CPU. CIA U2 has been replaced in the past due to wayward experiments with the User Port. This machine needed minor PCB repairs due to electrolyte corrosion. It has had a full capacitor replacement and is now fitted with a SKS Kernal Switcher. Sadly the original Silver Sticker was ripped off by a younger naive me :-(
WGA0178Marc ADAMYLuxembourg
WGA0214250407REV.AVolker RitzhauptGermany
I have not found a Board Serial/Batch Number on the Cartridge Shield. There is a sticker on the board "F148575" and on the keyboard back side there is another one "Mitsumi 19820918"
WGA0287326298REV. AP 00095Chris DiesingGermany
Mint condition
WGA0405326298REV.A326116 or 02016(label)Christian MicklerGermany
WGA0432326298Rev.A01451Alberto S.Italy
Almost perfect conditions, no discoloration whatsoever Fully working
WGA0471326298REV A01454Wolfgang Kainz-HuberGermany
very good shape, C64 and C65 capacitors replaced
WGA0480326298 Rev A01454Wolfgang Kainz-HuberGermany
WGA0600Martin SeegerGermany
Added Reset Button
WGA0634They are all perfect. Since I have a bunch of requests, I have adjusted the price. thanksREV.A03054HOELLBEINERGermany
The first registration is a fail of me (wrong F-Caps)
WGA3807KU-14194HBBAndrea SandroneItaly
ON Lower side of Mainboard is stamped FAB. FAB 251022 REV. B - in component Side 1982 - KU-14194HB - The U17 PLA have plastic case and stamped on "C64A "
WGA4306326298AP/N: 326162-01Anssi MakipuroFinland
WGA4529KU-14194HBMarco FritzGermany
WGA4727Marc AdamyLuxembourg, EU
WGA5913KU-14194HB (1982)RACKEBRANDTKelkheim
Bought from previous owner (RACKEBRANDT-Germany-) in 2022. The case is branded on the rear as "EIGENTUM STADT BRETTEN" (Property of the city of Bretten).
WGA7760KU-14194HBNot presentNot presentFernanNetherlands
It was bought in February 1983 by the original owner for a whopping 1000 guilders!
WGA10818KU-14194-HBREV. BF 126164FabioItalia
Tutti chip 82 ,solo uno 0283, Adesivo 64 molto rovinato da un adesivo attaccato sopra precedentemente preso in Germania due proprietari certificati sempre tedeschi, nessun segno di ristrutturazione.
WGA11696KU-14194HBRev. BJan HimbertGermany
WGA11785KU-14194HBREV.B-----Marco DoardoITALIA
Ha un piccola etichetta attaccata ad un fianco del modulatore RF con scritto: MD6-UE3603 232 T
WGA12238KU-14194HBRev.Bn/aFrank ArnhemNederland
Non working condition, currently being repaired. History not clear. Bought over 10 broken commodores, and a car full of boxes with commodore stuff. Was in the attic for years, previous owner stated that he bought everything at yardsales/flea markets in the past
WGA12341KU-14194HBF133363MichaelWels / Austria
signed on the backside by Petro Tyschtschenko.
WGA12618Moudatsos StylianosGreece
"64´er System V1" Modification
WGA13188Dobos FerencHungary
WGA13225KU-14194HBNAF132580 (Sticker)Georg BottenhoferKranzberg, Germany
The KU-14194HB board does not have any revision printed on. Also, there's no Country of Origin to find. The 6569R1 is dated 0183 and is in a ceramic package and seems to be one of the oldest in the machine. It's in working condition.
WGA15158250407 (1983)REV.BRoberto TomaiuoloItalia
WGA15243KU-14194HB251022 REV. BF141012Frank ErstlingGermany
ROM switch normal/64'er
WGA16747KU-14194HBCS00007597Mauro CelliItaly
WGA17635250407Tomi MalinenFinland
WGA25228KU-14194HB (1982)REV.AMauro CatapanoItaly
wga 153155leo972itali
WGB0029326298A0193marks_commodore_sales (Ebay)UK
Great original condition, All dRam chips are gold pin ceramic, big chips are all '82 plastic. 6 case retaining hooks intact.
Single ply silver sticker
WGB0159326298REV.A326116Brian Grainger (ICPUG)England
WGB0324326298AHand written Label U12Richard MouraoUK
WGB0333326298A326116David ChappellUK
WGB0409326298REV AP00156Troy DaramsAustralia
This machine had a piece of silver cardboard underneath the pcb board that wrapped back over the bottom front separating the keyboard and main board.
WGB0602326298AStamped 326116 - sticker - 01613marks_commodore_salesUK
Good working order, cardboard shield has unusual securing method to cart port. Silver label stickers have been stuck down flat by a previous owner. All '82 chips, MPU 19'82, SID 22'82, variable resistor fitted to R10. rallysupremo6@live.co.uk
WGB0633326298A226116Richard McManusUnited Kingdom
Purchased from commodore_mark1 on 17th / September / 2019. The motherboard is all original and has had no DIY soldering or modifications done to it.
WGB0675326298REV. A326116/02847Christian HaselmaierAustria
WGB0693326298ARichard AtkinsonCambridge, UK
Incorrectly listed as a rainbow badge unit. This is actually my earliest PAL C64.
Silver sticker but orignal single ply.
WGB0880326298Shockwav3Duesseldorf, Germany
Complete with box, which also has a sticker with the same serial
WGB0975Karl BurnettAuckland, New Zealand
WGB0996326298Rev. ABrackefnesSweden
WGB1088326298REV AunknownEssex, United Kingdom
eBay auction 2014-10-15. Some chips seems to from 82 as well as the motherboard.
WGB1138326298AGav WarrenderUK
Still has 5-pin video port
WGB01279326298REV. A00297RETRONTECHGermany
WGB1465326298A00093Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Ceramic VIC-II.
WGB1494326298REV A326116Andrew HarrisLondon
WGB1566326298 (1982)ADaz BusbyUK
Owned from new.
WGB1576326298A01352Richard McManusUnited Kingdom
In pristine mint condition all around, only 2 previous owners since new. No modifications have been done to the motherboard and is all original.
wgb1617250407A002576Graham BinderPerth, West Australia
Near new condition and it works perfectly, all chips are 1983 or earlier. includes the original box. see youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBJ4_sRHwxE
WGB1630326298REV A02727donninetherlands
wgb1643dan graveneruk
WGB1774ismaelcalatayudMadrid (Spain)
WGB2229326298 A2486MarkUK
Great original condition - all 82 big chips, all ceramic dRam, 6 hinge clips intact - working perfectly
WGB 2320KU-14194HBHelge SchmeidtGermany
WGB2369326298AGary PLancashire
The cartridge port connector is a green/turquoise I've nor seen before
A very early PAL C64.
WGB3372KU-14194HBNoneNoneAnders PetterssonSweden
Saved this one from the skip.
WGB4017326298A04481 / 326116UnknownEllesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom
eBay auction 2010-04-16. Boxed (not original box though), working and in mint condition. All chips are made in 1982.
WGB4963326298A2437Karl JanssonSweden
Great original condition - All '82 chips, ceramic dRam & PLA !
WGB7934KU-14194HB (1982)Ross UK South East
WGB7978KU-14194HB (1982)Paul RichardsonInverness
WGB08912250407AMark HarniessUnited Kingdom
There is what looks like a serial number on the board but not on the cartridge port shield. It is next to the 1983 Commodore Intl. Wording and is F212547
WGB12347KU-14194HBEdoardo FraschettiItaly
WGB12583KU-14194HBF119222Ross BushbyUK - South East
Acquired from Marks Commodore Sales - October 2018
WGB14030KU-14194HB (1982)Enrico SalaModena (Italy)
Ceramic chip: VIC2 Red power switch
WGB16714KU-14194HBCS00004730Vim FuegoAustralia
Ebay purchase in 2014 for $122, boxed with a VIC-1540, 100% working, case has marks.
wgb17716KU-14194HBrev bF126474Graham BinderPerth, West Australia
WGB18352KU-14194HBNANARob WhitelawAustralia
WGB19260KU-14194HBRev.BF128800Ville LaustelaFinland
On reverse side of the board: "FAB No. 251022 Rev.B". All big ICs are socketed and dated late-1982 or early-1983. VIC-chip is a ceramic 6569R1. Has a heat-sinked voltage regulator next to the joystick ports.
WGB19303dkKU-14194HBMichael TDenmark
WGB19528KU-14194HB C64_MarkUnited Kingdom
Very nice example, hooks and most '82 chips still in place, believe its still in its original box.
WGB19547KU-14194HBREV.BThe UndertakerEngland
WGB19606KU-14194HB00002747Michel van der HulstThe Netherlands
100% working, all chips from 1982.
WGB19827Queen BeeUnited Kingdom
Unopened, original chips, purchased from original owner
wgb20274ku-14194hbJustin MitchellNew Zealand
wgb20300ku1419hbcs 00012102Garth Elderaustralia
WGB20385250469919914Sam WinsorAustralia (NSW)
Keyboard has a few Newer C64C v2 keys on it due to broken keys. Motherboard also replaced with a 1986 board due to unknown faliure.
WGB20492KU-14194HB (1982)CS00013549Troy DaramsAustralia
Working C64
WGB20690MartyMelbourne, Australia
WGB22489KU-14194HB (1982)retrogamer-downunderaustralia
6581 date code 2282. All other major chips date coded 0783. Original RF shield intact. Original box and polys in fair condition.
WGB22951KU-1419HBTroy DaramsAustralian
Working Correctly, was faulty when purchased. Replaced U1 CIA and U18 Sid as was intermittently indicating faulty port.
WGB23204KU-14194HB (1982)Ross BushbyUK
WGB23347Ku-14194HBMarkUnited Kingdom
I am only the 2nd owner. Stored away in 1990.
VIC-II 6569R1/0983 (ceramic), SID 6581R2/4982 (plastic)
WGB24060KU-14194HBCS00006316Matteo CacciaItaly
Ceramic chip: VIC2. PLA revision A
wgb25380KU-14194HB bcant find oneMichael SmithTasmania Australia
WGB25681250407 (1983)REV.ARoss bushbyUK
WGB26723Robert BrownNew Zealand
My SID chip has expired :~(
WGB28426250407AKarl JanssonSweden
Fully functional. Caps replaced.
WGB28621KU-14194HBREV.BCS00013574John LaneSurrey, UK
WGB28728Melissa PeakmanHarrogate, UK
WGB28828250407A001799Blagoja GligorovskiNorth Macedonia
Work condition, I'm 3rd owner, the VIC chip is ceramic 6569R1 0383.
WGB30735Norrie BoydScotland
case has never been opened everything still works perfectly
WGB31074326298Rev AStamped 326116 - Sticker - 34159MarkUnited Kingdom
Purchased from original owner, 8 gold ceramic ram chips, correct R10 fitted - great picture/sound
WGB35012250407AF190834Mike RobertsonGermany
Bought on eBay.co.uk March 2016 from the original owner. It had been "in a box, unused since 1984". The machine was sold as not working, the socketed 10-1983 dated 6510 was replaced with a working 1983 model. 8x ceramic RAM and ceramic VIC-II chips
WGB35615250407AMD6 UE3603 31TMark HewlettUnited Kingdom
WGB36734250407ACS00016867IanSuffolk, UK.
Bought on eBay 20/05/12.Still working fine, although yellowed a bit.
WGB36843250407 (1983)REV.ARoss BushbyUK
wgb37185250407Acs00015566m steelisle of man
all 1982,83 chips board cs00015566 mdk21hb
WGB37271250407APeepoWales, UK
Back of board is stamped KU-14194HB as well as ASSY NO.250407 REV.A
WGB37481250407Amarks_commodore_sales (EBAY)UK
WGB37484250407REV.A006532Luca SopraniMilan
VIC II ceramic - SID 6581 - 5182
wgc0106wim verbruggennetherland
WGC0139326298Rev AScapegoat/Topaz Beerline/ExtendFinland
Cartridge port shield has metal etched numbers 326116 and a sticker 02324.
WGC0225326298REV. AMarcoItaly
Very early serial number, Great original conditions with almost no yellowing on case, all big chips are from 1982.
WGC1018326298REV A02412Anders BergströmSweden
Bought as "spare parts" at a ridiculous price. Fully restored. Has its "buggy board" with original chipset (datecodes range from 18/82 to 49/82), Fairchild PLA and ceramic R1 VIC. Factory fashion poor video signal out, no reset mod, cardboard present, top case's fragile hooks almost intact. "Replica" Silver Labels installed, had Rainbow ones when I found it. Fully functional (April 2021).
WGC2131KU-14194HBFAB NO. 251022 REV. A-------Marco DoardoITALIA
Funziona alla grande! GREAT C64!!! Almost new!!!
WGC2233KU-14194HBhedningLund, Sweden
Fully working and fresh. SID made 3282, and the rest of the chips also from 82.
WGC3638KU-14194HBREV. AF110649 on stickercappediemItaly
C64 mine from the origins (1983)in near mint conditions. I have original box near mint conditions and original manual on english. Fully functional. TV out Mitsuni , Mos 6569 ceramic (R1 4682), mos 6526 (0283), mos 901225-01 (2182), mos 6510 (2982) , mos 6581 (2282). The SID is plastic one. All mos are socketed from origins. on lover side of mainboard is stamped on : Fab no. 251022 REV. A.
WGC4356KU-14194HBF111453unknownLandskrona, Sweden
Auction on a swedish c64-forum 2010-03-23. Very clean unit, near mint condition.
WGC4525KU-14194HBMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
100% working, all chips from early 1982 with original box and matching serial number. Mint condition.
WGC4537Greg BartholomaeusJapan
WGC08233KU-14194HBMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
Like new, 100% working, all chips from begin/mid '82
WGC 11320KU-14194HBPer-Vidar LindNorway
WGC11683KU-14194HBF131663Joel TegnérGothenburg, Sweden
Terribly yellow! :D
wgc11734250466281075DeonSouth Africa
WGC11787KU-14194HBF137151R ZwankhuizenSouth Africa
WGC11901KU-14194HBAphexianDayton, OH
Imported from the Netherlands. Someone installed a reset switch in the right side of the silver label at some point in the past sadly.
wgc119942504250100693Mel AppelsNetherlands
WGC12499KU-14194HBF136858Tomas GustavssonSweden
WGC12828KU-14194HB (1982)REV .BTommy EriksenNorway
WGC12832KU-14194HBBMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
100% working, chips all '82. With matching box and serial number.
WGC12917KU-14194HB (1982)REV.AF102671Adamer BernhardAustria
KU-14194HB (1982) - 251022 - Rev.A Bowed silver label stickers centrinox@gmx.at
WGC13085KU-14194HBCS00002475Carsten SchmidtGermany, Lower Saxony
100 % Working Condition, Optical as new
WGC13154KU-14194HB (1982)F 131397Lorenzo Chiodi ITALIA
Tutti i componenti originali del 1982 , Chip Vic II 6569 R1, 6581 R4 AR .
WGC13666KU-14194HBREV. BVincent LextraitUnited States
WGC14170KU-14194HB (1982)Retro Man Phuket Thailand
WGC15151KU-14194HBGøran HenriksenNorway
Could not find the Bord Country of Origin or Borad Serial. Anyway else to find out? It was not printed on the board.
WGC15239KU-14194HB251022 REV.AF114519Gianluca GiglioItaly
WGC15278KU-14194HBFAB NO.251022 REV. BMarco DoardoITALIA
MD6-UE3603 232 T is labeled on the RF modulator Ceramic PLA C64A 93459 Ceramic VIC chip 6569 r1 the conditions of the Commodore 64 are like new! The keyboard is of the noisy type with underlying membrane
WGC15618KU-14194HBAlberto S.Italy
WGC15875KU14194HBBF128207Antonio PagliaroItaly
WGC15930KU-14194HBMichele PacioccoItaly
WGC16320KU-14194HBHokus PasNetherlands
Works well, and a little bit yellowed on the base. Never repaired, and in a good condition.
WGC16438KU-14194HBF1 38991Karl JanssonSweden
901226-01 replaced. 100% functional.
WGC16916KU-14194HB Francesco PalmaItaly (Roma)
Original Box. Ceramic Vic. picture on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150302427849667&set=a.10150298062664667.341291.674364666&type=1
wgc19313250407AF183878Alberto PaglianoItalia
Ceramic SID and ceramic RAM
WGC19542GERMANYAXavierStrasbourg, FRANCE
WGC19818Roberto GriggioItaly
WGC20097250407REV.AF190861Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Fully working. All big chips socketed. SID chip is week 21 of 1982 Ceramic VIC chip. Good shape but a bit yellowed. 2 RAM chips are ceramic. PLA is a 82S100 with "C64A" printed on chip body.
Square-shaped hole for powerconnector. Case is not one of the best and yellowed
WGC21105250407REV.AFredrik BoyeSweden
WGC21265250407REV AdonniNetherland
WGC21410250407Rev. ABrackefnesSweden
WGC25614Davide MassaraItaly
Still alive and kickin!
WGC28925KU-14194HBNot foundNot foundM. van KervinckThe Netherlands
Ceramic VIC-II Plastic SID 8-pin video out
WGC28940250407REV.AF188920Vincenzo BenistatiItalia
WGC29205250407REV.AJan de RuiterNetherlands
WGC29416250407AMathias DellacherieFrance
WGC67127250407REV. BMariolinoFinland
WGC335434250407B958945Arnt TodnemNorway Stavanger
P2150166250407C009895Joseph DeLaurentisPacific Northwest
Did not notice keyboard type or badge type - so default is entered. can look later on that when i dig it out from the dungeon.
11149326298F100070Christian ForstreuterDeutschland
Very early Japanese C-64, board without REV., latest datecode 45/1982, ceramic DRAMs, 8-pin monitor-connector, minor parts around the VICII, too small heatsink!
118725326298A264160Adam GoulartEastern Canada
Has a black switch. The PLA has been replaced in 1983. Has a 1982 SID chip and 5 pin video connector. I use it as my main machine. All original caps and chips (except PLA)
128901326298 Rev A303714Michael GarciaCanada
156250250407B090608Miles DyckAlberta, Canada
167449250407rev.bdb1005638chip hoskerdearborn mich.
195880Jean-Michel MoreauCanada
208001bde4005439tommaso pianezzi alpiniItalia
sul retro non ce nessun tipo di dicitura mentre ricordavo su un altro c64 le indicazioni tape, cartridge, ant.,serial,midi
216147250407REV.A131661Collin WMN
Ceramic VIC chip
221199Fuchsbichler AlexanderAustria2
291471250425800048Kim LindbergDenmark
297034Kenny BridgeUK
316196250407REV. AVincenti VittorioItalia
Motherboard contains Ceramic Vic.
329948250425873845Teppo HeinonenFinland
377175bo hallberlin, germany
398979unknownSundsvall, Sweden
Working, for sale at Tradera.se auction 2009-09-15.
485143250407c1082237SaughassyBudapest - Hungary
701614250407REV.B566418Tom JacobsBelgium
808683David CWidnes, England
One silver label has long fallen off the base. The serial number label is all that remains. One damaged key + but has never affected usage
820618250407C950738Paul MarshUK
893222250407B829611Stefan MentilAustria
1000826angel garciaEspaña
01160963250407BDf1029321Joe WalshUSA
Made in _____ is not on board? I spent a very long time looking but it doesn't say.
1277103250425422085Peter H.Slovakia
01417473Doug WoodallMerced California
1663270Kathryn SowerbuttsGlasgow
1786061Andrea FerrazzoliItalia
Assistance in 1989 brutalized the silver stickers beneath the c64. I took a photo if you need it. I could only reconstruct the data submitted :(
2134317250407B517984Christoph KarlingerAustria
1002312332123koningdavidnederland alkmaar
mag ik er in plzz ik heet Bennieboy
S00005175326298REV AKeith AmdahlWisconsin, USA
Keyboard interface and RAM have been replaced. RAM now has sockets. All other ICs are original. Regulators have modified heat sinks.
S00019351250407C973041Wes MoyerUnited States
8 pin video - I think this may be a refurb because the board appears newer than the serial number indicates.
S00028870UNKNOWN-CaseNeverOpenedP. Evan BronsinkDetroit, MI
My Sister-in-Law was the original owner. Unit is in exceptional condition with original serial numbered box and all packaging.
S00030033326298Rev A04465Andrey ShmakovBerkeley CA
Mint, unused with original box (serial # matching) Picked up on craigslist with 1541, cassette drive, and modem.
S00031606CyanVancouver, BC
s00033254326298A137085Joshua MOhio, U.S.
Oddly enough, this Commodore has a weird combination of a Santa Clara serial with a Rainbow label and Vic colored keys.
S0003385332698 (1982)APiero FenaroliItalia
S00034991250407B283493ThomasNew Jersey, USA
Found with case cracked above function keys, handful of keys missing. Otherwise in working condition.
S00044134Jase BradshawUnited States
S00045352Steve AlsopCharlotte, NC
I have the origional box. Did a green laced cloth come with the Commodore? Possibly a "mat" for the unit.
s000046219NickUnited States
S00046451326298Rev. AAphexianDayton, OH
Gold ceramic ram, all original revision ROMs. Fully working machine donated to me by Chris537 because he is an awesome guy. Thanks man. Has Computermate keyboard cover.
s00046517326298A326116Boris BosnacovichHayward, ca
S00058810326298C17869Mark JohnsonUnited States
5Pin board; Newest Chip (DC): CIA 4482, VIC-II 3982, CPU 1982, SID 2282. PLA has sticker C64/REV 3/8411; A single 'N" is showing from under the sticker, so probably a N82S100N chip.
S00059712326298C17870Blake GetsonColumbus Ohio USA
S00060006250425James MillerUnited States
This case contained a 81 board with the sparkle bug. It was replaced with the 84 board. It had JD and a new PLA (EPROM)
S00061705unknownBothell, USA
eBay auction 2009-08-05. Working. In original box.
S00061711250407B078034Riccardo GerosaSeattle, WA, USA
Fully working, NTSC.
S00063096Jeff D DaySapulpa, Oklahoma, USA
S00064568250407B148681Jeff SchaapOrlando, Florida
It's possible this has a silver label underneath the rainbow badge.
S00065082326298C16263James Robbins Dallas, Texas
S00067211326298A24816Ingo SchmiedNiskayuna, NY
All chips are dated 1982, but the PLA sticker shows C64 REV 3 8411
S00069146Ricky BabinHouma, Louisiana, USA
S00070762326298REV A29564Michael StogsdillDetroit, MI
All original with original serial number matched box, great condition and working. Ceramic 6567R5 6A VIC II (SOCKETED 4582), 6581 (SOCKETED 2482), 6510 (SOCKETED 4282), 93459PC (SOCKETED 8244), 901225-01 (SOCKETED 23-82). Keyboard 10811018. Black power switch, green/teal cartridge slot, brass bottom shield under motherboard.
S00072462326298REV A26233 sticker / 326116 etchedNorman StrayerSeattle, WA
Socketed chips: U5, U7, U17, U18. A wire has been soldered to two legs of the chip marked MC3456P L8205 at U20. The chip at U17 is marked REV 3 8411. Purchased for 99 cents at a local Goodwill store in the 90's.
S00073045250407B654436Mark JohnsonUnited States
I wonder if board is a transplant. Newest chip VIC-II 6567r8 DC:4683. SID-6581 DC:4083.
S00073687unknownEast Aurora, New York, USA
eBay auction 2009-04-23
S00073726Luke SavantLouisiana, USA
S00074701326298AA. KiwerskiTacoma, WA USA
S00075973250407REV BDCP S/N 0007752Norman StrayerSeattle, WA
Socketed chips: U3, U4, U5, U7, U17, U18. Purchased at a local Goodwill store in the 90's for $4.99.
S00075977326298AN/AEvan HewardPuyallup, WA
S00078652326298REV.A36904Todd KeyserKansas
S00080481326298CNicolas DrouxUSA
Copper shield under board. Green cartridge port Green power switch
S00082288326298CSellam IsmailCalifornia
Works (VCF Archives)
S00093883326298A006116Roger SalterAtlanta, GA
s00097679326298A42915Britney McGannonCincinnati Ohio
u17 and u 5 are paper labeled and unit has a ceramic 6567
S00098375326298REV.A326116David SmithUnited States
S00098647326298REV A326116Ron JacksonNew York State
Board is an original silver label board with chips manufactured in 1982 except the PLA which was replaced with REV 3 in 1984. It has the brass cover for the back of the board and the cartridge slot is green. The power button however is black not green on the inside and the case has the rainbow logo. Best guess this C64 was either an early rainbow model which included parts from the original silver label, or it was a repair and the techs swapped out the silver label cover with a new one. System runs fine however it does need direct luma - chroma video connection on a 1701 or 1702 monitor to produce the best image without color artifacts.
S107138unknownBuenos Aires, Argentina
Found on Mercado libre auction 2011-04-06. Seems to be in good shape.
S802235250407ANonePaul SiebenshuhUnited States
S5351028b250407b00108363Fernando MilitoBrazil
B1054256UK250425AJ BanksAustralia
B1086410250425 REV.A0150784Massimo "Tuco" ScanferlaVenice, Italy
Yep, before the REV number there is: P/N 251470-01 Labeled behind the RF modulator: P/N 251025-03
B1477696Brian KeaneIreland
Taller height breadbin type with no text/blank above rear ports
B1621443250425NONE326116LEJEUNE NicolasReims, FRANCE
I bought it when i was 15, on january 1985.
b1624480250425Thomas WoinkeGermany
B1668353Angelo HoubenNetherlands
Fake ALDI: it's just a Breadbin with a c64c keyboard in it. (repair project)
B1782011250425W-18 94HBhkc 182049Simon NasaITALY
sensational conditions more than excellent
B1955919David Tallada SánchezSpain
B2237691Angelo HoubenNetherlands
Works fine
B5714767B251137B820974Christian PaivaParaguay
B1249595250425--Leo van GaalenNetherlands
B1166678250425Egemen Batu VAROLAnkara, Turkey
b239588425042553412Brian KeaneIreland
Lower hight breadbin type with embossed text on rear above ports
BA1B45058S. GroseWV
C23773unknownSundsvall, Sweden
Broken, and for sale 2009-09-15 at Tradera.se auction.
C97516250407Rev BDE 4015406Nicolas LewentorpSweden
C126797250425533401Marco TorricelliItaly
C271599326298C22664Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
C273211326298(1982)A326116/49606ZsimonZToronto, ON, Canada
CA129356326298A302082Brian KellyNova Scotia, Canada
CA1250103Brian LaframboiseCornwall, Ontario Canada
CA1358843C250466176125Yan LauzonQuébec
Got it from a friend who got it from a friend. (C) 1986 Commodore. VIC-II, 8701 and SID were socketed. Diagnostics proved CIA1 is partially damaged, however most operations seems correct. Random freeze or reboot.
CA1373135c250469 REV.4053046Gar ConklinSkiff Lake, NB, Canada
two keys missing , <- and run/stop
CA1715114CEric RabalaisSlidell, Louisiana USA
CA4000174Janne SavolainenFinland
CA4000984Secret ManGermany
Looks like new ! Great condition
CA4001388250425REV A Janne AhonenSuomi
Board Read OPC
CA4004217240425P/N 251470-01 REV. A758387MaduschGermany
Board reads "hi-pric P37A" left side above the (c) 1984
CA4004416250425ZolkerHamburg / Germany
beside Commodore this Board is labeled "hi-pric P37A"
CA4005343Chris L.Switzerland
Seal not broken; Working
CA4011307250425728222StefanZeeland, Netherlands
Also on the board is an OPC logo with underneath it 1298A and next to it 94V0 and 03-86 (the last being the date of something probably)
CA4013100250425CF OlieEU
CA4014161250425489242Gregor SchillingerGermany
CA4021332250469BAndrea SandroneItaly
CA4028717250425-------HKC S/N 834630Marco DoardoITALIA
Scheda KALEX con tutti i componenti del 1986 anche se la scheda è datata 1984- Processore 8500 R3 al posto del classico 6510- Copertura dissipante metallica aggiunta da me. Unità praticamente nuova!
German garantie sticket still on - never opened. No labels at back side. I can see by the position of fuse that its old motherboard.
CA4036314250425768108Johannes Carisius JohansenDenmark, Søborg (København)
Pal model but label says Made In USA it's made in 1984 and I can't see Rev ? maby under VR2 cooling plate?
CA4036628250466149478NkaryThessaloniki, Greece
CA4040851250407B326116Matolcsi ZoltanBudapest, Hungary
exp. port: HKC S/N 1063492 33,34,35,36,37,38/84
CA4045141250425HKC S/N 780001Ingo Schalk-SchuppGermany
TV module made in Taiwan
CA4049544Turkey250425766816Bora YurtorenTurkey
According to my research, this casing belongs to an "Aldi" machine. But the board inside is a long board, which an "Aldi" should not have. So, I believe a board swap was done sometime. Also there is a manufacturer name on the board that says "hi-pricP37 A"
CA4053961Max GItaly
It's a Aldi commodore
CA40544092504693HKC S/N 376956kinziAustria/Europe
Known in central Europe as "C64 ALDI".
CA4054967250469 REV.3MariolinoFinland
It has been saved from german school. Instead of throwing it to trash ( old computers were being recycled) my uncle took it home
CA4057556250469Rev. 3336405David MetlesitsHungary
Aldi C64
Aldi model in excellent condition
CA40579392504693371833Ingo Schalk-SchuppGermany
I am unsure about the board S/N: Stamp in cartridge shield says: "326166 (K.H.)", a "3" written manually on it. A label covered the whole stamp, and it says: "C64B3 P HKC S/N 371833 WW /86/87" with "BNE" written manually in the first line. Additionally, a QC sticker on the shield says: "Q C ASSEMBLED IN HONG KONG PASS" Moreover, a sticker on the keyboard's bottom side says: "326166-03" (pre-printed) and "17861228" (print added). I can get no sound out of the monitor port, and cannot try the RF port.
OtherCA4060510250469ZolkerHamburg / Germany
F-Keys like C64C, but grey like C64C V2, C64 "Aldi"
CA40615172504693416530Tomi HirvonenFinland
CA4062716250469REV 3021542Thierry BenitezFrance
That’s a ALDI c64, save from eBay scrappers. Rebuild with original ALDI parts, case and correct revision motherboard from early 1987.
CA40635202504693392316Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
This is an Aldi C64 (made in USA, CA serial number, ASSY 250469, light keyboard with top and front print). The board was manufactured on 08/1987. Date codes 03-07/1987). The C64 is fully functional, but pretty yellowed.
CA4064337250469 REV.3Alan Ford
Metal shield inside, mint condition
CA4070881250469Rev. 3424096David MetlesitsHungary
It was probably the control unit of some industrial machine as it was soaking in oil on the inside. Cleaned it up, looks almost brand new now.
CA40713742504693HKC S/N 421629GrahamGermany
CA4072210250469 REV. 3CF OlieEU
CA4073844250469REV.3HKC S/N 377372Stephan RickenGermany
"Aldi" C64 - WW 7/87 - C64B3 P (the "3" is crossed out manually) Got this unit in summer 2014 as New Old Stock - complete in its original packaging - has never been in use for 27 years - use it as my main unit now.
OtherCA4074343250469EgonOlsenLaatzen, Germany
CA4076038Imre SzéllHungary, Tatabánya
CA4076067250469Rev 3415302Gabor ForraiHungary
No print, no sticker on the motherboard about the origin of the mobo making. The rainbow (and power) badge is different from others, no linear engraves on the alphabets, the surface of the "Commodore 64" and "power" text are flat and shiny.
CA4076337250469Rev. 4Roberto TomaiuoloItalia
CA40787322504693003788Vladimir von Kendjelic-GorceyGermany
On the lable on the cartridge port shield are some more informations: C64E P HKC S/N 003788 WW 9 /87/88 The '9' ist written by hand. The second lable is green an sais: Assembled in Hong Kong Below the ASSY No. is a second number: No. 2523 II
ca40790982504693411069Bram VreugdenhilNederland
CA40850742504693013450Karl JanssonSweden
CA4088964Yll BajramiPrishtina Kosovo
CA4089917Secret ManGermany
Warranty seal.Perfect condition ! No Yellowing.
CA4090734Eric LAPORTEGermany
SID, VIC and CPU heatsinked
ALDI model, missing bottom label, serial number printed on little label only. Bought March 2015, refurbished, sold June 2015
CA4095154Wolff EricGrand Duchy of Luxemburg
It s a commonly called Aldi C64
CA40966612504693016635BytemanBelarus, Minsk
Breadbox case, keyboard is C64C style, and board is last revision, like on C64C. Made in USA....
CA4097115REV.2Gyorgy KepesBudapest (Hungary)
Aldi C64
OtherCA40992182504693093625Mike BushUSA
Has white keys and light Grey function keys with the original font. The case is also gold and does not appear to be user painted. Case marked inside top 3Y-JAN 5 of 6. Has bottom and back serial number stickers.
CA4102650250469Alberto LoriniItalia
Aldi C64
Function keys are light grey, but in old C64 style. A second serial No-sticker is placed next to the joy ports. This one is an ALDI model bought on ebay.de for 50€ and the seller seems not to have known it !
CA4105621250469REV.3HKC S/N 093819 C64E PErik DresenGermany
The so-called "C64 ALDI"; mint condition; no yellowing; date codes from 1087 - 1387; fully tested & working.
"ALDI" made in USA, refurbished, sold July 2015
CA4108839Secret ManGermany
Great condition.Case looks like new ! In original box.Box has the same serial number.
CA4114312250469REV. 3027030Arjan KuiperOude Pekela, The Netherlands
This is a genuine "Aldi" model. When opened up it reveals the following information: Keyboard sticker with the following information: 326166-03, 20870204. On the board it says PCB ASSY NO.250469, PCB NO.252311 REV 3, WV01 8712. There are stickers on the RF modulator with the following information: VDE, P/N 251916-02. Also there are 3 smaller stickers on the cartridge port with the following information: UAL 14 Passed, FINAL Q.C PASSED, BURN IN. And one larger sticker on the cartridge port which includes the board serial, wich says the following: C64E P, UAL S/N 027030, WW 16/87/88. There's also 326116CS stamped on the cartridge port shield.
CA41145452504693033716Lars BeckerGermany
CA41148222504693Stefan VogtGermany
This is a C64 "Aldi" bread bin. Just a small amount of these units were produced in 1987, making it a rare model. Mint condition! Considering the rarity, it's very likely there might be just a few units in this overall condition.
CA4115432250469 252311rev 3601694Jos de HaanNetherlands
CA41175072504693031099Dennis HeinzenGermany
OtherCA4119098250469 Rev.3ZolkerHamburg / Germany
F-Keys like C64C, but grey like C64C V2, C64 "Aldi" beside Commodore board marked Kalex
CA4119162Pelle Stenild ColtauUnited Arab Emirates
CA4119189250469032037Karl JanssonSweden
CA4119426REV.3Gyorgy KepesBudapest (Hungary)
Aldi C64
CA4120457250469 REV. 3205519MariolinoFinland
CA4120465250469REV.3205418Vincenti VittorioMilano, Italy
CA41215042504693029298Jonas FrickmannDanmark
C64 "Aldi"
CA4122471250469Revision 3C64Brotkasten1000Germany
CA4123740250469 REV.3CF OlieEU
CA4124545250469REV.3S/N 01617Jan de VeenNetherlands
A genuine C64 Breadbox model "Aldi" in full working order, but pretty yellowed. This one had never been opened. All MOS chips are dated between week 4 and 14 of 1987 / CPU: MOS 8500 1287 24 / VIC II: MOS 8565R2 0487 22 / MMU & PLA: MOS 251715-01 S 552B / SID: MOS 8580R5 1287 25 / CIA 1: MOS 6526 1287 216A / CIA 2: MOS 6526 1287 216A / BASIC & KERNAL ROM: MOS 251913-01 (C) 1984 CBM 1187 3 / CHARACTER ROM: MOS 901225-01 (C) 1982 CBM 1487 00
CA4126976Stefan BäderGermany
CA41271762504693037551Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
'ALDI' C64, working and in original box.
CA41273042504693009746Olek LamzaPoland
CA4004006Nagy GáborHungary
CA40870482504693014027Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
'ALDI' C64, working.
CA41167552504693Karl JanssonSweden
DA432923250425REV A445921LuzurSweden
its been modded black.
DA4100257250469REV.4057544Tomi MalinenFinland
DA4155148Mr DoctorSweden
SID 8580R5
DA4237710250469Michel van der HulstNetherlands
Working great, sadly a reset button on top.
DA4398381250469BRoman KubatPolska
GA1001831NickUnited States
SX-64, the luggable C64
HB1022760CBrian LaframboiseCornwall, Ontario Canada
HB1066037250469 (1986)Rev A681314Larry HedmanFlorida
Reset Button added.
HB 4014248250425BramNetherlands
Boxed with matching serial. Mint condition
HB4073683C250466--072002Simon OsborneNottingham, UK
HB5009007250425775074Daniele ScochetItaly
HB4001524Francesco PecorellaItaly
hb4004251250425b303045Michael SmithTasmania Australia
This 64 has a different foil rf sheild to all others i have ever seen and a different heat sink in the vic chip
HB4011962Bob BaileyAustralia
HB4015887J G L EvansNZ
HB4016225Justin MitchellNew Zealand
HB4035690250469B679957Mateusz Porczak-GlanowskiKraków, Poland
This one I got from my uncle when I was like 10, its still with me tho I'm using other unit so that this one does not yellow from exposure to light. Greetings from Poland!
Got it from a local "junk shop" around 2008 or 2009. I guess they imported it from a German garbage deposit. It came with a 1541 II disk drive and a C64GS cartridge. Warranty seal was already broken over the screwhole. It worked well, until 2010 when it was flooded with water. What a shame. The case is still in good condition tough.
HB4112929250469BRoman KubatPolska
HB4328732EJustin MitchellNew Zealand
HB4452490EMartin SchobbeNetherlands
HB4484060EAlex TsarapatsanisSweden
HB4513522EJustin MitchellNew Zealand
HB4514464EPhil GuiverAustralia
HB4578766EMartin SchobbeNetherlands
HB41029780E250469AKimbleHelsinki, Finland
HB41155664EBengt EngfeldtSweden
HB41208925EMartin SchobbeNetherlands
HB41255596EZettel ChristianÖsterreich
HB44016225Justin MitchellNew Zealand
HB5001069250425937363Darren ElkinsSalisbury, Wiltshire, UK
The Silver sticker also details the following: Funkentstort n. DBP-V fg 1046/84.
No Rev# - Assembled in Hong Kong - SID 6581R3 / 1086 S
very original unit - working perfectly - still sporting correct board, correct chips (all within 3 weeks, quite possibly original), cardboard heat shield, even has correct Mk2 screws.
HB5005536Michael KinmonthAustralia
HB5007293Andrea BabichItaly
I have three more (one is a SX-64:))... so more serials are following in the next days!
hb5010256250425953500Kim LindbergDenmark
HB524373CJustin MitchellNew Zealand
HB5262391EAlex Ross-ShawShipley, UK
HB5328338EJustin MitchellNew Zealand
HB5366892ESealedSealedSealedDes PalmerIreland
P00276475Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
Equipped with RS232 Adapter Model VIC 1011A, and Super Snapshot v4 Cart. C2N Tape Drive and 1541 Drive. With 1702 Monitor. All equipment works as new!
p00569568250407A085053Eric BertrandQuebec, Canada
Nothing special but work fine with the 1701 monitor with luminance and chrominance
P01313029Br98yv-64P01313029Cameron Burger United States
P01232679250425316819Mike LoehrVirginia
I believe that the board was replaced, we had used this machine to run lab simulations and cooked the original board. The lab had a PET and files were shared between the two machines. C64 was purchased in Albany, NY, to replace a VIC20, repaired in Pittsfield, MA, and ultimately replaced with a C128.
P0048274E250407Rev.a0014697BRIAN BOURDONUnited States
needs a repair of the power light c64 works like a charm but the light isn't working but understandable for 30 years
P00103708326298A144191TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
5 pin video. All large chips are socketed.
P00105114Cory HammerU.S.A.
P00106882326298A326116Patrick SchraderUnited States
P00107403326298 A326116Riley TamashUnited States
P00107784ShaunJoliet, IL United States
P00108874Cash HallIllinois
P00111346326298A160002Adam H.Virginia, USA
P00125090Andrew DieffenbachMA, USA
P00129246326298A74223/326116(one labeled, one stamped)Collin Shreffler Central Indiana
Found in a basement, has all original packaging, manuals, and accessories and is in mint condition, and other than having a replacement VIC II, is all original. Also has the factory bodge on C39.
P00130672329268A54428Jon KerfootBixby, Oklahoma
P00131317326298A51579Chad ReisingerIowa
PLA has sticker that says "c64 Rev3 8411" CIA are newest chips dated 4982. Both CIAs, 2 roms, CPU, PLA, SID, and VIC socketed.
P00131615Mark GuerrinoOakdale, MN
P00131821UnknownShohola, PA, USA
Ebay auction 090327.
P00133137Ilsa MatthesEscanaba, Michigan area
P00133592PatrickNC, USA
P00134847A81817DarrenMaryland, USA
P00139702326298CDavid PearlmanSeattle WA
No board SN, but the RF cover has USI MT P/N:326130-01 MADE IN TAIWAN R.O.C
P00140050326298Rev A86925Robert MirandaPhiladelphia, PA
Sharpie scribble (blockish) front left 3-4 letters, may end in H. Under VIC cage lid is a double cage - left is VIC, right is other parts, U33/U34 DIP positions no chips. VIA has C64 | Rev 3 | 8411 sticker on it. Jumper line on U20, right side, 2nd to 6th pin on that side of chip. No other FCC shielding
P00142441326298Rev A326116WesUnited States
All IC's 1982, ceramic Vic and all drams.
P00143323326298A89707StuartKitchener, Ontario CANADA
P00147253326298A98831Jim HappelNear Chicago
My C64 from when I was 14! Graphics on the front of the O key are worn off from too much Omega Race. I guess I had the "buggy" board? LOL, got me though engineering school, college papers, school logins (80 column Kermit was pretty terrible to read but worked) etc... not to mention lots of games with no real apparent bugs. This year I got it out of the attic after probably 20 years. Got re-hooked on it. Wow, the 5 pin video is terrible. Was it always this bad? Bought a 64c off ebay so I could have decent S-video out.
P00148746250407 (1983)C107594AdisonTennessee
P00149595SutherlandWalla Walla, WA
P00150437326298ABryan E PetersonUnited States
P00152134326298A326116 stamp/91035 stickerJonathon LeckroneUnited States
Newest chips date to last week 1982. Originally purchased 5-20-83 at a K Mart in Garden City, MI
P00156625326298REV A326116GKR SOFTUSA
5 pin din video "POWER" label for LED
P00158648326298A107760TimGSan Antonio, TX
Cartridge port shield has this number engraved: 326116 RF shield has a sticker with the following: MD6-VA3402 L2IT
P00160114326298A19540EdFluxVienna, VA (USA)
Ceramic VIC. Original SID R2 6581-2282 (dead), replaced last year (6581-1184). "Vic Parkerson" written on RF shield.
p00160577326298REV A326116Mark WigginsMontana, USA
Purchased untested at auction, and was working when I received it. I recapped it, added some heat sinks, replaced R10 with 120ohm and did the restore key mod. I intend to sell this one. I chose not to fix the reset circuit and leave the board original other than the previously mentioned work. Early VIC II with color fringing on composite output. RF untested.
P0161084S250407 BGary Florida
p00162880C. HawkinsSt. Louis, MO USA
P00163603326298A95690Phil SpencerSouthern Ontario
I bought 2 C64's off EBay in the hopes of 1 working. This one had no Keyboard input, I took an input IC out of the other one I had and that fixed keyboard input then the sound was dead so I took the SID from the other but it does now function despite some chip swaps
P00165940S.ClaytonMontana, USA
P00166786Jon ToubeauxUSA
P00166801326298A121192Spencer TSiskiyou County CA
Has "Business Support Systems, Ltd." plastic decal with "SS" logo placed neatly to the right of the space bar with addittional Business Support Systems sticker with a serial number that matches the commodore serial and their own Model No "CPU-CO-002"
P00168123326298A121109Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
P00168675326298A103498 paper label /326116 stamped in metalDave RDes Moines Iowa , USA
currently non functional - no video output
P00169518326298A125299John LangstonDallas, TX
P00175643326298A136512Donnie E Russell IIWV, USA
Have receipt; bought 1984 in Kmart in Ohio; mint condition what does 'buggy' board mean?
P00183492AlexNew Milford, CT
P00186082326298A326116Curt'c CommodorePNW
I couldn't find the Board Country of Origin on the top. I haven't removed it and looked at the bottom though.
P00188856326298REV. C99547Chris537Ohio USA
Its has the real, real old style keyboard, The only Ceramic ICs is the Vic Chip and RAM, All the rest are 82 black ones, and REV3/8411 chip next to the sid chip with a sticker over a sticker... 5 pin video output jack.
P00188909326298A326116Kiran ShilaTampa, FL
P00188999250425REV. AMichael AdamsAngier, NC
Jiffy DOS ROM installed U13 and U25 replaced PLA replaced with Superpla
P00193754326298a109696J.SwanUnited States
P00195498326928A326116Mason HarrisUnited States
P00195606326298AunkChris HillUnited States
has a eurostile keyboard with the square Q.
p00196503326298A143799Deus QainUnited States
Sticker on one of the chips. "C64 Rev3" "8411"
P00199497Mark CollinsFort Collins, CO USA
P00202235Thomas StoryUnited States
P00203424326298A181710M FisherMassachusetts, USA
P00204182326298A326116Jeff PaceRiverside. CA
eBay buy
ceramic 6502
P00205359326298REV A182786Michael VanGreen Bay, Wisconsin, United stades
Bought from a man on craigslist. The man said that his parents bought it for him in 1983 when he was just a "young man". Item was found with 2 keys broken off, but i am restoring it.
P00207402Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
Works ok, tested with tape and disk drives. Reset button installed on case. Resets the drives as well.
p213581250407Rev.C26116Kevin RouillerCanada
P00213977326298A159110James ParkerCanada
P00214306326298A178555/326116Wes MoyerUnited States
5 pin video, Ceramic Vic 6567R56A 0483
P00214883326298A177244Ernie ChornyCanada
5 pin video. All large chips are socketed.
P00217272326298 (1982)Rev A188251Adrian BlackPortland, Oregon
Donated by Mike. Featured and repaired on Adrian's Digital Basement. Watch YouTube Video
P00218256326298A162855MJCameronOntario, Canada
P00218270UnknownOttawa, ON, CA
ebay auction 3/2/09 (He won't get the list price of $199)
P00220626326298A188607HedningLund, Sweden
Bought in march 2009 from a guy in Stockholm, Sweden. Sold the same month to a guy in Nykvarn, Sweden.
P00222877?????????Kelly McClaskeyRoseburg, Oregon
P00223507326298A192378Yves PrecourtCanada
reset switch added by a previous owner
P00228604326298A225198James CarpinoUnited States
All dated chips appear to be 1982. Ceramic RAM and VIC, the rest are plastic. On U20 NE556N, there is a wire jumping from pin 9 to 13.
P00236306326298ABrian KellyNovs Scotia, Canada
Non Functional at the moment, but will be repaired.
P00236917326298REV. A213382David BradleyCanada
All Major Chips Are In Sockets! Old Original Circuit Board!
P00237252326298A326116stamped,213637labelChristopher KingMoreno Valley, CA
p00238805a204035Matthew Schreiner
P00239973326298A2273 F3John WalkerTigard, OR USA
P0024186825042564620Mark JohnsonUnited States
Repair note of 2992. Metal RF shield/heat sink, no can around VIC2. Newest chip: CPU-6510 DC:0387. SID-6581 DC:5182, VIC-II-6567r8 DC:0387.
P00242135326298REV A204232LornePEI, Canada
P243949250425129098Houston BerryUnited States
interesting signatures on the cartridge port shield. Could not find the Board Revision? say 1984 commodore intl
P00247246326298A206924antonio santanasan diego california
Found in thrift store. With restart button.
P00253717326298REV. AJessie LeeUnited States
p00254886326298REVA233734NoahMadison, WI
VIC-II 6567R67A/0483, SID 6581R2/2182
P00261813REV.AVincent VanRiesenedmonton alberta
i added a reset button to the back of the case in about 83
P00263504Jim MitchellUnited States
P00263582326298A245388Max WatsonSouth Korea
Personally imported purchase from eBay. Originally sold in Minnesota. All chips late '82 to early '83, latest being 0883. Ceramic 6567R56A. Came with an Alps 1541 with similarly dated chips. Like-new condition inside and out in 2021!
P00263773250425Christopher MackUnited States
P00267966unknownSan Jose, California, US
ebay auction 2010-01-17. Working unit in original box. Only one owner.
P00268596326298A276227ShaunJoliet, IL United States
P00269790TY TULLYOklahoma City
P00279089326298A233391James moatsWv
P00280075GyroLouisville KY
P00284699250407ACS00063129Tom StockFlorida
Upper case appears to be slim version, lower case possibly older version. Lower case is slightly thicker than upper case. Lower case appears to be earlier "tall case" mold, and upper case is "slim case" mold.
P00285602326298A265360Chris HillUnited States
P00286449326298REV A267703JamesUSA
It's in good shape for being so old.
P00287396326298A326116Christopher KingMoreno Valley, CA
P00288807326298A250104Chuck RickettsNewton, KS, USA
Hardware bug fixed using Schottky diode mod, reversibly.
P00288850326298A251086Russell ThompsonUSA
The only "country of origin" sticker I see on the board is one on the RF modulator, marked "Made in Taiwan R.O.C.", but that may just be where the modulator was made. The original owner of this Commodore 64 gave it to me in the late 90s. The only thing, as far as I know, that is not original is the VIC-II, which I replaced around 1999 or 2000, with a 6567R56A.
P00291883Mel LaneSacramento, CA
P00298086326298A270017Tessa SinaxixCanada
P00298361326298AJulio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Has ceramic VIC-II chip.
P00300297dilbertNE - USA
Still works fine. Used weekly.
P00301173326298A289648Joe Barbara
P00301827326298A280558Seth MasseyAlabama, USA
P00302097326298A291648EdFluxVienna, VA (USA)
Keyboard and LED are detachable. Ceramic VIC. SID R2
P00305295326298A287107Rick RoachE. TN. USA
RFI shield missing
OtherP00306704Tamas KalmanSan Francisco, CA, USA
P00310451250425140819... (part of label missing)Timothy WebbUnited States
P00315868326298A226265??Wyatt CMaryland, USA
Unit appears to be in new unused condition and works perfectly. Board serial number is printed illegibly.
P00316751326298A326116BuzzyUnited States
copyright 1982 commodore 64
P00322114326298A292745Jerry ASoCal USA
Back of Board says FAB 326295, Rev D
P00326896Jay P.
p00327177326298aRichard Waters07028
P00327237326298REV AKeith MillerPA usa
P00327608unknownCanadensis PA, United States
eBay auction 2010-01-17. Unit not tested. The 9 key is loose from the keyboard and included.
P00328357326298A297996Nick MelnickToronto, Canada
P00331198326298A313043MikeSt. Louis
P00334574326298ASellam IsmailCalifornia
P00337237250407Rev ACS00026169Anthony SzwecCanada
Can't find country of origin on the board. It does have a MDK marking on the board. The board is dark green. All main IC's are socketed.
P00339452Clayton BoyleDenver, CO
P00345672250407AnoneErnie ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
MOS chips U3 (901226-01 Basic) and U4 (901227-02 Kernal)have name and part number printed in red rather than usual white.
P00346229Jason SmithWoolrich, PA, USA
P00349901Jon ToubeauxCalifornia
Belonged to Fremont Unified School District
P00352185Not shownMissingTPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
All major chips socketed.
P00354929250407ANot shownTPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
Major chips socketed. Small metallic sticker on board reads CS00020837
P00361963250407REV.ACS00026732YuschaDelaware, USA
P00365448326298AJason NeusIowa, USA
P00368037250407-rev aJonathan QuickTEXAS
P00368687250407REV. BSam BrownPittsburgh PA USA
P00371804250407AKyle PlattsDes Moines, IA
Got off of Craig's List. Works perfectly.
P00375926250407REV.AShawn huffUnited States
P00380197250407REV.AN/AManuel RegoUnited States
P00381260250407ACS 00054396Brad Marksunited states
P00388550Corey BadeauxNew Orleans, LA USA
This is my second C64. It's in fair shape at best, but still fully functional, I believe.
P00399301326298 (1982)A18664Tom TaylorUSA
There is a podge wire and a capacitor added to the board. And an inductor on the power input. These things are not on my later board.
P00399574326298A159684Will ANashville, TN
"12 3 12 B" or "A 3 A B" in permanent marker bottom-L of board; 5-pin video out; R36 appears clipped off at the board (computer still fully operational); when I received it the #1 and #2 key were not functional (but were cleaned and repaired); I performed a complete tear-down, cleaning, and re-capping of all electrolytic capacitors.
P00399603326298A84058NateNew York
Original owner added a push-button that is connected from one pin on the user port to ground
P00400187326298A108311Doug AhrensFlorida USA
Newest mfg chip date is 5282
P00404129Todd LLA, CA
P00408278250407A000562Daniel CassieroUnited States
P00420402250407REV B336116Levi SmithUtah, USA
The motherboard is not the original one that was in it from the factory. It was replaced in 2013 with a socketed motherboard. I have added JiffyDos 6.1, Heatsinks to all the larger chips and installed 2 Fans inside the case to help keep things cool. This is my backup unit and gets very little use.
P00421605250407AJeff LedgerOhio, USA
Replaced tired looking red LED with transparent green LED.
P00423636250407AJulio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Has ceramic VIC-II chip.
P00424888Greg MershonUnited States
P00428152250407AJoseph GasparakisUSA
P00430007250407AUnknownMike SadowskiNorthlake, IL
Purchased at an estate sale in Waukegan, IL. Works, but needs to be cleaned and retrobrighted. Came with power supply, supporting manuals, books, data and TV cables. Numbers on bottom of power supply say 15-83 (15th week of 1983?). Came with serial number matching box, but box is missing cardboard insert for cables, does include foam inserts. Came with VIC-1541 floppy drive with games and software on floppies in original box. Floppy drive box has price sticker from a store called "Child World Children's Palace". Unknown if purchased at same time as computer, but probably from the Waukegan, IL location? Silver cardboard RF shield sits between motherboard and keyboard.
P00433639250407B580275atm959New York City, USA
Most of the chips are socketed, though I'm not sure if any previous owners added the sockets.
P00436272250407A031015Sam de la PenotiereCanada
p00443972Frank BiekartCanada
P00451259250407B1148Dana BarnettUSA
Purchased at Raymond Computer, St. Paul, Minnesota. Works great.
p00451279250407A050553Jon S.Minnesota, USA
Currently dead.
P00453900250407A038135Wes MoyerUnited States
8 pin video
P00456692250407REV.A045665xRobert MilesCalifornia
P00458987250407A041562 (sticker on RF shield)Brennan CreganUnited States
Clips where the cover attaches to the base are a bit bent and broke but with a struggle it gets back together and looks great.
P00459665James HevenerUSA
P00467428250407A020177alpinexCalifornia, USA
P00469606326298A326116Aidan WrightUnited States of America
P00470637326298A287477Chuck HutchinsUnited States
Previously belonged to John Feagans
P00472732Paul De WittBinghamton, New York
Chose not to open it up to look at motherboard numbers. Unit is in perfectly working condition. Came with cassette player, disc drive, phone modem and printer adapter.
P00480863250425022313David LoiseauNJ, USA
P00485545326298A90291Roberto Arce FelixSouthern California
P00490481326298A77798 (sticker) / 326116 (stamped)Josh GibbsSeattle, WA
Also have the box w/ matching serial. Bought at Target for $199.99.
P00500258REV A326116Matthew KellyUnited States
p00508034250407B326116Edward NardelliCharlotte, NC, USA
P00509825250407BDarrenMaryland, USA
P00520981250407REV.A047492Chris537Ohio USA
It has ceramic Chips in U9-12 & U21-24
P00526505Jeff FowletNH USA
P526890BunknownEl Sobrante, Gateway to Berkeley, USA
eBay auction 09-07-11
P00528663Aaron GLos Angeles
P00530844John GoadBroken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
Bought C64 and 1530 Datasette. Both units were complete in box including in box adverts. Both units are in mint condition and had very little use.
P00534943250407B I think, solder blob over ID from factory235519Daniel MessUnited States
As far as I can tell. All original Survivor
OtherP00535074250407REV.B234555Vincent ProcacciniWashington State, US
Every key other than a Clr/Home key in the - spot is replaced with a C16 key. Video is not currently working, so I am unable to tell if the whole keyboard is from a C16 or just the caps.
P00542255250407Eric NowellMaryland, USA
This is the first "rainbow" 64 I've seen with a 5 pin video port.
P00545012Stephen DrakeCamby, IN
I haven't taken this apart yet, but will to get the board numbers.. I need to get a recapping kit and heatsink mods first
P00546895250407REV.B218098Chris537Ohio USA
Has Artwork #251137 printed on the motherboard to. Mint Condition PCB with no holes in the Sheild. And it came from a school. Bought it for 5 dollars off of craigslist! with no PSU or cables.
P00548210250407A216311Scott TPhoenix, AZ
Picked up local. Was his Grandfather's. Chipped case, broken tabs, sticky keys, works.
P00549825250407B204371Sean FergusLos Angeles
P00551702UnknownNewton, NJ, USA
ebay auction 2/23/09
P00555512250407 (1983)BCS00138994Lorenzo Chiodi ITALIA
Chip 6567 Ceramico Ntsc ,Nano Chip Pla, Nano Chip Sid ,Red Chip Kernal Rom Char
Date codes: CIAs 1783, 6510 1483, 6581 1783. Cardboard shielding.
P00562019Diego A. CastellanoStafford, VA USA
Brand new in box
P00565553250407AJordan GoddardIndiana, USA
P00567480250407B785502Matthew LangeOttawa, ON, Canada
All chips are PDIP (Plastic); some yellowing of keyboard letters and top casing. Spotless, dustless interior. Silvery "Warranty Seal" over the case's middle screw hole, previously punctured.
P00568597Christopher LeBrescuGeorgia
I can't get it to work properly and don't wanna take it to a shop and get charged $80 to fix it, can you help?
P00568696icebalArkansas, USA
P00570241250407BUnknownSavannah GA, USA.
Auction on eBay 090324.
P00571349250407AHKC S/N 465823Elijah William ReedsGroton CT
Have to replace the internal fuse (probably done by the time you're reading this), removed og thermal paste and added Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 (on 8/12/2017). Besides the "HKC S/N 465823" sticker which also has '43' circled in pen of a list of numbers, but also '326116' imprinted on the cartridge port shield itself. If you bought my commodore have fun! If you stole or found it, please bring it back!
P00574325250407A106996Joshua M.Ohio, US
P00578582326298(1982)A326116/225697ZsimonZToronto, ON, Canada
May not be the original case that it came with
Didn't want to remove the original sticker to open the case and view the PCB. I also have a 1702 Monitor and 1541 Floppy Drive. This machine was used regularly until 1992, mostly to play Impossible Mission! I also have a Data20 VideoPak80 that plugged into the parallel port and allowed expansion drives and monitor
P00586677Dan JohnsonHarrisburg, PA, USA
P58818325046604509Bill SzczytkoUnited States
P00596722JonConnecticut, USA
P00604616UnknownDecatur, AK, USA
ebay auction 2/25/09
P00615807250407Rev AJamie DentonUnited States
P00619211250407A150090Mark JohnsonUnited States
CPU & SID not original from 1986. Newest original chip VIA2 6528r4 2483. VIC-II 6567r56A 2083.
P00619830250407B287929Lane DensonUnited States
p00621544250407BCS00109262An OnionTexas
P00623559250427B143090Daniel FloydUS
One of the interior case tabs is broken and there are occasional red horizontal bars that pop up, but otherwise it works fine
P00623748250407B002635Dr VinculumYork, PA.
This machine is fully functional and in great shape.
P00624812Jeff We;sjPottstown, PA
my parts machine
P00627378250407obscured128898Cory HughartCleveland, OH, USA
Does not power on (power supply suspect). Plastic stamped label on underside reads "W H MEYER" (applied by original owner?).
P00632915250407A136979Michael BFL, USA
6510 CPU instead of 6502/65C02. 8-pin Video port. Upper interior RF shielding is aluminized cardboard, lower RF shielding is brass sheet. Purchased via eBay. Came with "push to release" door type VIC-1541 FDD, serial# K0174085.
P00633649250407REV A326116 or 147502Kevin BoucherCanada
P00640767250407(under shield solder over)116600Robert MirandaUnited States
Purchased used/house sale cleanup, from Northern NJ former original owner. Will be desoldering the ROM, putting in a socket, and making use of JiffyDOS + toggle switch.
P00642078250407A084499Eric AndertonWashington, DC
PLA chip has a paper sticker that reads: ---- C64 REV 3 8411 ---- Cardboard RF shield has 4 inches of "Commodore" logo cellophane tape on it ---- System was professionally serviced once back in 1984 due to video problems. It is unclear if either above feature is from the factory or from that service.
P00649120250407B326116Gary TaninWI
Has factory sockets for SID 6581 and 6567. Also has late rev. 6567 - R8 with improved video
P00649702250407AJulio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P00652465250407326116Andrew SpeidelIllinois
Has 2 QC Pass stickers. One says "QC Passed 3" and the other says "QC Passed" and "Assembled in Hong Kong" Rev. # has been soldered over.
p00652818250407B128387RetaxisNew England
This unit has 2 serial/batch numbers, one on top of the other. 2nd label's ink has penetrated over the years, it reads,"128023". Quirky !
P00658413250407 A070301Matthew KubiakBuffalo NY USA
P00662445250407326116Lars K. WilliamsAlabama - USA
There is some strange device attached to the terminal of resistor R44 closest to the user. Attached to the device is a single wire that terminates at a two pronged receptacle that was sticking out of the cartridge port.
P00665947250407REV. BJonathan BizzaroUnited States
Had to do some minor restoration - keyboard cleaning.
P00677884250407REV.A085683Bob BoltonFlorence, Ky
P00678530Jon S.Minnesota USA
1 and 6 keys missing. Removed the PIA chip to repair a SX-64. This machine is condemned to be a donor machine.
P00679022Kevin DugganNew York State
The price sticker indicates that it sold at Montgomery Ward for $299.99. It still had the registration paperwork, too.
P00688818250407BMarkUnited States
P00701125250425326116CSJoshTexas, USA
P00704860250407185944Michael MillerTwin Cities, MN, USA
It came in a box marked Refurbished; the CPU and SID are socketed.
Unit had a hard reset button installed, which I plan to replace with a soft reset circuit.
P00710947250407A177300Steve RasmussenUSA
P00711520unknownSpringfield, MA, United States
ebay.com auction 2010-01-17. Working unit w. box.
P00713708Tim KovackUSA
P00719188Eric PerezColorado, US
P0071939225046607495Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P00724737260407B224814sekioVancouver, Canada
P00726762Ted Mi USA
P00726856Dennis GarritanoIllinois
P00729992250407Paul MolloyCorsicana, TX
P00735029Roger FlynnUnited States
p00738751250407b385178Dave McLainMissouri USA
I got this 64 from a 2nd hand shop in town and it says "Made in USA" on the bottom sticker yet it has a "Hong Kong" board is this common to see? My other 64 that's on this database was made in USA in both places yet still had a P serial number just like this machine.
P00742093326298A307902Christian LopezPA, USA
Some guy that my dad works with was going to throw this beauty in the trash along with a NEC monitor from 1985, untill I filled out this forum i didn't know how old this breadboard is IT EVEN HAS THE OLD BUGGY BOARD that isn't buggy for me!
P00742419Scott MooreDallas, TX
P00743106250466CAN'T GET TO IT.277924Setec SystemsPennsylvania, USA
P00754336unknownNE South Dakota, United States
eBay auction 2010-02-22. Unknown condition.
P00755996250407B611John MerrittFlorida
P00757765250407A272485Mark JohnsonUnited States
Newest chips CIAs/PLA 3183. SID-6581 DC:2783, VIC-II-6567r8 DC:2883
P007580332504250037177Commodore ZUnited States
Curb find with dead DRAM, PLA, SID, and VIC-II. Desoldered all DRAM and installed sockets. Took a decade to learn how to repair and fix novice soldering mistakes. Painted case red, installed nano SwinSID, & heatsinks. Parts pulled from even more destroyed P5673572B.
P00760926UnknownHughesville, MO, USA
ebay auction 2/23/09
p00768952250425064061Matthew T Sanderusa
P00768963250407REV.A282167Aaron RMidwest
P00774475250407B366707IanMiami, FL
P00780941250407REV.BCS00139391Ben SheltonUSA, TX
C64 Rev 3 8411 sticker on one chip.
P00789930250407REV. BBlankJeremy GontangSoCal
Most large chips are in sockets
P00790307250407BunknownJohn MorrisonPennsylvania
salvage for parts
P00792052250407BMichael SmalleyChalfont, Pennsylvania
P00797001Amit KudtarkarTexas
P00797174250407CUA89683TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P00799408250407242114David WhittingtonHouston, TX, USA
P0080140325042500305Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
P00807743unknownLittleton, CO, USA
eBay auction 2009-04-15
p00810747250407 (1983)Rev BSeanunited states
P008117651983 250407REV AAMP;{326116}STICKER{180356}homademidwest
P00816852Roger DaviesCalifornia
P00817837SteveCalifornia, USA
P00817859326298A26116EmanrenwoBuffalo, NY
P00821800250407A311708Carey UnruhUSA
P00824071250407BJeremy DuBoisMassachusetts, USA
P00827423250407REV.B297914Jeffrey BraceNJ, U.S.A.
P00834346250407B448928Robert J. PanuskiTexas
P00839174250407296116Matteo RomagnoliItaly
P00839281StoppelismAlbuquerque, NM, USA
P00851538hedningLund, Sweden
Got it from Camarillo, CA, USA in oct. 2011. Fully working and in nice shape.
P00852425unknownCasselberry, FL, USA
eBay auction 2010-11-04. Clean unit. Working.
P00859872250407BChris KlosowskiMesa, AZ
P00863653Josh DentyUnited States
Not much backstory on this guy. Bought on Ebay from what I presume is the original owner, along with a classic 1541, 1702 monitor, and a Gemini printer, plus some joysticks and a bunch of software. I eventually got a C2N drive and MPS 801 printer to complete the ensemble. New keyboard to replace the old worn out one and new rubber feet. Currently being set up as an office assistant.
P00867154326298C8411CamRhon SmithUSA
Paper Sticker Printed C64 REV 3 8411. Looks like board batch serial number but had fallen off and was inside the case so I'm assuming it was affixed to the Cartridge Port Shield. Can't find Made In XXX on the mainboard so listing as unknown.
P00867261326298A326116JakePortland, OR
5 Pin video port.
P00872751Taizo CurrySeattle, WA
P00879006250407BDave F.Missouri
2 stickers on the RF modulator. One reads 084889, the other reads MD6-VA3403 63IT
All chips are soldered. Board is 1983 and SID is a MOS 6581 2383
P00888570250407B312559Greg McCartneyWest Virginia
P00893845250407B407169David McanultyUnited States
P00894937250407B326116Keith HornbakerUnited States
P00897366Ethan Spencer
P00900538250407REV BAnonNew York
I don't know if I should mention this, but I'm recapping it soon. Power Supply is also "custom," due to that issue where the OG ones kinda fry your C64. Also very well taken care of, no yellowing.
P00901444250407B596010Jeff RadenChicago area, IL
P914601BNonePaul SiebenshuhUnited States
The board has "DF1026207" printed on the board below the Commodore copyright.
acquired on e-bay
P00921533Morgan rice85730
Still have the cover for it and found it in a shed turns on butcbo picture is displayed also have the floppy disk reader
P00922894326298Rev ABill Machacekcolorado
P00923882250407A00064161Parker SolomonUnited States
Mine has nothing labeled on the cartridge port shield, had a sticker left of the assembly no. GCMK-14HB is labeled on the board, under the commodore copyright.
P00930655250407318664Karl JanssonSweden
PLA replaced.
P00934032Mike O'neillCromwell, CT, USA
8pin and six pin in the back of the unit. I beleive this is a original as it was found in it original rotting box which was saved by the plastic around the board. I aquired this unit "YES" by trading an older Craftsman tool box for it; as i have many a tool boxes for trading something different. I do not remember much about the commodore as i was young when they were first released and eventually centered my attention to the macintosh IIC. I do alot of trading for 90% of my systems / games for these commodores and all my other gaming desires. I will be posting pics of these serials i enter here within the next few months on my facebook page facebook/mnjmetals
P00940743250407B451315Mark JohnsonUnited States
Newest chip is PLA 906114-01 Date Code: 3683 / SID 6581 DC:2583 / VIC-II 6567r8 DC:3183
P00942191250407B452211Jason GrimesUnited States
P00950169250407B955475MelanyVancouver, Canada
P00950461250407B349704Ray S.Colorado
P00950807250407REV. BHKC S/N 323857 (37)/83Jeremy GontangSoCal
P00951164Paul MoranoConnecticut
P00953158250407B326116Michael Alan BakerFlorida, United States
P00959109250407BOlly318NY, USA
P00960638Matthew DeutschMaryland
Aside from a few minor light marks and the underside label being crooked (probably from manufacturing,) it is in perfect condition
P00967513250407B424295Scott TPhoenix, AZ
P00971429250407B420772Anthony K. HarveySterling Heights, Michigan, USA
P00973120UnknownPort Jervis, NY, USA
eBay auction 090324.
P00973136Travis ScalesVirginia USA
Original functioning c64. One of 6 assorted c64's and vic20's
P00974418250407Reb BHKC 453520Adrian's Digital Basement Portland Oregon
Mail Call item. Featured and repaired on Adrian's Digital Basement. Watch YouTube Video
p00987982250407B326116Logan HannOdessa Mo US
Breadbin Commodore 64
p0098859225Q407B485243Timothy C.B.La
Was mint before it got shipped to me. shipping droped it wich caused the keyboard to brake the 3key post and all and broke case plastics shoving keyboard into the unit. nearly every standoff or conective post in the plastics is snaped external plastic damige on top case where each post was attaching the keyboard. case screws are snaped all posts but one motherboard atachments are snaped away from case. one crack in bottem of case near power port. plastics are brittle and i'm considering rebuilding the case. Motherboard is in clean condition few caps were shoved sideways when keyboard was shoved into case. one cap had a leg ripped free and was replaced. board is working fine now. 6 pin din for video
P00999864Secret ManGermany
Looks like new.In original box.Box has the same serial number like the C64.
P01001438250407REV. B436528Raymond N. CutterDillsboro, IN, USA
8 pin video connector
P01001875250407BJulio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Has ceramic VIC-II chip.
P01009728Jason SmithWoolrich, PA, USA
Bought off of Amazon.
P01015193250407B467327Commodore ZUnited States
Artwork number 251137 326116 is stamped on the cartridge port shield, but an additional sticker says HKC S/N 467327
P01022841250407REV BHKC S/N 528227Norman StrayerSeattle
No socketed chips. No visible ceramic chip. Board serial sticker has numbers 42 thru 46 listed with a /83 at the end with the number 45 circled. Purchased at a local Goodwill store in the 90's for 99 cents.
P01048251250407B497133Evan P. ParkerBoston, MA
It is wonderful <3
P01048696250407 B530686Emory StagmerBaltimore, MD, USA
In original box with warranty card, power supply, RF coupler, and ad card for Power/Play and Microcomputer magazines. Original twist ties still in box! Box is 8 out of 10. Unit is pristine. I've never powered it up and don't remember where I got it - Maybe from my uncle Joe?
P01055533250407 B537927David ViensMontreal, Canada
P01059906250407REV.B326116Duncan ParcellsPennsylvania, USA
P01063496Shane NewmanGalax, Virginia
P01063684Jeff WeeldreyerRochester, MN
P01073497250407BDavid PearlmanSeattle WA
153430 labeled on RF cover
P01076379Joe GaffneyNew Jersey USA
P01092826326298REV A326116J. OglesbyJacksonville, Florida, United States
P01098046250407B551624Evan MartinTexas, United States
Aluminized RF shield rather than full metal. Came with "toaster" 1541 Drive.
P01114569326928A004670Justin MayUnited States
5 pin AV port
P01114749Jacco BotCalifornia
P011177492504077B547456TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P01130529250407BHKC S/N 564930 45/83James PennerSan Diego, CA
RF MD6-VA3403 J32T, Artwork 251137, FAB NO 250506 REV A. Acquistion: April 2022 Post acquisition: Used as test board, Key board swapped with Original style, Case swapped with P2442476
P01135979Claudio SalinasEl Paso,Texas, USA
P01139600 250407Rev B326116Bert Islavirginia
P01142340Michael JensenIL, USA
P01144742250407B610602Mark AndrewsUnited States
P01150455jwrLos Angeles, CA, USA
P01154639250407BCole WassermanUSA
P01154716Jon OfferdahlMinneapolis, MN
Purchased at an antique mall with power supply and still works.
P01165525John MorganYakima, WA
Have matching serial number box, in good condition and works, except some cretin scratched "JG" on the lower right hand top.
P01172675250407B608446Ben MidyetteNew Haven, CT
P01173300250407B626563Thomas BurkSarasota, FL
P01173540250407B624381Michael Lee TackettDayton, Ohio US
Keyboard may be a replacement. Doesn't have the normal power indicator light; Light is green
P01173645Stuart WrightUnited States
P01187830250407B547968Shannon newton United States
Works great after 35 years
P01193948Rob MartindaleFlorida, USA
P01194053250407B618093Kevin DorffTexas, USA
P01199664Duane HOntario Canada
P01204470250407BStuartKitchener, Ontario CANADA
p01209984Lawrence HollandWindsor, Ontario
P01211797250407B650458Paul LongPennsylvania
Can't say if all these parts belong together. I obtained it like this and it's obvious that it has been opened several times.
P01214357M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01222637M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01228974Douglas BeachyVirginia, United States
Bought it brand-new still-in-box on eBay in November, 2014. It has never been powered up, and won't be: I'm putting it in a custom display case with UV-blocking glass.
P01230241250407hdtvmanFlorida USA
Case without original board purchased on Ebay. New installed board is assembly 250425 NTSC. 1984 Kalex, Commodore INTL, 94V-0, 25016, HKC s/n 340396, Made in Hong Kong 10/86
P01232029250407C677945EdFluxVienna, VA (USA)
There appears to be a cardboard and foil shield covering the board. Maybe this is only on the newer ones? Most of the chips on this board, including the SID, are soldered down.
P01232717250407B1211460Kevin DorffTexas, USA
P01233647250407B669474Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P01236299250407B669255John K. NallUnited States
P01241050250407B677483shattermyillusionUnited States
This appears to have been first bought in Hawaii.
P01242489250407 B690201Joe S.State College, PA
Metalized paper type internal RF shield. Found at a local garage sale in the "Free" pile around the year 2000.Sat in basement until June 2018, has been restored to working condition.
P01244203250407695688HyrumUtah, USA
Not finding a revision number, original reflective cardboard is here and was still soldered to the cartridge slot before I removed it to see the board # . I also have the original box with the matching serial number printed on the flap. Not much more I can tell you about it though. I’m just getting my foot in the door with retro PCs and I bought this today at a local thrift shop for $25, sooo...
P01248609Brian N.United States
P01249834326298REV A57459Aron P GoochAdelaide, South Australia
P01253554R AVästerås, Sweden
Working unit. Info from a Swedish Facebook group.
P01269813250407REV B586177Paul PasseUSA
P01270321326298A247408Will RArkansas
P01272749326298A76103Greg MaynardTennessee
P1273110Brian LaframboiseCornwall, Ontario Canada
P01273113326298 A326116Troy D TaylorUnited States
Has green cartridge port but black power switch. 5 pin DIN for video. 6581 is wk 22 of 82. All other chips are wk 36-47 of 82.
P01279915250407B724010Wes MoyerUSA
Purchased in March 2009, this 64 has less than 5 hours use on it.
P01280814250407CHKC 689874TPUGCanada
P01281893250407Rev. B711671Shawn P. KichtaUnited States
P01286156250407B666832DarrenMaryland, USA
P01288220M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01295522250407B232494John StevensPA, USA
P01295673250407REV.B715722Chris Clark SrUnion NJ USA
P01300836250407B727945Steve RasmussenUnited States
P01303096250407REV.B0734316Tim ShaferSpringfield, IL
P01305602James R Agapoff IVCalifornia
P01307338250466104634David NowakTallahassee, FL
Found locally in excellent condition with original box and manual, along with a 1541 drive in it's box with demo disk and a 1702 monitor with it's front panel intact.
P01310314250407B0730179John PiontkowskiTeexas, USA
P01310644250407Rev. CMichael AdamsAngier, NC
This little machine is a gem. I got it off e-bay, thinking it was going to need repair, but everything's working great, even the original PLA. The case is also in excellent shape. I removed the cardboard shield and installed some proper heatsinks on the important chips.
P01313133250407REV. C714177Jeremy NLangley, BC Canada
Has 8 pin AV RP1 and RP2 chips are socketed.
P013203042504073754404Jason NeusIowa, USA
PCB is labeled MDK 25HB.
P01320798Diego A. CastellanoStafford, VA USA
P01321132250407C0 743980MitchStaten Island, NY
P01322247250407B754510Mark JohnsonUnited States
Newest chip KERNEL-901227.03 DC:5183. SID (transplant)-6581r4 DC:0687, VIC2-6567r8 DC:2883.
p01326875RetaxisNew England
P01333771250407C745448Michael TraniMaryland, USA
P01334172250407C740461STMSeverna Park, MD, USA
Won untested unit with no cables in eBay auction. Powers on, but SID is bad. SID is soldered to board, will be adding socket when I replace SID
P01338390250407B760490STMSeverna Park, MD, USA
Bought on eBay with box (with original price sticker), manuals, and a few misc. accessories. Had been opened up/worked on before. Needed new VIC II, fuse, and power LED. Now working
P01341226Terry AndersonSpringdale, AR
P01345920250407REV.B813193David FarrellRedding, CA; USA
6526R4 x 2 (CIA), 6568R8 (VIC), 6581 (SID), Paper Shield, Keyboard has Magnet Ring - Purchased as-is (turned out bad VIC + 1 CIA) as a starter for my C64 Reloaded MK2
P01348883Daniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
JiffyDOS v5.0
P01349968250407REV.CVincent AmyotteCraven, SK, Canada
The sticker label on cartridge shield says "HKC S/N 832821", with the numbers 326116 etched under the sticker..
P01350017250407BJ.D. RobbinsOttawa Canada
Installed reset switch. Jiffydos
P01351812250407B238091Ashton SnappLouisiana
External cosmetic damage (dent near function keys, slightly warped badge). Purchased from Mr. Toast on Twitter. Dude slapped his own refurb and test sticker on the cartridge port.
P01352026Thomas ScherwitzUnited States
P01357143250407B797628David PeachTennessee USA
P01359229250425 (1984)253817José Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
P01367068Geoff PoolLas Vegas NV USA
p01375926kyle himelsteinusa
P01384247250407C807172Marty HCalifornia USA
P01385074326298A176235Billy D.NJ USA
P01393394250407Rev ?HKC 812494Adrian BlackPortland, Oregon
Donated by David G. Featured and repaired on Adrian's Digital Basement. Watch YouTube Video
OtherP01394187250407REV.B825035SegamanXeroBoston MA, USA
Just bought this with original box, manual, some C64 books, and a C2N datasette from an ebay seller. Unit was damaged in shipping, the top case now has a crack by the function keys. Unit appears to function fine though, and besides the damage from shipping appears to be in great condition.
P01396920326298A287009Aaron ElfstromUnited States
Under repairs
P01401119250407B02Mick SybalConnecticut, USA
Purchased working and complete from Ebay 9-24-16 from Buffalo NY
P01403550250407B898560Kapt KipperCanada
P0140506525047REV BJamie DentonUnited States
P01410724Jason AustinUnited States
Bought off Craigslist 6/12/2018
P01414920250407C847345Eric HoffmanQuebec, Canada
P01415275250407CChris LongBritish Columbia, Canada
P01415881250407BStamped 32611 Sticker 815615 circled num 02mike alessoUnited States
P01422952250407B1090060Stéphane CôtéCanada
Bought with a Commodore MPS-801! ARTWORK: 251137
P01424699Daniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
P01424762250407CMichael SmalleyPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Here's a gallery of photos! http://imgur.com/a/UVxrM
P01427058250407822769TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P01437256250407AJamesUnited States
P01444527326298A307889Ernie ChornyCanada
5 pin video
P01449130250407 REV. CHKC S/N 85?605azogUSA
Purchased from an estate sale in NJ, in original box with matching serial numbers. Works fine. Cannot read one digit on the board serial number, there is what appears to be a registration mark swiped right thru the middle.
P1450304250407B861117Paul SiebenshuhUnited States
When I opened it up, the it had the original CPU soldered to the motherboard and another sitting on top of it.
P01457054250407C775379Daniel WeatherlyArkansas, USA
p01457166250407B767990An OnionTexas
Batch label is red printed with the number hand-written and the printed number "52" circled
P01459403Roger DiPaoloMassachusetts, USA
I did not want to open up the computer to get the board numbers - at least at this time. When and if I do I will come back to update this entry - if it's possible.
P014602582504694116995Matthew JanesBoise, Idaho
p01460885A65672Giovanni MedinaUnited States
P01462574Anthony RLouisville, KY
P01464028StevenAZ US
P01482700250407C867084Tj JohnstonUSA
RAM (Qty:8) Hitachi HM4864P-3 Artwork: 251137 Rev. C No sockets.
p1490748Victor HammondUnited States
Got with black screen and broken 0 key. Fixed: replaced PLA, CIA and key.
P01496831Dominic PacellaChicago, IL
P01500376scott farbmanNew Jersey USA
Case never opened
P01502501250407251137Thomas McCafferyNJ
P01510998250047REV. B874012Miguel MedinaKissimmee, Florida,USA
P01513218Craigg DyeUnited States
Original box with matching serial number.
P01515419KU-14194HBCaj RollnyHammarö, Sweden
P01517597K. MiningerFlorence, AL, USA
P01517609250407C891764Rob MohrOregon, USA
Super clean. Case had never been opened. Spotless inside. Keyboard hardly ever used, no wear.
P01524316250407Rev BHKC S/N 890820AphexianDayton, OH
Serviced by Commodore Country in mid 87. They installed a new PLS100N PLA and 6581R4 SID. Had a few bad 4164 rams, will be replaced.
P01525052326298A199978Matt S. (ILLSeaBass)Denver, Colorado
5-PIN DIN, Vic keyboard, case in excellent condition. All ports working, currently working perfectly with EPYX Fastload cart. and SIO2SD emulated drive. Bought refurbished.
P01536327326298A188791TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
All major chips socketed. 5 pin video
P01536993326298A325512E. ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
5 pin video connection.
p01537358326290A326116Kevin CasteelsCanada
P01537450326298A282933Chris LongBritish Columbia, Canada
P01538549250425216206Ernie ChornyMississauga ON Canada
P01543262250466none236874Grant HoernkeBurlington, NC USA
P01545066250407B326116Eric AndertonWashington, DC
P01547164M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01551561326298A326116ArkaxowNew Jersey, USA
P01552857250407B639027Dean ScullyMelbourne, Australia
soldered SID/cpu no sockets
P01557413250407REV.CJeffrey BraceNJ, U.S.A.
Artwork No.251137 MDK 25 HB
P01563012250407943310Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P01565094250407B217497Daniel AbreuFlorida, United States
PLA Replaced with PLAnkton PLA U15 and U27 Chips replaced Keyboard Manufactured in 12/12/1983 "2" Key was replaced, original key and post broke off
P01577341Richard EthridgeOmaha, NE USA
Still runs acceptably. Still in use.
P01591103Andy PhillipsonAtlanta GA, USA
P01593090250407B882789Mike BrixiusOregon, USA
P01594591250407Borange sticker 22597Josh GibbsSeattle, WA
has aluminized cardboard shield
P01600736Geraldine BrucaleNew York
P01607043250407BHKC 917930RhinorulzUSA - east coast
Have original A/V switchbox also. Have box, warranty card. Top case stamped 3Y-JAN on inside.
p01618287250407cChris Krasceklondon ontario canada
P01618396250407C944560TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
U4 ahd U18 socketed
P01622622326298REV A158201Chris NautaCanada
P01622830250407CUA 24677TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P01626875M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01628412Daniel ConeOhio, USA
Purchased at a flea market a few years ago with 1541 floppy disk, cassette unit, 1525 graphic printer, and loads of software. Lots of fun!
p01636446250407b953202RetaxisNew England
This unit was destroyed by UPS (Underworld Parcel Service)... Bastards.
P01644210250425165602Tim JorgensonUSA - South Dakota
Computermate(TM) keyboard cover :)
P0164540625040731738hdtvmanFlorida USA
Original case with assembly 250407 NTSC seriously damaged beyond reasonable repair but board and tag were repaired/salvaged. Board was transplanted to P01230241 of the same assembly series (which was acquired without a board).
P01653309Chris JohnsonUSA
P 01663515Andrew DuckworthPerth, Western Australia
P01675989unknownManalapan, NJ, United States
eBay auction 2009-11-12. Still in original box.
P01695878unknownAntelope, CA, United States
eBay auction 2009-11-12. With original box. Working.
P01697475250407Rev BAphexianDayton, OH
No sockets, everything is soldered to the mainboard. Working 100% as found.
P01709667250425 (1984)REV.A004468José Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
P01711743250407REV.CHKC S/N 962606Cory FisherUnited States
Cartridge port shield also says "02,03,04,05,06,07/84
P01715640250407B0019872Daniel M.USA
P01719069251137B0018059Zach CollierAustin, Texas, USA
P01719608250407REV.BP01719608Agustin SandezMexico
P01721839250407REV. B978252David BradleyCanada
RAM & Some Smaller Support Chips In Sockets! 6526 Chips & 2 ROM's Not In Sockets.
P01724256250407CTrevor (Mad King Corduroy)Antioch IL, USA
Purchased from a goodwill in Roundlake IL. It came with a 1541C Disk drive and the connectors, but no PSU. Currently wiring one up so no idea if it works. No idea who bought it originally, glad it's mine now though!
Cleanest C64 I ever opened.
P01728376250407A288881hdtvmanFlorida USA
original board FAILED & Recycled for Parts - was assembly 250407 NTSC Rev.A 1983 Commodore INTL, HKC s/n 288881 35/83 Made in Hong Kong. Replacement board is assembly 250466 PAL-I (UK) 1986 Kalex C, W-18 94 HB board Commodore INTL, HKC s/n 176934, Made in Hong Kong 1987
P01731326Mark HeitmanUSA
P01736499250407C326116Michael SaagerDenver Co.
P01742033250407C1071890Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Was missing SID chip when I bought it. Has a ceramic VIC-II chip.
P01745675250407REV B982830John PriceSumner, WA. USA
Power LED label says "Power", not 64
P01756954AaronUnited States
P01757886unknownnot specified, USA
eBay auction 2009-05-15
P01780958250407B993624Taylor Huffmanharrisburg,AR
P01784720250407REV.C48259Todd KeyserKansas
P01785220Leonard AndrescavageTrenton IL 62293 USA
P01785297250407B222571Tim ShaferIllinois
P01785916SteveWnew england
P01786692Mark LynchSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Original owner in original box. Purchased in 1983 or 1984 while in college. used for a year or so then put in box. Have original C1541 Drive and MPS-801 printer & cables
P01788473250407REV.A22046Chris537Ohio USA
Has a N82S100N/8035 IC where the PLA is. And this Commodore was my grandma's for genealogy, And she gave it to me 5-19-96 along with the drive and her disks. She Passed Away in 04 But i still have her commodore 64 :)
p01788988Luis M SotoUnited States
P017895592504073997506Jeffrey DuncanAustin, TX
P01796093250407B992691Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P01796764250425 Jeremy WilcockUtah, USA
P01796994250407B49013John Fairburncentral Illinois
P01806457250407BHKC351533JAsonPortage, IN
P01809791250407Ac64show.comCalifornia, USA
Recapped and restored 05/2022 before being sold on eBay to owner in California
P01814963250425Sam GreenUnited States
P01815508Gerald HaeflingRichmond, VA
P01815604Dan JohnsonHarrisburg, PA, USA
P01817269250407C1850Robby MaQUnited States
Video sticker: MD6-VA3403. |4|T Handwritten 'OK' on cartridge shield
P01817606250407B326116Jon PruenteKansas City
P01821112Dave LynchGurnee, IL
Otherp01822262johnathon reevesOklahoma
P01831039250407REV. B222225David BradleyCanada
Only PLA Chip In A Socket.
P01849048250407B0735016Christian BrodermannMiami,FL
p01853880j buracoMaryland, USA
P01862696250407B7416Hayden BuscherUnited States
Serial number print on cartridge shield is torn, and assembly text on board is scrambled up.
P01864124250407Rev. B72317Ben U.San Jose, CA
Modified with S-video, composite video and audio jacks
P01865512Jessica ButeauWorcester, Massachusetts
I don't want to open it to get the board information because it looks like it has never been opened.
P01876748240407Rev.B0036989Seth HardySmyrna, GA
P01895255250425132812Jason NeusIowa, USA
P01898282250407CWHI S/N 0014711E. ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
Cannot guarantee that the keyboard is original
P01902566M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P01904238326298 A534512 (or 334512)David ViensMontreal, Canada
all rams ceramic "NEC 8231 D4164D"
p01904806250407bMarkrochester ny
Received new for Christmas. Tag on box, purchased at Montgomery Ward. Also have 1541 disk drive, mps801 printer, boxes and manuals. Tried to fire it up today after 25+ years of sitting in various storage spots. Going to need a lot of work to get functional again.
P01913718John MorganYakima, WA
Works, have the (matching serial number) box along with handwritten Montgomery Ward price tag of $219.99. Top and bottom fit are sloppy and color mismatched yet from opening the case and looking for clues it appears to be all original.
p01914800William CreechMinnesota, USA
P01915634250407B326116ShaunJoliet, IL United States
P01915896UnknownShreveport, LA
ebay auction 4/10/09
p01929496250407REV.B52949Cameron KaleArizona
Found in an Attic, in Chicago.
P01930153250407REV.C988821Tim ShaferSpringfield, IL
P01939607250407BAphexianDayton, OH
Bought off ebay for cheap. Had a bad PLA chip.
P01940233250407BRandy WalkerLos Angeles
Was originally purchased in Owosso, Michigan.
P01955881250407 CRuben AlfaroCosta Rica
Brown keyboard, light brown F keys.
P01966010Melissa MarksPhoenix, Az
choose not to open up the 64 to get the motherboard info
P01968960250407B254158Tim JorgensonUSA - South Dakota
Cardboard/foil shield on top, sheetmetal shield on bottom. 1983 motherboard. Original box!
P01974513Mike HunsickerMassachusetts, USA
P01979170unknownLake Mary, USA
eBay auction 2010-01-17. Working unit.
P01980608unknownLakeside, CA, United States
eBay auction 2010-01-17.
P01981979250407REV. B3985Jeremy GontangSoCal
P1982621250407B1067623John MorrisonPennsylvania
P1989006250407B294690Beta CaroteneOmaha, NE
P2001053250407C1048089Jeff RadenChicago area, IL
P2002221unknownNot Specified, in USA
eBay auction 2009-04-18
p2014677326298A64804Ethan CastonTexas
it has this werid PLA that has a label of -05 but a print of N82S100N K8449
P2016544250407378541Jim GriffinNew York
P2023222Darron VanariaDenver, CO
P2023395250407B1063533empathicqubitSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
P2026963250425UA 008623AndyConnecticut, USA
Got with black screen. Replaced 3 MT RAM chips and both MOS multiplexers 7708. All big chips socketed!
P2037711C McInnisNew Orleans, LA
P2041412250407Rev C1068867ZipperPigBroadalbin, NY
P2052846250407Rev C1057390BRSUnited States
P2063727Andrew Lamprecht
p2072905250407REV.C988755Jeffrey StobbeCanada
P2073697Jacques MorelQuébec, Canada
Has never been tampered with, bottom screws seems manufacture set, the underside you can see whitening of where the motherboard screws fit in so probably that the motherboard is screwed in pretty tight. The box says it's a brand new Commodore and that it might come with CP/M. The casing has darkened a little on the top, but hardly noceable by itself. The motherboard smells like new, no scratches or broken parts.
P2075852250407B92362David ViensQuebec, Canada
P2076630250407B000458Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P2078427250407B437685Kevin DorffTexas, USA
P2080932250407B 1097443William PaulsonSaskatchewan, Canada
P2084167250407BN/AVlad MihailescuToronto, Canada
P2085073250407C1061003Ernie ChornyCanada
P2086052250407C1064660TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
Orange sticker on cartridge shield says 'Assembled in Hong Kong' - is this the 'Board Country of Origin'?
P2087452250407B146732Dave F.Missouri
Revision mark partly covered by a solder blob but looks like it says Rev B. Date codes on the chips are from mid-1983.
P2087651250407B294993Andy DelgadoFlorida, USA
P2088870250407B716991Peter KingAlaska
P2090030Hal LasellVirginia, USA
I also have the original box that it came in (from Santa) Has matching serial # on a sticker affixed to the box
P2104630250407BS58261BDaniel WhickerAustin, Texas
P2126813250407BAlexandre MasseDallas, tx
P2133701Brian LaframboiseCornwall, Ontario Canada
p2137543Sean GrayCanada
P2138902250407C1107731David ViensCanada
P2140895250407REV.BMatt WhalenHalifax, Nova Scotia
p2141494251137brobert aristodemoontario canada
p2143703250407bunknownChris Krasceklondon ontario canada
Previously owned by St. Clair Catholic School Board.
P2149824250425B052441Lane DensonUnited States
p2149982250407b326116J.SwanUnited States
P2152945250407C93171Kevin DorffTexas, USA
P2157766250407REV.Bsg1971Toronto, Canada
p2159825250407B121088Jay PattysonSinclairville, NY
P2162057250425?1273699Carl HornerIndiana, USA
If I remember correctly this motherboard is not original, the original was replaced after a lightning strike.
P2180944Aaron AusbornMcAllen, Texas
P2190760250407C101245Steve RasmussenUnited States
P2193160250407BRich & Becky HronikVa. USA
P2194614250407B246537Matthew JanesBoise, Idaho
Came to me with a broken F1 key and the LED pushed into the case. I've since fixed, works great.
P2195766250407BS66259EPete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
I have the original box with matching serial for this one with all accessories. I felt bad about opening this case, as it was never opened before. Perfectly clean inside like it was never used. The S66259E was a handwritten paper label stuck on the board near the artwork designation. Came from Tempe, AZ from an ebay auction in 11/08.
P2197226250407b248719Dave McLainMissouri USA
I bought this machine new in early 1984 as an upgrade from my VIC20 and it still works perfectly. I don't have the original boxes anymore.
P2200334Steve AlligoodUtah, USA
p2201912Jon S.Minnesota, USA
P2208283Don CrawfordTemperance, MI USA
P2212378250407C0055422Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Was missing SID and VIC-II chips when I bought it.
P2214250Jason SmithWoolrich, PA, USA
p2217728Brendan Vancouver, WA USA
P2219292unknownMarlton, NJ, USA
Computer was for sale on eBay 090324. The seller was from Marlton, NJ, USA.
P2226899250407 REV.C25102KentUnited States
326166-02 18840515 1983 COMMADORE intl commadore 64 ASSY NO 250407 ARTWORK NO 251137 REV.C OPC 1298A OPC 94V0 18-84 25102 1384 MITSUMI 1984 s/n P2226899 FCC ID. BR98YV-64
P 222883525407B11615lucas deprezUs
P2240129250407C111083ArkaxowNew Jersey
P2240219250407REV.BEric AdkinsCincinnati, OH, USA
Most of my IC's are socketed including both 6526, all three roms, 6510, 6581, VIC 6567, 906114-01 PLA, and a couple of the smaller ones
P2243811UnknownUnknownUnknownMike SadowskiNorthlake, IL
Purchased at a "consignment" garage sale in Huntley, IL 8/17/2019. All price tags said they belonged to "Jim". Works, but needs to be cleaned and (the top cover mostly) needs to be retrobrighted. Came with power supply, manual, a book, a magazine, a plastic keyboard dust cover, the Incredible Musical keyboard (complete in box minus bottom part of box), an OKIMATE 10 color printer (complete in boxes), a 1541 disk drive (complete in box minus data cable), some programs and games on disks and cartridges (most complete in box), a broken light pen, TV cable and Commodore RF adapter. Numbers on bottom of power supply says 0584 (5th week of 1984?). Came with serial number matching box (complete). Printer box has price sticker from Target. Replacement ribbon for printer came from a store called "Zayre". Silver cardboard RF shield sits between motherboard and keyboard, but looks like someone soldered the cardboard RF shield to the cartridge port with a piece of copper and stuck a piece of electrical tape to it. Did not want to remove this to look at motherboard since the computer worked.
P2248092250407BBRE S/N 13136 /84John ScarfoneUS
childhood machine which I got running again by replacing PLA and three RAM chips
P2249356Dan JohnsonHarrisburg, PA, USA
Missing badge. Beaten up, found in a pile of junk given to me.
P2251163Jon S.Minnesota, USA
Very clean, no yellowing.
P2251531Tom BickmoreIdaho Falls, Idaho, USA
a fold-down plastic cover over the keyboard to prevent dust build-up. possibly added by previous owner.
P2253598SCOTT MILLERCalifornia
Small wire protruding out of left keyboard(?) Port. Transparent grey U channel double sides taped above keyboard. Perhaps for function or Keystroke reference.
P2253628Craig BerkleyUnited States
P2253989250407B359848Mark JohnsonUnited States
Newest chips SID/VIC2 2184
P2260182250407B888478Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P2261415250407B1152644Joshua JohnstonCarson City, NV
System currently displays errors, but will be restored.
P2270897250407REV B125234Mark WigginsMontana, USA
Purchased off ebay. Seller had replaced the electrolytic capacitors and added some heat sinks. POT inputs on the SID don't work, otherwise really good condition.
P2271597Tyler SellmayerMountain View, CA
P2275781250469David MMelbourne, Australia
Immaculate condition. Has a PAL board. Looks like new.
P2277149Chris ShillidayUnited States
P2282341250407C00489AphexianDayton, OH
Cheap fixer upper. Bought off that auction site, needed a couple 4164 DRAMs and a working SID in her, topped off with some heatsinks and its running great.
machine has memory error and shortly there after video goes dark.
P2284529250407B0033249Mark JohnsonUnited States
Newest chip is CPU 6510 Date Code: 2284 / SID None / VIC-II None / PLA 8700-001 DC:2184
p2295393Alexander BondarenkoNew York, NY
P2296562250407REV.B130490Brian GulottaUnited States
P2298483James Krueger
P2304395Aninny MousePhiladelphia Pennsylvania
P2309499250407Rev .c 251137326116Avram
All paper work ,warranty all the schematics and guides all their and Atari articles. Etc many more in the original box it so old has a unique feel to like it's one of a kind . Some info might be put of order but contact me @email avramrascol@yahoo.com would love to know what I'll get for it rite. Value worth
p2309869250407C1136098Glenn GenoreOshawa, Ontario, Canada
P2310998250407B1139872Christopher JustAmes, IA, USA
P2312816Jeff PetrickChicago, IL, USA
P2314069250407REV.B183693Austin MooreOregon, USA
P2322145250407BClydeUnited States
P2324827250407REV.C111887Rob RafacSouthern CA, USA
P2326945250407C0074670Scott TPhoenix, AZ
Found local. No history. Appears to never have been opened.
P2331545250441AlynnaDenver, CO, US
P2334710250407A394029Greg McCartneyHurricane West Virginia
P2344796250407REV. C0036535 Chris537Ohio USA
Has Artwork #251137 REV C printed on the circuit board along with a 3/84 date sticker on the cart port with the serial # so thats kinda neat. Bought this C64 off of Craigslist for $5 bucks... (Along with one other for $5 and a 128 for $10) :) Has Bad ram error but i intend on repairing it here soon.
P2351850250407REV.B157757Tim ShaferSpringfield, IL
I have not tried to see if it is still functioning. Still need peripherals.
P2352747250407 B387643jeremiah holttoledo ohio usa
P2353737KeVUnited States
P2362895Fred WinterArkansas, USA
P2367208250407B192734RandyRochester NY
P2369749250407B1151211E. ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
P2369844250407BHKC 1151942Ernie ChornyCanada
Assembly and Artwork numbers printed on ground strip which surrounds motherboard not on green coating on motherboard. Only SID chip is socketed. Dates on chips are 2X84
P2370320250407B1149364Aaron HaighRegina, SK
P2371935250407(defaced)TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
All RAM chips are socketed (repairs made?)
P2371938250407A107070Ernie Chorny
P2372206250407REV.B326116PeterOntario, Canada
Black Screen Not Working
P2375544Tom BiesUnited States
P2378740Marvinct usa
P2382487Graham BralyUnited States
p2388480250425HKC S/N 035242Robertcalifornia
all RAM chips are made by NEC, some other chips in that area are made by MOS and TI.
p2394453United States250425002285hunter tMedford OR
P2398865250424037306Nicholas KingSharpsville, PA
P2399661Caleb Morgan
P23999182504250003131Robert KilianUSA
P2399957M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
p2401626250425326776mark ortizUnited States
CP Numeric Keypad model no. NKP Deluxe Serial no.503167
P240740425042558969Timothy AbrahamMassachusetts, USA
P2412675Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
P2413160250425HKC S/N 123573Paul NelsenPortland, OR, USA
P241458825042561749Scott BMedina, OH
Purchased by grandfather as Christmas gift, 1984.
P2427697250425Daniel SchwenIdaho, US
Replaced the broken PLA with a PLAnkton chip. Computer is in otherwise pristine condition, has a PAKRATT keyboard paper overlay. The board has a metal EM shield that doubles a s a heat spreader for multiple chips
P2435253250425Jeffrey BraceNJ, U.S.A.
There are numbers on the board that I don't know what they are. 008556 (under assembly number) and AB02293F (in lower right hand corner). RF box has MD6-VA3405 64IT
P2435684250425Mike AmentiUnited States
P2442476250425042547 white PCB labelJames PennerSan Diego, CA
RF MD6-VA3405 741T, P/N 251470-01 REV A, 250425. Acquistion: April 2022 Post acquisition: Replaced power switch, case top and keyboard swapped with original style from P5037259-B, and other restorative work
P2443528unknownO Fallon, Illinois, USA
eBay auction 2009-05-13
P2447204Mike HunsickerMassachusetts, USA
Reset switch modification added.
P2456982250407Rev. B0056722Kyle MessineoUSA
P2459369250425139442Zachary FolkertsAlabama, USA
This machine was given to me by a friend from Tennessee: it was sitting in his garage for years, so there was a lot of rust on RF output enclosure, cartridge port, and metal shield. It came with a tattered box, but the serial no. listed there is: P2386988. I steel-wooled most of the rust away and am using it free of moving parts with 64hdd, an X1541 cable, and an IBM ThinkPad T22 (Parallel port in Bi-Directional mode) running from CompactFlash.
P2460765Joshua WittOhio, USA
Not working :( Did not show any video when turned on so I took it's working SID and put it in my other C64 :)
p2460854Michael VanLimestone TN
P2474989250407rev.C1120566Matt CaldwellUnited States
P2475130250407B1165161Matthew KuykendallUnited States
Power light comes on, black screen with I start it up. Also have disc drive that powers on, not sure if it reads still. All cables and manuals. Working to bring back to life.
P2476181ComniosOhio, USA
p2476467250407C1196705JojessDetroit, Mi, USA
P2482205250407B157706Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
Came from Florida. Needs repaired.
P2486171Yves PrécourtLaval, Quebec, Canada
P2488977250407BJames MillerUnited States
JD installed / Working as of 2/20/2014
P2488989250407BPreston GagonUtah USA
p2490957250407rev. A776585/52hexopowoUnited States
have cartridge Epyx Fast Load
P2491628250407B545123Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P2496958unknownSimi Valley, California, USA
eBay auction 2009-04-13
P2510392250425195349Daivd BlakeIllinois, USA
VIC chip replaced and "Saver Module" installed by Ray Carlsen.
P2518366Jason SmithWoolrich, PA, USA
P2521130Andrew DieffenbachMA, USA
P2522144250407874134Po LuChina, Found in LA
P2526629Kylee LanierUnited States
P2527640250407REV. C185910David BradleyCanada
I Have The Original Box. All Major Chips In Sockets Except For The 6526's.
P2529997250407B1203526Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P2532824250407CAndrew DieffenbachMA, USA
P2535990250407REV C0008052To Be SoldOhio
Basic, Kernel, & Character Roms are socketed, along with the PLA and SID. Resset switch installed by a previous owner.
P2544138250407B945314Jason GrimesUnited States
P2552131250407BHKC S/N 1211455Keith FilaskiLong Island, NY
p2554081Lorin MillsapSalt Lake City
JiffyDos enabled, has white power LED
P2554220250407A1215468Rick RoachE. TN, USA
P2555358250407C1218502Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
This unit was given to me by a friend in Atlanta, GA, USA
P2556793Sarena chapmanMoore, ok
It's new in box. I pulled it out to read the made in USA part but I don't know how to find the other answers. Still have the mail in paperwork too! The warranty and the subscription offer 😊 manual, everything.
P2572274250407REV.A1247737Jeffrey BraceNJ, U.S.A.
P2573330250407B4225176DJ TrasattiUnited States
P2575080Javier MendozaArgentina
This is a C64 with a mother dead, which I could not repair despite the change of many components, so I put a raspberry pi inside, so would not throw it away. The defective motherboard I still keep.
p2581471250407B117864Tomás RojasBuenos Aires, Argentina
NTSC machine converted to PAL-B(Swapped VIC-II 6567 for 6569(date code 4384), crystal(14,318mhz to 17,73447mhz) and jumpers). The SID inside it, a 6581(date code 2084)was blown so it was replaced with a 6581(date code 4582). T
P2585604250407A1215672David WestallHouston
I got this for xmas in 1983 but had it serviced in 86 and again in 89. They must have replaced the case, or maybe the whole unit because the serial number on my box is different: P00316010
P2586951250407REV.A0011745T. E. DennisAZ
Ebay purchase from E-waste seller. Pcb heavily bodged. Currently being restored.
P2593813250407B889219Dave FMissouri
Board has no country of origin, has GCMK-14HB silkscreened near where I would expect to see that. Chip date codes suggest very late 1983 manufacturing date.
P2608061250407B1244TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P26082432504071238489Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P2621083250407B326116Gabriel RRockford, il, usa
P2625448250407ATPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P2634405250407BScott TPhoenix, AZ
From Local that owned it for many years.
P2639790250407C877500Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
I have the original matching box for this serial. Came from Columbus, OH from an ebay auction in 12/08.
P2641272M.A.R.C.H.Wall, NJ, USA
P2649351Christopher ArehartChicago
P2653334250407B36Alexander RomeroIdaho
P2654373250407BPeter KingAlaska
P2657536250407C895465Frederic MarsanQuebec, Canada
Got it from eBay. The case looks brand new and all buttons looks like unused, but the unit is not working (I suspect a dead 6581 chip).
P2657757250407B883906Kersten WatsonIndianapolis, IN
Complete with box, all cables, manuals, and disks. Works, but no sound. Has 1 broken ceramic capacitor (C25). Plan to return to working order.
P2660309250407REV.C1203935AJHNew Jersey, USA
Everything except RAM is socketed! Chips date to mid-1984. Case is rough, board looks brand new.
P2665157326298A0014123Conrad VogelNorthern Idaho, USA
Late case for the early board, looks original, no ceramic chips. 6581 dated 5182, 6567R8 dated 3584, 6510 dated 0883, 901227 Kernal dated 4984. 8-Pin Video. May have been an older board used later at the factory. Matching S/N original Box.
P2667536Jon ToubeauxUSA
P2668914326298AJulio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Has ceramic VIC-II chip and 8-pin Video port
P2676461250407C0049640DTRLong Island, NY
Has 6581 SID (rev. 3) with date code of 1884. 6510 CPU has a date code of 1284, and the 6526 CIA has a date code of 5185.
P2677997250407C1200272David ThompsonEverett WA USA
[Won on 12/2017 from an eBay seller from RI] Board lists above the copyright: "MDK 25 HB". Cart shield is printed with: (solder)6116. Keyboard S/N: 10840830.
P2689107250407A110244Conrad VogelIdaho, USA
P2689244Fred SSanta Cruz, Ca USA
P2704844A042308Rob KerrAnn Arbor, MI USA
P2711682326298A005536Matt StineOlive Branch, Mississippi, USA
P2718410250407REV.C1147023donw35Los Angeles
Rescued from the trash, replaces SID chip and new power supply
P2728277Jesse SofieNJ, USA
P2728957Corey BadeauxNew Orleans, LA
P2736263250425042947Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Was missing the SID chip when I bought it.
P2738101250407BRuben AlfaroCosta Rica
My childhood C64
P5001721BunknownHouston, Texas, United States
eBay auction 2010-01-17
P5001951B250425Kelton PennelMaryland, USA
P5016606B250425Gerhard EschelbeckUnited States
P5016624B250425Paul BryanUSA
P5022568BMichael KahleMayville, WI
P5023719BVdorzaBuenos Aires, Argentina
Doesn´t work. Failed 906114-01 chip.
P5024242BJamie PearsonSC
P5034451B250425841804Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, New York USA
P5037259B250425000286 white labelJames PennerSan Diego, CA
RF MD6-VA3405 543T Acquistion: Jan 2022 with reset switch applied. Post-acquisition: Keyboard swapped with VIC style from P01130529. Recapped and new regulator, further customizations applied.
P5039828B250425106056Anthony ScarolaVirginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Purchased from Wayne Van Dosen, eBay, 12/22/2011 for $142.50. Restored system including 1541 drive. C64 has JiffyDOS installed.
p5041750bJohn StinnettUnited States
P5043726A ParrisGeorgia
P5046955BCody JacksonUnited States
P5048897B250425N/a016040Alex Australia
P5049589250425Covered bu heatsink73553Paul SiebenshuhUnited States
P5051077B250425173115ArkaxowNew Jersey, USA
p5080086b250425015235kip in ohioOhio, USA
Screw down RF Shield which is also a microchip heat sink
P5081246B250425DodenerIllinois, USA
Found at a goodwill
P5093072BAnthony AldanaMiami, Florida
P5094680250407REV. B069132Todd KaminskyUnited States
P5105191Jason RingstaffUnited States
P5105691250425Alex McChesneyUnited States
Found in a junk shop in Llano Tx. Owner said he got it in an estate sale in the DFW area. Came untested with no cables or box, but works perfectly.
P5108365BBoris Star
Two keys missing (5,6)
P5108475B250425008738Mark JohnsonUnited States
Metal RF shield/heat sink, no can around VIC2. Newest chips, the ROMs and CPU 2284. SID-6581 DC:2184, VIC2-6567r8 DC:1984.
P5109139B326298A102479Stefano FuriosiUnited States
P5121015B250425A145749Joshua M.Ohio, US
P5125523RonDenver, CO, United States
Found off of Craigslist and works flawlessly. Using it with the Ultimate 1541. Will not open case, yet...
P5127351B250425177899Niko C.North Jersey, USA
P5137198B250425?141239Andrew TijerinaTexas
Couldn’t find revision number. Can’t remember were I bought this. Suspect a garage sale. Recently rediscovered in mother’s storage unit.
P5143111B250425326116Paul LavelleColorado Springs, CO, USA
Purchased from ebay in January 2014 - machine was in excellent working condition with only a minor case crack above the function keys. Motherboard and inside of case was exceptionally clean and in great condition.
P5154195BJon ToubeauxUSA
missing the badge sticker so I'm not sure
P5154221BJesse Newmantexas
P5156779B250425J.SwanUnited States
P5160569B25042592265John FairburnCentral Illinois
P5160720B250425A108926KSUnited States
P5163978B250425B137546Daniel Applegarth IIWest Virginia, USA
P5169807 B326298C12165FomicItaly
P5183066Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
Works, but no sound... :(
P5185115B250425UA143461C. LukeLeeds Point, NJ, USA
P5185945250425110729Dave F.Missouri
P5186225B250425127961tarnicalStanfield NC USA
P5187064B250425N/A140342William MewesIndianapolis, Indiana USA
P5195189B250425219969Matthew R CoffronUnited States
P5202419BHeido BitoUSA
P5202994B250407BAndyConnecticut, USA
Replaced power switch. All big chips are socketed.
P5217714BDaryl AcumenUtah, USA
Found is Nuskin Storage shed.
P5219076B250425A134325Tom Wilson Santee, CA, USA
Foil RF shield, no box around VIC. Socketed ICs. Bad RAM and case yellowing. Used for parts for new Reloaded system.
P5222438BMatthew RacetteFenton, Michigan, USA
P5229242B25042531Blaine WhiteOntario, Canada
I couldn't find a revision number on my board.
P5231241BChristopher LandryOrleans, ON
P5234469B250425004411StuartKitchener, Ontario CANADA
P5235492250425229133Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P5236202250425230856C. StilesCanada
Sticker on side says "Grappler Powered" whatever that means
P5236475B250425212011Jason HBC, Canada
Case is perfect condition. Boots to grey screen. Obtained from original owner who purchased it in Burnaby BC, Canada
P5237123BDaniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
Powers up Ok. Keyboard defective (1 key missing), case cracked.
P5237324BBlaine WhiteOntario, Canada
Initializes drive, but won't power up.
P5238261B250407B540091 WK 45Michael BeanNew Jersey
Label on underside: "AML Services & Supplies Commodore Repair Specialists, Glendale NY, 10/23/89 PCB Replaced, 3/12/90 PCB Replaced"
P5240131250425191053Robert mendozausa
P5241406B250425219094ArkaxowNew Jersey, USA
All major chips socketed
P5245616B326298A180325John ColeCanada
P5246456B250425 216255Glenn GenoreOshawa, ON, Canada
Original owner
P5247017B250425Seth TunksChatham, Ontario, Canada
P5251223B2404250050053Mike ClarkOntario Canada
Suspected bad PLA. Will be repaired when a replacement is found.
P5253448B2504250042359Matias VeglioArgentina
P5262575B250425C063708EdFluxVienna, VA (USA)
Mostly socketed chips on this one. Most of the whole board is covered by a screwed-down metal shield with tabs that come down and make contact with the chips below to cool them. I had to re-bend the tabs and reapply thermal grease due to some not making contact, and some not even having grease on them (like the SID!).
P5264581B250425236816Mark JohnsonUnited States
Metal RF shield/heat sink, no can around VIC2. Newest chip: CPU-6510 DC:2984. SID-6581 DC:2684, VIC-II-6567r8 DC:2784.
P5267692BAndrew DieffenbachMA, USA
P5272778B250425197172Joshua ErnzenNorth West Iowa, U.S.A.
P5283064B2504250029119James Robbins Dallas, tx.
P5284130B250425Sean GrafPortland, OR, USA
p5284140bBrand newBrand newBrand newDiego A. CastellanoVirginia, United States
Brand new in box, with manuals and electric cord board!
P5284889B250425?263435Dustin HewlettSpringfield, OR, USA
Could not locate Revision code on MB.
P5293729B250425Roberto Ferrer
P5303099250425254842Matthew OpheimUnited States
P5304870B326298Alabeled 32736, stamped 326116 Christopher JustAmes, IA, USA
P5308410B250425 GaryFlorida
P5310748B250425231300Robert LakebergEdgewood, KY, USA
Cannot determine board revision
P5318379B250425B0038765Garrett CrespoHagerstown, MD
Almost all the internal chips have been converted to socketed chips
P5321057B250407A221352Brent GoellerVirginia, USA
The system is painted Gold. Lots of information about the Gold system in Germany exists, but I can't find any information on the Gold systems in the US. If it was painted post production, somebody did an outstanding job. It's painted all the way through, but after opening it, it didn't look like it had ever been opened. old crusty tape still holding the ground strapping to the cardboard shield.
P5323426B250425Rev.A186281Avery TUnited States
Small push button in case hooked to pins 1 & 2 of user port, put there by OG owner.
P5323560B250425326116Eric EvelighCanada
Some ripped/not legible stickers on the board. One metal voltage regulator heatsink appears to read "Sun Hing" scratched into it. Many ICs have a year of '84, but interestingly the character ROM 901225-01 is year '87 (1087). CIAs, ROMs, CPU, SID, PLA, and VIC are all socketed.
P5325450BMatthew DeutschMaryland
Damage (purchased that way, not my fault): tab connecting top right of keyboard to console is broken off, causing gap, screwdriver/prying marks where the two halfs of the case join above the two slots (to left side,) various minor abrasion/sticker marks on the case.
P5331225BDoug TurnerBoston, MA
P5332060B250425046621Kyle MuellerUnited States
P5337162BTim NortonUSA
P5337979B250425068081Steve RasmussenUnited States
P5339366Bn/an/an/aPeyton BlanscetAmarillo, TX
P5339742B250425BrentStafford, VA
It has "W-18 94HB" above Commodore International Commodore 64. I don't think that's a revision number, which I don't see anywhere. But it does look like a week and batch number or something.
P5342432BDwayne CallahanUnited States
P5343588B250425HKC S/N 214243,33Joe MitchellNew Hampshire, USA
P5349839B250407AMick SybalConnecticut USA
Received this and another C64 off craigslist. System was really dirty and disgusting with missing broken keys. Used both keyboards to make a complete working one. Whats notable about this 1983 C64 is it has a cardboard RF shield. I need to remove it eventually and install heatsinks to the main IC's
P5358809B2504250326116Chris PaganTampa Bay, FL
It looks like someone added a reset switch between the Control Port 1 and 2
P5360419250425326116Nicholas EvansCincinnati, OH
P5361292B250425187417Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P5364685seen in value villagehamilton ont
p5364731Dan Gallantcanada
mint condition, also got the vic20(blown power supply), and commodore 801 printer
P5365507B250425N/A069463David BradleyCanada
Big Metal Shield With Fingers To Cool All The Main Chips.
P5374623BSean R.West Coast, USA
p5382658b250425326116csmark ortizUnited States
P5387791250425Unknown326116Josh GibbsSeattle, WA
Metal shield with thermal paste between most chips.
P5394604BMark JohnsonSlidell, LA
P5401011BTony KonzelUSA
Received as a prize from a music contest.
in lot from online auction. bad vic, replaced and working 100%. very dirty and has been cleaned
P5405503B250425UA029204Michael E CullimoreUnited States
94VO and above Made In HongKong is 25064 bordered by a rectangle.
P5407632BYan LauzonQuébec
Got it with a keyboard lot and used the keyboard/shell to host a repro motherboard.
P5409012B250425210906James MillerUnited States
P5412474BTaylor SharrarWashington, United States
Still works and has matching original box
P5415170BAndrew RickardUnited States
P5415789B250407C41,42,43,44,45,46/83Seth BerrierWisconsin, USA
P5416988B250425Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Was missing SID chip when I bought it.
P5421350B250425Darrell DentonArkansas, USA
P5424254BRob OLindenhurst, NY
P5430709B240425Federico ChabArgentina
P5433722B250425029762David ViensMontreal
huge flat metallic heat sync blocks the rev number. this unit is completely dead
P5433877BBen MoormanIndiana, USA
p5434338bDaniel RyanUnited States
P5442322250425043556Jason HerrGuam
All main chips are socketed
p5443640bTeamRocketReviewsNew England
TeamRocketReview's Commodore 64, eventually to be used for game reviews on youtube.
P5443661B250425142243Steve RasmussenUSA
P5450562B250425326116SEphemeralityNova Scotia, Canada
P545192925042500916Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
p5454929Gus Central East Coast USA
P5459071BunknownunknownunknownMick Sybal06776
received complete in box with manuals and cables fom and elderly man in eastern NY state. box was in not great shape the the C^$ looks almost new.
P5462592BDaniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
Like new condition.
P5465214B250425 BJay BairdCalifornia
p5468225bGarrett ShumDallastown, PA
p5472351B250425REVUA132826Ricardo MoralesCaracas. Venezuela
P5473254250407A090454P. TiquetCalifornia, USA
6572R1 VICII chip
P5475142B250425Chris LawrenceRochester, NY
No apparent board revision or artwork numbers
P5476876BSerge IsaacsonIthaca, NY
P5482741BJavier MendozaArgentina
P5483451B250425YuschaDelaware, USA
P5504094B250425Cooling plate covers itDCP S/N 0020602 (34) 84Jeremy GontangSoCal
Larger chips are in sockets
P5505952Wade H. ThomsonMontana
P5509233Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
Case Only
P5509571B250425Matt S (ILLSeaBass)Colorado
Clean, working, and with original box.
P5510697B250425-1Rev 3chad jamesLas Vegas, NV
Includes matching fliptop protector, 1702 & 1541.
P5511709B250425not shown54633TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P5511734B25042554002Gar ConklinSkiff Lake, NB, Canada
P5511978B 250425-010329Ernie ChornyCanada
P5512509B25042503893Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P5512526B250425AndyConnecticut, USA
P5512833B250466142555Francois LeveilleCanada
Nicknamed UNCLE by technicians working at Softwares Company - a reference to the "The Man from UNCLE".
P5513572unknownBeaver Bank, NS, Canada
ebay auction 2010-01-17. Canadian edition in original box.
P5513656B250425061115David BradleyCanada
Has Large Metal Shield With Fingers To Cool All Major Chips.
P5514424BNikolas LaPradeBC, Canada
Got it for $12. Worked fine, then signal went B/W. Will open case soon.
P5524165BJulian AvoliaWashington PA
Sat at my destroyed, exposed porch. It was in the original box, but the box was moldy. Plugged it in and it works, but haven't been able to connect it to the TV. Don't have a cable yet. Also have the floppy disc player.
P5524947B250425326116Cyrus YunkerTriangle Area, North Carolina, USA
P5530356B2504250020379Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Was missing the SID chip when I bought it.
P5530667B250425090782Daniel O'MalleyVirginia, USA
P5530821BRavenDE, USA
Sat unused in a box for years, in flawless condition, acquired by me over Ebay.
P5536142B250425Shane MartinsOregon, USA
P555042225042558020TPUGMississauga, ON, CANADA
SID and VIC are socketed
P5554063B250425562551Stephen BernasMaryland, USA
P5556154BB. BernsteinNew Jersey, USA
P5558070B250425A012670 or 326116 (K.H.)David E. MayerKingman, Arizona
I gave this C64 a complete work over. She's sweet.
P5560822B250425562073Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
P5571764B250425088893Pete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
P5575013B250425Trevor KeayWisconsin, United States
P5581311B250425N/A048601BuzzyUnited States
P5599091B250425047595Tom StockSt. Petersburg, FL
Sold by Hess's Department Store to Lisa Fox, Walnut Port, PA, 10/11/1985. "Package deal" for $599, based on original receipt. Not sure what was included in the package but I believe it may have been 1802 monitor, 1541 drive, and MPS801 printer.
p5603171b250425ua119196John Van HookFontanet, IN, USA
This Commodore has jiffydos
P5605751B250425Seong Je Park (CDE 20574)Estados Unidos
P56078892504251250315Daniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
Badge label is missing. Computer works fine, but is in bad cosmetic shape.
P5613501250425239952TMississauga, ON, Canada
P5613520250425007925TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P5617677B250425035903Mark JohnsonUnited States
Frankenstein PAL in NTSC case. Metal RF shield/heat sink, no can around VIC2. Newest chip: U2-6526 DC:4685. CPU-6510 DC:1783 SID-6581 DC:2383, VIC-II-6567r8 DC:2784.
P5620320BScott Martin
P5630855B25042562106Charles RiddickNC, USA
P5639065B250407BJason HBC, Canada
Purchased from original owner in MB Canada. Works.
P5640802B250425101556Seong Je Parkparaguay
P5643609B250425137568Michael MillerTwin Cities, MN, USA
P5644312B250425DCP S/N 0007303Jacob MorleyNorth Carolina
Got it cheap and have made it into a resto project, some case damage but nothing major. Previous history unknown
P5644589B250425BhdtvmanFlorida USA
original board FAILED & recycled for parts was assembly 250425 - 1984 Kalex, Commodore INTL, 94V-0, 28125, Made in Hong Kong. Replacement board installed is: assembly 250407 1983 Commodore INTL, s/n 31738, Assembled in Hong Kong.
P5646858B250425326116Ferris WhitneySarasota, Florida
P5648201BUnknownBUnknownMike SadowskiNorthlake, IL
Purchased at a flea market that was in Fox Lake, IL. Didn't work when purchased (probably why it was at the flea market in the first place). Found someone in Hoffman Estates, IL who repairs Commodores. He diagnosed that one of the memory chips was bad. We traded motherboards with a spare one that he had that worked and later told me he replaced the bad memory chip in my board and got it to work. He said that other memory chips had been changed in the past by the previous owner, as the printing on the chips didn't match each other. Came with a Datasette drive, power supply and supporting manuals and books.
P5648656B250425S/N UA 030502John ScarfoneUS
6581 from 23rd week of 82 which still sounds good
P5650837BAnthony AldanaMiami, Florida
P5650994B250425REV.A024848donw35Los Angeles
jiffydos, swin sid
P5651896B250407REV.BCS00107502Jeff StringhamOhio.. United States
This is a complete system, all the original parts and docs. It was purchased new by my dad from a computer store in Detroit MI.
P5661116unknownBox Elder, South Dakota, United States
eBay auction 2009-11-12. Unknown if it works.
P5662202IhorToronto Canada
Have not opened it Original Box
P5669992BA.P. SchreckenbergerMSP, MN
p5670122bDavid BrackettUnited States
Original Owner. Never been modified. I also have my original 1541 drive.
P5674574BJames WoltersArdrossan, Alberta
Purchased from an owner from Regina who had not used it for 10 years
P5680303B2504250021599Cody WrightGeorgia, USA
Was not able to locate the board revision.
P5681823B250425BhdtvmanFlorida USA
original board FAILED & Recycled for Parts was assembly 250425 NTSC Made in Hong Kong. replacement board is assembly 250425 PAL-I (UK) - 1984 MDK, Commodore INTL, HKC s/n 052897, Made in Hong Kong 35/84
P5687740250425367735Tim JorgensonUSA - South Dakota
Sheet metal heat shield/sink on top & bottom. Have non matching box.
P5688599BP.AbbottAlabama USA
This was my first Love!
P5691378BWard SeiboldOregon
P5695274BTony DeAquinoUnited States
P5703094B250425330986 / 06/86Tim JorgensonUSA - South Dakota
Still works good with original box.
P5707369BJohn AedoUS
P5708487BUnknownAustin, TX, USA
ebay auction 2/22/09
P5708584B250425James ByrneChicago
P5712952B250425318099Steve KleinKansas
P5713275B250425null494922Evan ROhio, USA
Found with socketed VIC(6567R8), Proc(6510), SID(6581R4AR), ROM(901225-01, 901227-03, 901226-01), and PLA(906114-01).
P5720797B250425 1059236AndyConnecticut, USA
P5735883B250425364388Roy WilliamsStanley, NC
P5743120B250425262151Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, CANADA
P5743328B250407BCS00137851Grant HoernkeBurlington, NC USA
Video chip replaced twice, once in the late 80's and again in Feb 1991.
P5752824250407Rodolfo LealMexico City, Mexico
P5755623B25042594VO149950Hugh McDevittCanada
The revision #?: near serial#, White rectangle letters OPC inside, 94VO beside it, 1298A beneath it, 51-85 beneath 94VO
P5757392B250425TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
P5761118B250407C101245Steve RasmussenUnited States
P5771162B250425rev 0344067Manuel TatoUruguay
P5774351B250425Gustavo CasanovaBuenos Aires, Argentina
PAL-N add-on circuit made by local distributor
P5776548Calestini ComicsKG7POU
P5777455BChris SmithUSA
P5779913BShawn BreznyTwin Cities, MN
P5780559BKim HarmanCollingswood NJ
P5780585BSteve RizzoNew York
P5787609B250425A360957Miguel Da RosaMontevideo Uruguay
P5791993B250425HKC S/N 359898Paul NelsenPortland, OR, USA
P5796058BAllen USeattle, WA
p5796405b250425KALEX CHKC S/N 493730EzequielArgentina
Processor mos6510, SID6581 and metallic shielding
P5796459BGuillermo MastrogiovanniRosario, Argentina
P5797118BOEPVancouver, WA
P5804768John BroiloAlbuquerque, NM
P5807220B250425504237Randy WalkerLos Angeles, CA
P5808291B250425Nathan SlingerlandUSA
P5815784BMarvin NeilLas Vegas
P5819332B250425256384Toronto PET Users GroupMississauga, ON, Canada
P5819359B2504251087701Toronto PET Users GroupMississauga, ON, Canada
p5825149BJoshua WittOhio, USA
Mint condition but SID died, Replaced with another system's SID
P5827521B250466?255517David FarrellRedding, CA; USA
Purchased on eBay with original Box. 6526 x 2 (CIA), 6567R9 (VIC), 6581R4AR (SID). Only VIC and SID socketed. Metal Shield cover with heat-sink tabs. No box around VIC. No "Rev" or "Made In" label on the board?
P5837529B250466154290Tony CangelosiMid West USA
Keyboard Stamp 17860417
P5839770bChris StoddardHarker Heights Texas
P5846909BDan farnhamW NY
P5852955B250466326116csTabatha LedesmaUnited States
P5855184B250425343231Jeffrey BraceNJ, U.S.A.
P5857783B250425REV.A Thomas BurkSarasota, FL
Main ICs date between 26th week and 33rd week of 1984, PLA replaced with a 1986 chip. All main ICs in original sockets. VIC-II is a 6567R8. 8 MT 4264-20 RAM chips. Most of the keys are smooth on top from use. Overall condition of the computer from 1-10 is 8.
P5863813B250466071867Lee WarnerUS
White/ very light beige keyboard
P5864075B250466088086John Riney IIIOakland, CA
Sticker on cartridge shield reads "C64B3 N", 39th week of 1986.
P5868285B250466088540Michael HedgesUK
Seems to be one of the last USA bread bins made, before the C64c it has white feet and a C64c keyboard from the factory. Has been fully restored and it's fully working
P5868649B250466B3102860EdwardNew York
P5869180B250466?HKC 103924AphexianDayton, OH
As best I can tell, this is a factory made breadbin with C64C keyboard. Machine has white C64C feet on the bottom as well and a very late serial number. One of the last USA made NTSC C64 made during the switch to the C64C.
P5873372B250466HKC 085241AphexianDayton, OH
Another factory C64C keyboard USA breadbin. Has the white feet on bottom. Case has some "cable rash" melted in a few spots sadly.
P5873834BCory GoodrichWest Chester, PA
P5881121Rick LawsonUSA
p5887763B250466A215547/26Nick WinstonTennessee, USA
RF Modulator Broken, but Y/C (S-Video direct from VIC-2 chip) & everything else works just fine! Not original owner. To be heavily modified!
P5888978B250425Steve EdfordLouisville, KY United States
P006599392250407Rev. BCS00100160Kyle W.United States
Came with box with matching serial number, also 1541 Disk drive and 1702 Monitor.
p010653903250407B568130Tony HurrellNew Jersey, USA
P013440153250407B763371Michael YatesWashington State
Upgraded to JiffyDos kernal. Have original CBM kernal ROM onhand.
p014424277250407BMD6 VA3403 K32TChris KrascekLondon, Ontario, Canada
P20749481250407C1087559Kapt KipperCanada
P21010807Richard EthridgeOmaha, NE USA
System operable with malfunctioning "A" key (must press hard).
P23320115250407REV.BHKC S/N 1131119Stuart ChudyNew York City
I understand it was previously owned by a Nursery School in Harlem, NYC. I replaced some RAM, added heat sinks and recapped the board.
P52660190B250425209188David BradleyCanada
All Chips In Sockets, No Video Chip Shield!
P00177726326298A326116Stephen SmithNorth America
134962 is printed on a sticker label placed on the cartridge port shielding, along with the number stamped on there, namely '326116'. The BCoO information is nowhere to be found on my board either. There is no sticker or printing on it. I don't know if I would need to unsolder the bottom shielding to find it or not, but I'd rather not have to.
P00279503Rob CaseyUnited States
P00382479Chuck HenryFayetteville, AR
P00632561250407Rev. A145629Dominic DeMaioMaryland
P00900471250407BRandy HargisIndiana, United States
P01096598Jim FUSA
PO1024807250407B528514Joshua JohnstonCarson City, NV
Curiously, the serial number appears to start with PO as opposed to simply P. This is not a 0, as it is larger than the 0's in the serial number itself.
PO1186824250407 Philip KoreskiUnited States
PO1455054250407B863016A. AnstettIndiana, USA
PO014811212511B867302Paul SeveriniCary, NC USA
Working and in excellent condition. Has cardboard shield. 1983 Commodore printer on board.
PO1543545250407BJosé Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
P[]1472859250407Rev.B398725Mike MurphyKent, WA, USA
RP0000109326298A199847Nate LawsonBay Area, CA, USA
Mint, ROM label "C64 REV3 8411", SID 6581 5082. I think CIAs were reason for repair (date code 0383)
RP0000263326298AR0r0Kansas City
Replaced R10 with correct resistor value so composite didn't look so horrible. Thanks bwack
RP0000584???redeyelouDurham, NC
Mysterious red button under logo / above keyboard. C64 in box with matching serials. Official refurb sticker on box. Unable to open casing without risk of damage due to red button installation. No board info on edge under keyboard (can peek in a bit, took pics). Untested while identifying...
RP0000850326298A331757Keri RautenkranzChicago area
I purchased this refurbished C64 in the mid '80s, did not like it, and gave it to my father who ran his business with it for 10 years. I have recently returned it to service after a 25-year hiatus with the intent of recovering Dad's data. To this end, I rebuilt the power supply sections and corrected the famous flaws endemic to this board, which now works better than ever. 5182 dated SID works great, having never been used for gaming.
RP0001194REV3326116Brad PowellDenver, CO
RP0001265326298A261163Michael FairclothSouth Carolina, USA
RP0001786RBIndiana, USA
Matching box with refurb sticker. 1 owner. Never opened.
RP0004447Roberto GalanArgentina
RP0006581326298 REV A???26130-01Juan CruzArgentina
SID Serial number, which is neat
RP0007672326298C326130-01David ProvencherCT, USA
RP0009608326298A110765Adam BradleyNorthern California
RP0009752250407CVincent AmyotteCraven, Sk
No stamp or sticker on the cartridge port shield. Has 251024 stamped on VIC shield.
rp0016978250407A309061Conrad FrankUnited States
RP0019744unknownMidland, TX
ebay auction 4/14/09 - just noting to find the upper limit on RP units
Socketed 6581 SID. All other chips soldered.
RP0031940250407B326116Michael CasseraUnited States
RP0032519250407A cs00032924Chad ReisingerUSA
Copper bottom shield . 1983 dated chips
RP0034089326298A133082Jeremy RogersHouston, TX
Originally purchased from Gronert Computers Ltd. 4505 Forest Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311
RP0046502250407B368391Eric D. SchubertIdaho, USA
Factory refurbished, has shielding added to motherboard
RP0052307UnknownVerona, New Jersey, USA
eBay auction 090324.
RP0054872Matt MainePennsylvania
RP0058279Troy RutterAmes, Iowa USA
RP0061585250407251137 REV.CN/AJordan McGeeOregon, USA
Has original box. Purchased from estate sale from original owner.
RP0063586250407Rev. A.Michael AdamsAngier, NC
RP0074976250407BUA001293Brian WingateUnited States
Taken out of long-term storage from a relative. Currently, under preservation by adding heat sinks and new capacitors.
RP0084579250407ATimothy AbrahamUnited States
RP0086448250407REV BPaul PasseUSA
RP0086809250407CWill HeidUnited States
RP0087872Bob EllisHumboldt, AZ, USA
Dead 'puter.
RP0087902Bob EllisHumboldt, AZ, USA
replaced pla is now 100%
RP0095911250407B874614Matthew LangeOttawa, ON, Canada
Bought off eBay in ~2007 for parts. Was missing SID chip and two other ICs, the 'B' and ':' keys were missing, the power LED had been replaced by a previous owner. The case had been held together for what must have been a number of years with opaque brown packing tape, which degraded. I salved the case with a lot of hard work, and am using it for a parts unit.
RP0098170Tom OstertagSt. Louis, MO, USA
RP0101378unknownLake Mary, USA
ebay auction 2010-01-17. Unknown if working. Badly treated casing.
RP0102917250407A17043Scott TPhoenix, AZ
Picked up local. Was his Brothers that passed. Dirty, Scratched, Weak Video but works.
RP0120603KeVUnited States
SC100392326298A60426 (or 326116Mike WHouston, TX, USA
SC101470326298A60204Patrick ToalOakville, Ontario, Canada
SC102541326298A118595Mark T.Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Integrated Circuit 'U17 / 82S100 PLA / C 906114-01' below the CPU has a white label with the following info: C64 REV2 7E17 Does this indicate that the PLA chip was updated after the initial build? This is my original C64 purchased in March 1983, but cannot recall if it was ever serviced at Commodore in Toronto for any reason. I have hi-res photos available of this C64 if you would like them for any reason. Thanks, Mark
SC103503326298REV A240285S. R.Québec, Canada
Used almost daily, factory shape, once owned by my grandfather.
SC104032Steve MariottiSan Rafael, CA
SC105184326298A116543Ernie ChornyCanada
5 pin video
SC105547326298REV A117064LornePEI, Canada
SC105921326298A134702KenEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
Bought this along with a 1541 from ebay auction. Auction had no pictures of serial number or board or rear of machine. Nobody bidding knew this was a 5 pin video with green cartridge port. Computer and diskdrive worked perfectly when I plugged them in with aftermarket power supply. Very happy with this find. This goes into my collection.
SC110147Shan McLaughlinDunham, Quebec, Canada
sc113072326298A179873 Glenn GenoreOshawa, Ontario, Canada
SC113503S. R.Québec
In factory shape, once owned by my grandfather.
SC11403400536brent HoodCanada
SC114842326298A239138Antoine LeblondQuebec
SC116657326298REV. A326130 01Sylvain PaquinCanada
SC120795326298A326130-01YaroslavCanada AB
KERNAL ROM Revision 1 Board number is from sticker on the RF modulator Also found a paper sticker with numbers 315739 inside
SC123184326298(1982)A326116/263893ZsimonZToronto, ON, Canada
has reset switch installed on it
SC124107Blaine WhiteOntario, Canada
Does not power up
SC 126051E.V.New Brunswick, Canada
SC126310Jeffrey C. RomboughMexico
It was bought in Canada at a ham fest and I shipped it to my new location in Mexico
SC127531326298A323245Ernie ChornyCanada
SC131242250407A012127TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
sc131966326298REV A326116Willie KernerMS, USA
SC133750250407APatrick TiquetCalifornia, USA
Case appears to have more of a brown/caramel color and slightly more glossy compared to my other beige/gray breadbin cases.
Sc149578250407AJames Ray Whited JrUnited States
Keyboard Sticker is Mitsumi 19830312
SC149649250407BTPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
All major chips socketed.
SC151270250407not shownTPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
Major chips all socketed.
SC154179251137BJimmy IpockOklahoma, US
sc154274326298A303530Brad DavisMarietta, GA
5 pin video connector. Insides appear pristine. Clean contacts
SC157023250407AnoneDavid ViensdMontreal
rf shield label:052060
SC158562Blaine WhiteOntario, Canada
SC158599Peter OSweden
SC167053250407REV.A041341Jogi VIC20.deGERMANY
SC168492250407AErnie ChornyCanada
A metallic sticker with "CS000029677" on it is attached to the motherboard at the spacebar end.
Sc173237Eric dCanada
sc181045David BouleySaskatchewan
Purchased in 1983 and has been with me since.
SC182121Mick CrockerNova Scotia, Canada
SC183930326298A136079David ViensMontreal, Canada
P/N:326130-01 on RF box, and PLA is labeled "C64 REV3 8411"
SC187306Daniel MazacCanada
SC188077Blaine WhiteOntario, Canada
Tan Function Keys
SC191498Not willing to open caseNot willing to open caseJon P.Canada
Original packaging with twist ties. Model 1311 Joystick and model 1541 floppy diskette drive with original cardboard insert. Styrofoam is all intact, a few dents. Case is bi-lingual English/French.
SC194820326298A815284HaydenCalgary, AB, Canada
SC195774326298A135449WingsBC, Canada
Can't find country of origin indicated on PCB anywhere. SC in the serial number is interesting; is this for Canada?
SC200251326298A214904Louis RaymondCanada
SC208628250407B4187 U1 (01?)Matt WhalenHalifax, Nova Scotia
SC214493James ChenCalgary, Alberta, Canada
SC216605326298A263108Patrick ToalOakville, Ontario, Canada
SC218092Daniel BerrettoniDrumheller, Canada
SC218330326298 (1982)REV.A168871José Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
SC221158250407Rev. B649977Jeff ElliottWindsor, Ontario, Canada
SC221977250407REV BPhil SpencerSouthern Ontario
sc222225Bret RustonNiagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
SC223692250407BDavid BradleyCanada
Thankfully, all major chips are in sockets!
SC228745250407 (1983)REV.B1030373José Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
Double label underneath has another made in W. Germany
SC230182250407C960571TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
SC233248250407BCS00106749Stuart SeeleyKitchener, Ontario CANADA
sc233291250407c105843Kapt KipperCanada
Metallic Cardboard RF shield - clips on to Exp. Port. Weird Diode Mods on the Cassette Port
SC234794250425 (1984)0006829José Antonio Vaca BelloColombia
Double label underneath has another made in W. Germany
sc238784250407REV CMike IammatteoCanada
SC239423250407Chkc s/n 867827David ViensMontreal, Canada
soldered SID 6581 cbm 4683
SC239553Trevor KozmaCanada
sc239647250425033656Gar ConklinSkiff Lake, NB, Canada
SC240106Hans ZetterstromFlorida
SC240847250425322484E. ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
SC243203250407BSteve RasmussenUnited States
SC243682250425UA076065Matthew LangeOttawa, ON, Canada
eBay Auction from North York, ON, Canada. 6581 SID.
T00950713250407 B224919Kapt KipperCanada
U. K. B. 219039Alberto BorelliItalia
U.K.B173792Alex HartUnited Kingdom
Orange function keys, dark brown case
U.K.B828722Ørjan stureNorway.KB
U.K.B1284322250407B081668Amara HarrisOntario, Canada
U.K.B1299188250407REV.CHKC799254Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Fully working! I socketed and replaced a bad MOS7709 chip with a new 74LS258 and now it is working perfectly : ) Good shape, looks like new!
U.K.B1346725250425none visible326113JohnROI
U.K.B2299732250407max KensitUnited Kingdom
U.K.B 16209882504252251697-02Henrik BorinSverige
U.K.B.751171250407REV.BHKC S/N 490277Marko UusitaloFinland
Rainbow badge with words "Firebay refurb" under the Commodore logo
U.K.B.1055131250425ZolkerHamburg / Germany
U.K.B.1744331Andreas UmlaufUnited States
U.K.B1362309Enda ClearyUnited Kingdom
U.K.B1942572András SoltiHungary
U.K.B2360628250407REV.B189165Gary MetheringhamLincoln. UK
Bought May 2014, refurbished (replaced VIC-II), sold September 2014
Uk1967557BDomingo AlcaláBarcelona
UK2081020Jon StoneFrinton, K
UK2095543Pierre 'Cyborg Jeff' MartinBelgique
UK2120512250407REV C760589MarcoNetherlands
No Rev# - Assembled in Hong Kong - SID 6581R3 / 1386 S
UK B751923DarrenAustralia
UK B894135DarrenAustralia
UK B906186DarrenAustralia
UKB100019250407Amarks_commodore_sales (EBAY)UK
I have owned 100's of UKB Breadbin C64's, this is the earliest I've ever owned or seen. Great original condition, working 100%
ukb100590250407Rev Bhikeyuk
UKB104747250407Rev ASteve Judson UK
UKB106824Dai_boneheadCardiff, Wales
UKB107658250407B00073417Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB108089Peter AdamsBelgium
UKB112809250407Rev BCS00157281TonyCHFinland
Perfect inside. JiffyDOS.
UKB116168Shane TippingIreland
UKB121136Brian scarrattstoke on trent
Hi i have supplied all the numbers i can ,but i dont want to open the case up very best wishes Brian, thanks very much for the service
UKB121220250407Pav GillUnited Kingdom
UKB125414250407REV.AChris B.Australia
TMM4164C-3 ceramic RAM with silver tops.
UKB127825250407BRobert ScottBrisbane Australia
ukb131230250407BNARoss BushbyUK
UKB133358Mark Jacksonuk
Decal on rear says vic 20 but was purchased new as c64 and has never been repaired
UKB133642250407B326116Michael GSydney, NSW, Australia
UKB135781Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB138172250407B00151695Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB139001250407REV.B00113001Tony NobleEdinburgh, Scotland
UKB140072250407REV BJohn lockleyEngland
UKB142767250407REV BAndrew StartinEngland
UKB142901250407Rev.BNOT PRESENTMick HayesStaffordshire, UK
UKB143496250407 (1983)REV.ARoss BushbyUK
All ceramic RAM
UKB149746250407BGlenn LarssonSweden
UKB151427250407B156498IanSuffolk, UK
Still going strong, On display in a Computer Shop window in Stowmarket.
UKB157189Kevin DentEngland
UKB157371David WallingCorby, England
UKB158205250407REV.B5031399Lennart SchmidtDeutschland
The upper case piece has no air vents. Ceramic VIC II 6569 R1, ceramic RAM chips and ceramic SID
Early 83 machine, 2x82 code R2 SID - best SID I have ever heard, flawless results even on troublesome sidbench tests and difficult music.
UKB171739250407A032204James ThomasManchester, United Kingdom
Sparkle Bug Still Present
UKB172584250407REV.A326116Jason W.Australia
Bought March 2017 off eBay, replaced faulty PLA and SID chip (black screen fault and no sound). Replacement ICs are heatsinked and socketed. Now fully functioning machine.
UKB172830250407B034651Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Botched repair by a previous owner, had to be scrapped for parts.
UKB173223250407B084809Stephen RobertsonUK
Different keyboard to other c64's I've tried - more clacky and responsive, not spongy. CIA and 6510 chips are soldered, not socketed. Joystick port 2 won't go down, otherwise in perfect working order. Case is slightly yellowing.
UKB174641250407Paul W Gaywood - HookerDunstable, Bedfordshire, U.K.
ARTWORK NO 251137, next to the artwork has a label with "49657D" Above the assy number is the letters "W18-94HB" Keybord model info 236166-02 date 19830830 mitsumi RF modulator with labels 297852 and MD6-UE 3603 All plastic I/C i noticed i have 2 MOS 6526 - 1584 chips is this normal SID is broken, seeking new one
UKB175224250407BCS00117494Peter OdelvallSverige
UKB184582Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB184735250407B038744Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB185229250407BJonathan BlackNorthern Ireland
UKB188612Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB191382SGunnSydney Australia
Ukb194639Carl butlerUk
No rev# or artwork# is printed on the board.
UKB202545Simon TanSwitzerland
UKB209710250407BD5008909Chris TaylorUnited Kingdom
UKB212952250407BDF5014434LockeBrighton, England
UKB214812250407B005688dj hailonEngland
Modified to be used as synth with dual sid2sid baord
UKB224224250407BMark R BrownUK
Case abused and had to be Repainted to original colour.
Got it off Ebay in a bout of nostalgia to hack around with
No visible board country of origin
UKB236371250407rev b149100DaveUK
UKB242584250407BMike BerryManchester, UK
Still working 100% since the day I bought it.
UKB243577250407BAdam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB247404250407B107174Mike LeesScotland
UKB250407251137BPinotti MarcoItalia
UKB 255394250407REV ACS00015107kevin hollandUnited kingdom
Ukb255470Simon M KellyUnited Kingdom
UKB262819250407REV.BJohn FergusonNorthern Ireland
Could not find any Board Serial/Batch Number or Country of origin inside the computer
UKB268446250407BDF5016947El StockoUK
Purchased from original owner from Wales with 1983 receipt. Untouched internals, all original chips.
UKB272984250407BMathias DellacherieFRANCE
UKB277283250407REV BRob GwilliamEngland
Ordered from Ebay last year, can not find the board serial batch number though there is a sticker bottom middle of board that says DF 5022996. Few of the chips are socketed, board is in very good condition, bought this when my old C64 died to use with my 1541 Ultimate 2 cartridge sadly cartridge doesn't work properly with this C64 garbled characters.
UKB278935250407A5021810Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB279446andym00London, UK
Ukb283040Andy southworthPreston
UKB290919251137BMontyTheGreat10United Kingdom
Bought on eBay with dataset. Original owner had burned their name and address into the base of the computer and dataset, and there is also a sticker with the same info on the dataset, and evidence of pervious stickers on the computer. Came with original manual and programmer's reference guide.
UKB291075250407B003761Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
ukb291083250407rev a17682James Kightlyuk
Silver sticker
UKB294385250407B002727Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB298711250407B005419Karl JanssonSweden
UKB300806250407B136753Christian PrinothMilan, Italy
UKB308043250407Derek Johnston50.987266,-1.382921
UKB313180250407REV A039067DAVID NUK LONDON
lovely clean board for this 1983 model ... (seems very different chips to 1984 version), unfortunately also needs some TLC .... not working properly .... can sometimes can get screen, but normally no image or garbled. need to fix !!!! how?
UKB317620250407BDB5035357Rob OgdenBrighton, UK
Board serial number appears on sticker at bottom of board. Had my C64 since new in '83
This is my childhood C64 Breadbin.
UKB321154250407156872Chris SkewUK
UKB322506250407 artwork No.251137Rev B240791Piovanello MarikaItaly
Only PLA was replaced with CSG 44/89 906114-01
UKB333253251137BMr WilliamsUK
ukb338561250407 (1983)rev cmaurizio benassiItalia
ukb347749Paul dennisonleeds uk
UKB352170250407B00164722Ross BushbyUK
UKB356606250407Karl JanssonSweden
Keyboard replaced.
UKB356951Dario FacchinItaly
UKB364815250407268097Stefan CuypersBelgium
UKB365578250407Rev.BA165784Johannes Carisius JohansenDenmark, Søborg (København)
UKB367112250407B277267George StamoulisAthens, Greece
There is also another separate sticker on the base that reads "ALLG.GEN.DPB-Vfg 529/70". It doesn't seem genuine and I don't know what it is supposed to be. I found this site by googling it's meaning.
Final Cartridge 1 build in. I like to call it my: 64-Rotterdam-Edition". Because the company that developed the FC and also did these modifications, were located in Rotterdam.
UKB375213Matteo BodeiItaly
UKB377398250425628378Rob GwilliamEngland
Bought from Ebay, no board revision or country of origin.
UKB377509250407Artwork Rev. B WernerAustria
Great condition dual boot system with 64er DOS V3
UKB380077250407ACS00070589Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB381900250407REV.B289450Jeff GoodridgeSydney, Australia
Orange Function Keys
UKB386491Secret ManGermany
Great condition.Jiffy Dos 6.01 installed.Switch installed.Choose between Jiffy Dos and normal system
UKB397242250407B04493AJohan KorsvoldNorway
ICs U4, U5 is ceramic.
UKB398624250407BKarl JanssonSweden
Bad condition. Custom reset button, bad PLA.
UKB399424250407B301110 06/84ClockyPerth, Western Australia
Very good original condition. Has ceramic VIC-II 6569 R3 dated 3383
UKB399980250407B315689Rob WhitelawAustralia
UKB404917250407Michel van der HulstNetherlands
Working but with rainbow letters start screen. Could be PLA or logic divider.
UKB406431250407CMassimo FerociRome - Italy
UKB413194250407B243903Tero M (deetsay)Finland
6581, NOT socketed.
UKB413571250407C235451J. KAMELIONGermany
UKB413791250407B237137Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
The C64 seems to be functional, but is not fully tested yet. Date Codes: 28/83-02/84. The Span of date Codes is unusually wide.
UKB413908250407C234277Jörgen OlssonSweden
UKB428434250407B200317StefanZeeland, Netherlands
Artwork No. 251137
UKB435625250407BMarcus BengtssonSweden
This is a C64 made from collected parts from various sources (trash, donations). The motherboard was completely restored in 2015 and it's not the original one that was in this case.
UKB440973250407unknownGävle, Sweden
Auction at Tradera.se 09-07-07. 6510= 3483, SID=6581.
UKB453022250407C324816Han van GeelThe Netherlands
Bought it in a very bad shape. Scrapped for parts.
UKB456845Thomas GaleaNorth Wales (UK)
UKB459701240407REV CJuan Pablo SchisanoBarcelona , Spain
Not working .
UKB459746Justin HananUK
UKB465231Tony RickwoodUnited Kingdom
Excellent condition, all in/out interfaces working, dry stored for 30+ years.
ukb466418250407rev a6490Antony HowardAustralia
Unfortunately this machine is now deceased (recent purchase of dead machine) and will be repurposed as a PC upgrade tou use as a media centre in a family room.
UKB467096Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB480481Ollie JuddBedfordshire, UK
UKB481308250407BWim LivensBelgium
Totally burned out by a bad PSU, early 84 date codes, amazingly SID survived. Parted out.
Bought september 2014, refurbished (fault PLA and BASIC ROM), sold december 2014
UKB510497250407REV B190862RdLaatNederland
UKB514846250407REV B365844Francesco MastrofiniRome - Italy
UKB514851250407251137 Rev.B371627Emanuele PallozziItaly
Ceramic 6569R1 VIC II.
UKB5154282504694252311Giampiero SalviItaly
UKB515890250407REV.C372218Tomi MalinenFinland
+ DualSid Board (6581R4/8580R5) + JiffyDos
UKB516461250407BHKC S/N 381567SzpathaUnited Kingdom/Coventry
Bought in November 2016 and refurbished.
UKB522399Staale HansenOslo, Norway
UKB522479250407BRonny StrandNorway
UKB523826250407B977834Grandi MarcelloItaly
UKB530614250425B610366Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
In fair condition. Possibly able to restore this one.
UKB532549250407B226290Cornelia Bieller-TölleHeidelberg, Germany
UKB536872Roland RimmlGermany
UKB537967250407B232252Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB542910Joachim FroholtNorway
UKB543837250407B266657Emanuele PallozziItaly
The C64 represented on the box of this computer is a Silver Label.
UKB551813Secret ManGermany
Good condition.Jiffy Dos 6.01 installed.Switch between normal and Jiffy Dos on the frontside.Reset switch installed.
UKB560852Secret ManGermany
Great condition.Jiffy Dos 6.01 installed.Switch installed.Choose between Jiffy Dos and normal system
UKB562148250407C00164863Norbert KollerAustria
UKB570425250425-298515Armin VoglGermany
With solid hinges on upper case.
UKB581372250469REV. A1676121Huseyin AltiyaprakTURKEY
C64 * Aldi *
UKB582109250407C423457Milan SchröterGermany
UKB582588250407BAndre BryxLeverkusen, Germany
UKB590102250407B360400Roland EversGermany
Hi, I can't see a number for the Board Serial/Batch Number on the cartridge shield. However, there are three other numbers; 198120 sticker on top of the R.F box 251024 stamped on the vicII cover a19564b pink sticker bottom right hand corner no counntry origin sticker inside
UKB606060250407B517594Morten BuljoNorway, Bergen
UKB609017250407REV.B503956V-12/TropyxSzczecin, Poland
Assembled in Hong Kong. Week 15/1984.
UKB61189825407B431999Mr. CLeipzig/Germany
UKB612971250407C235195Roland EversCologne, Germany
Boxed with matching serial. No yellowing, near mint
UKB638245250407B273988 / A37833DRune KaarudVormsund, Norway
PLA chip type: Commodore 251064-01 VIC chip of plastic type Beside bottom label is label with warranty number: 22266709 (probably Norwegian suppliers warranty number) Batch number sticker with A37833D is pink and placed in right bottom corner (beside led wire connection)
UKB647539250407CHKC S/N 405752GrahamGermany
UKB649039250407BA23211BRasmus AnthinSweden
RF modulator shield serial No. 201607. Arwork No. 251137. Bought on eBay 2019.
UKB651248250425549434Mike EllisCumbria, UK
Pal machine, Ceramic Vic, one replaced Cia, label stick on the mb with "A17442B", hinges broken, internal carton shield broken
UKB656273Secret ManGermany
Normal condition.Contains Speedos Plus chip.
UKB656413250407BD 5020404Kristian SiljekvistSweden
Swedish keyboard with swedish characters, modified by importer
UKB656558unknownEnköping, Sweden
Tradera.com auction november 2013. Working unit.
UKB660622250407AF150130Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB661649250407B442103Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB666760250407Saygin SoherNetherlands
UKB670297250407REV. B474001Joel Toivonen (hukka)Salo, Finland
UKB680869250407B593071Tero M (deetsay)Finland
UKB687966250407BA 57461 EDino Van BedtFrance
UKB690681250407AStefan CuypersBelgium
Moderate condition. Possibly able to restore this one.
UKB700642Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB701242250407 (1983)Rev A018119AKUK
UKB7055012504071015492Stefan CuypersBelgium
UKB706080250425060114Ulf Ã…grenSweden
UKB706233250407Secret ManGermany
Good condition.Contains Sid 6581 2384.Computer with orginial box.
UKB708607250407 172975SaschaLGermany
UKB713766250407CNoah MeierSwitzerland
Bought it in a museum in Switzerland, VIC, SID, CIA, PLA and all ROMs are socketed
UKB714225250407C502681Ronny StrandNorway
UKB719381250425A 076926Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
Date codes: 25-34/1984. The C64 is fully functional.
UKB731805250407B590022John MIreland
UKB735229Mark Volckerickbelgium
UKB736261Peter OSweden
UKB736680250407Rev.B572369Brad FarringtonSouth Africa
The Cartidge Port Shield serial number is preceded with HKC. The board does not have a country of origin printed anywhere I could see, but it does have a small "Assembled in Hong Kong" sticker on the cartridge port shield.
UKB738644Vesa HeikkinenFinland
UKB739854250407C573023Tero M (deetsay)Finland
UKB742534250425Sutus LászlóHungary
UKB743116250407REV BHKC S/N 897969David RFrance
"Type II" keyboard, e.g with white stems, rubber domes and no springs, but grey function keys. The keycaps are not interchangeable with the usual c64 keycaps, although one can not distinguish them from the top.
UKB751218250407B483742Jaakko HaakanaFinland
UKB753783250425883143Ronny StrandNorway
no board rev.
UKB756234Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB758770250407B949091Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
ukb759122KU-14194HBBcs00003317Kevin CasteelsCanada
I'm not sure if this board is in its original case. Its possible that the board is older than the case.
UKB760049250425B725025Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB762514Sascha GeertmanNederland
UKB762973Simon RosseelBelgium
UKB770540250407C721717Georg RottensteinerNeuss, Germany
UKB774195250407C968229Luca MontemurroItaly
UKB776477250407BA 56930BIgor MaggiorelliItaly
UKB780483Shane ClintonIreland
ukb782472250425FrazerUnited Kingdom
UKB784633Steve CarleLondonUK7846
No other serialnumbers available, do not want to open the case yet.
UKB788993250425569795Lawrence HarrisonUnited Kingdom
ukb 790553250407c725997steve bowenUnited States
Pal machine in the US. Came missing SID and PLA, and several keycaps. Slated for restoration
ukb794278Luca ZabeoItalia
my 2° c64
UKB79479225407CFlaviowebLodi, Italy
Ceramic VIC (6569R3 3283) SID 6581R4AR 3789 14
UKB797662250407REV.BUA 164931Jan de VeenNetherlands
In full working order and completely unmodded. CPU: MOS 6510 CBM 2784 VIC II: MOS 6569R3 3984 PLA: MOS 906114-01 3484 - Socketed SID: MOS 6581 3384 - Socketed CIA 1: MOS 6526 2584 CIA 2: MOS 6526 2684 BASIC ROM: MOS 901226-01 (C) 1982 CBM 3684 KERNAL ROM: MOS 901227-03 (C) 1983 CBM 3184
UKB798290250469Rev 3Mark R JonesManchester UK
UKB799463250407B3860Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB800643250407REV.AN/AJohan VeenstraVeenendaal, The Netherlands
UKB801224250407 (MDK 21HB)REV AF209899Robert BeekhuijzenNetherlands
UKB803220250407C760786Mike EllisCumbria, UK
Two keys missing. Holes drilled in casing. Will possibly be used for spare parts.
UKB805333250407B68461Peter GilottSheffield. UK
Ceramic Vic II, U4 ic printed in red, currently faulty with faulty Sid and PLA chips no picture when turned on, will be used for spare parts ceramic vic is now fitted in one of my working c64's
UKB805768Frank Edward WellsUnited Kingdom
Sticker at powerled "narrow" font
UKB809861UnknownLancashire, UK
Seen on ebay 20May2016
ukb8114832504250025887Paul MullinsAustralia
UKB812423250407ADarioItaly, Sicily
March 84. It works well as long as cartridges are not used. 5 times repaired. 15 Integrated socketed (both two cia 6526, 901226-26-25, CPU 6510, PLA 901114, SID 6581, all 8 ram integrateds). VICII is still the original by factory (ceramic).
UKB813204250407C853489Julian SpencerBrisbane, Australia
UKB814577250407REV.CRoss MyersAustralia
100% Working, very clean.
UKB815944250407REV.CHKC S/N 664005Robin MentensBelgium, Heusden-Zolder
Working. Ceramic VIC II chip 6569R3 (3583), youngest chip is SID 6581 (week 20 '84).
UKB818505250407C985112Karl JanssonSweden
UKB818959unknownEnskede, Sweden
Swedish Tradera.com auction 2010-12-07. Mint condition in mint condition box with matching serial.
UKB819023Jan LundströmSweden
UKB819324250407REV.BHedningLund, Sweden
Swedish characters both on the keyboard and chipped. MOS Technology VIC-II MOS 6569R5 3786 S, SID: 6581:2884. The computer was repaired 1990-10-19 (Videochip).
ALL IC's manually socketed by myself, fully working order!
UKB824155250407rev B985469Hallstein ØvretveitNorway
Bought August 2014, refurbished (fault KERNAL ROM), sold September 2014
UKB827559Petri RemesahoFinland
UKB827755250407B987193Jussi SailyFinland
This machine is my first computer which my daddy bought me in 1983. It was retired in the toolshed in mid 90s due to a bad VIC. I revived it in 2008 with a new VIC, PLA & SID (there was no sound). Later 2008 some glue logic ICs failed, and I did a complete overhaul with new (NOS!) chips: CPU, VIC, memory chips, all glue logic, one CIA, new electrolytic caps. I expect it to run another 25 years now ;-) It's running JiffyDOS now too.
UKB827797250407C965371Timo KärkiFinland
UKB828540250407 REV.B171493Claudio Lo BiancoRome
Dual Kernal w Restore key switch. All custom ICs socketed and some control ICs.
UKB828720250425Are NilsenNorge
UKB833436Andrea Babich
UKB833813250407Gigi RavasiItaly - Monza
Very good condition and working
UKB834529250407B788878Rune KaarudVormsund, Norway
VIC chip of plasatic tyype PLA type: MOS 906114-01 2084 All Kernel chips marked: GI8423CBA Taiwan
UKB837295250466 (changed in service, original was probably 250407)REV.A120129lemmingFinland
VIC-II CSG 6569R5/3789, SID 6581R2/2482 (taken from a broken 326298, original SID was 6581R3)
UKB837460JPSOulu, Finland
UKB839229250407B106907John MIreland
Label on cartridge shield says "HKC S/N 106907", which is what I've listed for the board serial/batch number; however, the cartridge shield also has the number 326116 physically etched in the metal.
It is my original c64 buy in 1984. I have repaired it after broken (blank screen). Changed U25 (74LS257).
UKB844323250425Rev.A025980Emanuele PallozziItaly
All the main ICs were on socket.
UKB844809250425326116Sandro VandoniMilano (Italy)
UKB845577250425Alberto LoriniItalia
UKB846840250407CFrancesco BoninRoma
All IC's factory socketed.
UKB848671250425A029547Andrea SandroneItaly
UKB852199250407BUA 165424SAustralia
UKB856110250407REV.CHKC830645Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
In original working condition. Chips are from 2384 (highest datecode). Many TTLs are the MOS version. Only the SID, VIC-II and 3 TTLs near the video chip are socketed.
UKB861273Daniel MartinAustralia
UKB861629Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB866192250407C627118David McKenzieScotland
motherboard artwork 251137
ukb866321250425A091048Gary BirchUK
Swedish keyboard Å, Ä & Ö.
UKB876694Andrea VaccaroTurin - Italy
UKB884026250407REV CM SteelIsle of Man
Artwork no 251137 MDK 10HB
UKB8900632504250025868BinderPerth, West Australia
ukb895901250425a0149310Michael SmithTasmania Australia
UKB899001250425REV.B-Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
UKB904494250407B914488SteveQueanbeyan, Australia
Dead SID.
Received August 2014, refurbished (fault U13, U25 and switch), sold October 2014
UKB917802250407REV.C793764Giuseppe F.Italy-Sicily
I got this from a friend together with a 1541 drive and MPS802 serial printer.The C64 was bought in Italy and has still its original box.
UKB924430Giuseppe RossiItaly
UKB932287250407REV.BCS00130273Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Bought April 2014, refurbished (fault U8 and switch), sold June 2014
UKB932847250407REV.A022526Pedro GonçalvesPortugal
UKB933152250407B165367Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
ukb938420malcolm brownuk
UKB940042250407C698677Paul KitchingMiddlesbrough, England
UKB942299Andrea MeleriPadova, Italy
UKB942748250407CHKC S/N 697067Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Ceramic 74LS257 multiplexer ICs.
UKB944204250469252311 REV.4060363Gianluca GiglioItalia
UKB944598250407B326116Federico TubaroItaly
Black screen. Trying to repair it.
UKB950150250407rev.bDel ScovilleUnited States
Ukb956780250407REV.C736816R ValkenburgNetherlands
UKB963017250407Michel van der HulstNetherlands
In good working condition
Repaired by me. Needed: PLA, VIC and two logic chips (74ls257). Heat sinks fitted to pla, sid and cpu.
ukb968194250425whi s/no 081165 ww/84Peter WoodEngland
Doesn't appear to have a revision number on the main board!
UKB972447250407REV. C250407Matteo RomagnoliItalia
08/04/2010, It's Worked. Il cuore batte. Perfect in original Box.
UKB973223mario d'erricoitaly
UKB975500250407b251137Marco ZendriItalia
UKB981904UNKNOWUNKNOWUNKNOWmarc batistiniitaly
my first C64 bought on 1983/1984 sell in 1988 and rebought in 2002!!! it still work!!!
no REV found anywhere.
In precedenza ho avuto un altro C64 con l'esterno piu' chiaro. Questo che ho indicato ha un colore molto piu' scuro. La tastiera ha un seriale 17840413. Ciao.
UKB996189Gianluca ApostoloItaly
Ukb1000082Dont knowDont knowDont knowWolff EricGrand Duchy of Luxemburg
ukb10040712504250027548ivan martin castanedoalicante-comunidad valenciana-Spain
one of the most beautiful retro computers i have.I'm loving it!
UKB1008183250407B177143Risto KempasFinland
UKB1009051250407C187255Arttu TannerFinland
Chips manufactured in 27-37/84. Some caps replaced by previous owner.
UKB1009128250407REV.BS/N UN 167270Mikko LeskinenFinland
JiffyDOS installed.
UKB1017460250407ASebastian MüllerDeutschland
In the Family since 1984 :)
UKB1018219Moudatsos StylianosGreece
UKB1019878Stefan BaurGermany
UKB1020152250407B168578Tobias BrockmüllerGermany
UKB1042277240425HKC S/N 599981kinziAustria/Europe
UKB1044399250407BAndreas ReifGermany
Replaced a broken keyboard stamp by a 3D printed one.
Replaced broken keyboard stamp by a 3D printed one.
UKB1047552250407BRichard GarnhamYork uk
Ceramic CIA chips with gold pins.
UKB1048084250425Liam KelkUK
UKB1049556Per EricssonSweden
Broken (usable, but with flickering colors)
UKB1049743250425REV. A387789Tommy KarlssonSweden
UKB1057087250469BabraXxlGermany Paderborn
I got this one on ebay. The seller said he has bought it around winter 86 at german store called "Quelle Versand". Around 89 is was send in for a service repair, this might be the reason why the case does not fit to the board inside.
UKB1072147250469REV.3418637Wayne FlemingIreland
All chips dated 87'
reset switch added , serial port not always working.
UKB1076819Vassilis BeglisGreece
UKB1078952250425-JA2052684George Anastasiadis (GeoAnas)Greece
Bought from Ebay.de/Germany as no working. Turned out that this machine was in excellent condition. Power adapter was faulty (6/2014)
UKB1079853250407(1983)C1031786Jordi R CardonaSpain
UKB1084036250425 REV.A0149736Wouter AAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Good shape after some TLC: Two faulty ram chips (U12, U21) replaced and socketed. All capacitors replaced and heatsinks applied. PSU replaced (placed modern PSU in original housing). Complete in original box. CPU: 6510, VIC-II: 6569R3, SID: 6581, PLA: 906114-01.
UKB1086371Emanuele Andrea Italy
UKB1089545250425REV.AHKC 372632Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
PLA replaced, now fully working.
ukb1097556250407B90971Leonardo BaldrighiMilan, Italy
Only chip 6581 with socket, all other chip soldered. Back side of the case with the name of the connector printed in the plastic case
UKB1097850250425Merlo UmbertoITALIA
UKB1099328Rosario De ChiaraSalerno, Italy
UKB1102511251137B203918Luca Nicolini Italy
UKB1110907unknownHelsingborg, Sweden
Boxed non working unit listed on "swedish ebay", tradera.com 2013-07-23.
Keyboard badly damaged. But PCB is in good condition. Will possibly restore this one with spare parts.
UKB1115000250407B098363Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1120865Theo BFrance
UKB1122721250425379473Nikolasz InzsölHUNGARY, Tatabánya
UKB1131429Secret ManGermany
Normal condition.
UKB1136164Martin SchobbeNetherlands
UKB1144972DarrenNewcastle AUSTRALIA
New Old Stock MOS 6581 SID Chip recently Installed
UKB1149218Alessander S. GoulartBrazil
UKB1150267250407REV.B246923Ratko GlisicSerbia
UKB1155442250425109497Federico AngeloniItalia
UKB1163315250425255815Tomi MalinenFinland
UKB1168489B.J. WinzerMelbourne, Australia
UKB1170045250425314255Gianni FItaly
UKB1173695250425098369Kelemen BalázsHungary
Refurbished (replaced RAM, ROM and CIA), sold August 2015
UKB1180233Giuseppe MinichinoItaly
Original warranty seal
ukb1183198250425rev.a326116emanuele cattaneoitaly
ukb1183429Hakkel Jánoshungary
UKB1186262250425096558Andreas BujokGermany
100% working with all original chips, Keyboard yellowed but case in very good conditions. SID 6581R2 with the strongest filters of my collection.
Bought december 2014, refurbished (fault PLA and SID), sold January 2015
UKB1196336250407B861144Alessio MartinItaly Torino
On mainboard: hi-pricP37 B 1983 ARTWORK 251137
UKB1203574250407Rev. B1039003synex Hungary
UKB1206208Secret ManGermany
Good condition.Jiffy Dos 6.01 installed.Switch between normal and Jiffy Dos on the frontside.
UKB1207816250407ASecret ManGermany
Normal condition.Speeddos+ and reset installed.Its an switch for Speeddos+ and normal system.Reset button.Contains Sid 6581 4982
UKB1208882250407B0001303BlackbirdThe Netherlands
UKB1218949250425Not Visible0013319RitchieWinnipeg, Canada
Board Date code is 38-84 This machine has no metal shielding,it has foil backed cardboard. No metal "fingers" to carry heat away from chips.
UKB 1227321Michel IottiItaly
Refurbished (replaced PLA), sold November 2015
UKB1232133250425Michel van der HulstNetherlands
Working great. Original package.
UKB1234243251137Rev.B89857Tuomo MustonenFinland
UKB1238956Ukb250425ADimitris bakalisIlia,greece
Pal machine,Speeddos modded,restored and repaired,vic2 replaced with mos 6569R1 from 2783
UKB12390012504250073083Deparade, AndreGermany
UKB1239955250407REV. B0004089Kopányi ZsoltHungary
MOS 6581 2084 CSG 8500 3289 24
UKB 1241958Justin MitchellNew Zealand
ukb1247672Györkös Balázs (dfj)Magyarország
UKB1248594250425492075Han van GeelThe Netherlands
Looked like in bad shape, so bought cheaply for SID donation. But after cleaning, machine seems to be in perfect condition. Will be used to test hardware projects for now.
UKB1248637250425457???Karl JanssonSweden
UKB1252935250425251470-01 Rev.A454102Emanuele PallozziItaly
PLA was replaced with a modern part.
UKB1257951250425REV.AHKC S/N 447737ZbychPoland
It comes from French and it has original french box. The VIC chip had color glitches so I replaced it with ceramic gold pin 6569R3
UKB1259076Luca MagnanensiGenova
Bought november 2013, refurbished, (fault U27 7408), sold january 2014
UKB1260732250425REV. A531428MarkDITALY
UKB1262805250407REV B173160LuzurSweden
painted gold by previous owner.
UKB1262835250425 673282Erik ZalitisSweden
Sorry. Can't find the revision or the board country of origin. Can send a picture of the board if you're interested. Printed near the assembly text: "OPC 94V01298A 22-85"
UKB1263775Christian RethmannFinland
Swedish keyboard Å, Ä & Ö.
UKB1286563Mr. JaniFinland
Fully functional with original box, english and finnish manuals, cassette drive with original box QuickShot I and II turbo.
UKB12932622504250081959Jaakko Mäki-PetäjäFinland
UKB1293465250407Rev. BUA174969Ville SaarelainenFinland
Bought in July 2021 from a private (but not original) owner. The case is in pretty good condition but the Shift Lock switch feels sloppy. All memory chips and the big ones are already socketed and solder remnants are visible in legs of many chips, so it has been repaired before by trial and error. Chip dates mostly around 3084. Works OK for now.
UKB1301732250425?041562Arne Otto ØynesNorway
UKB1302650250425039326Robert KristensenOslo, Norway
Have some bad chip that refuses it to buut up right. Showing less ram than normal sometimes when I push a resetbutton connected to the user-port. Could it be the MOS7708 on U13?
UKB1302671250425HKC S/N 049362Kristian MyklebustNorway
UKB1303402250425044329Rune KaarudVormsund, Norway
On top board reads: Hi-pricP37B
UKB1305130250425No REV anywhere.HKC S/N 043094Morten Bjerremann NielsenDenmark
PCB made in 1984. Was dead when i bought it. Replaced a bad MOS7708, MOS7709, PLA and one dead MT4264-15 (RAM) -chip. Added heat-sinks to the SID, the VIC and the new PLA.
UKB1305252Niels PedersenDenmark
UKB1308779HedningLund, Sweden
Not totally working, but in nice shape. Scrambled text all over the screen. Bought it from UK in april 2010.
UKB1311367250425022714Matteo RomagnoliItaly
UKB1312697Andrea Babich
The first "1" of the serial looks like if it was added later on. It's printed, but very close to the "UKB" and with a bold font.
UKB1312880250425Alberto LoriniItalia
UKB1313420Cozzi UgoItaly
The first "1" of the serial looks like if it was added later on. It's printed, but very close to the "UKB" and with a bold font.
UKB1313653250425AFrank MessineoSouth Italy
UKB1316589HedningLund, Sweden
UKB1317432250425HKC SN 066717Tero KilkanenFinland
I couldn't find Artwork number / Board revision information on the board. There is also the string "326116CS" engraved to the cartridge slot top metal. The S isn't a real S though, just looks like it.
UKB13234602504251323460Jim RoutisGreece
UKB1323918250425062370Jukka MakiahoFinland
UKB1324655250425A062456Janne RamstedtFinland
UKB1328986Matt FurnissUSA
UKB133417025042506629ObsoletemacStockholm, Sweden
Swedish keyboard
UKB1334202250425George Anastasiadis (GeoAnas)Greece
UKB1334818UffeStockholm, Sweden
All major chips socketed.
UKB1358564Jonathan GrandinUK
UKB1359382250407B326116Onno FeringaUtrecht, The Netherlands
UKB1359442C197209Tyler HillUnited Kingdom
UKB1366168250425005682Wim LivensBelgium
UKB1367160250425GianfrancoSicily, Italy
ukb1378673Richard HNetherlands
UKB1389384Jamie OvertonWollongong, NSW
Bought february 2014, refurbished, (fault PLA and switch), sold may 2014
UKB1409885250407BBFabrice DIAZFrance
Not sure if it is it's real serial. Shell seems to be the assembly of two C64.
UKB1410812250407B234944Mike EllisCumbria, UK
Bought september 2014, refurbished (fault CPU), sold october 2014
UKB1417792RetroZone (UK)UK
UKB1418787250425REV. AUA 05868MarkDItaly
This board is not working at this time, used its 6510 for another C64 board. I will get it repaired sooner or later :)
UKB1419629Bart LindekensBelgium
We have added a reset pusher at the left side near the label
UKB1420715Hans VerbeeckBelgië
ukb1425394parabyteWsussex England
i use a sd2iec with it.
UKB1426390250425 (1984)stamped: 326116, labelled: 103987HrvojeNew Zealand
Not working (LED turns on but no picture). Found on the side of the road in Mairangi Bay in 2000. Case screws and fuse were missing.
UKB1430626Martin GrundyUnited Kingdom
UKB1430865250425482175Mike EllisCumbria, UK
UKB1431294G WalkerYorkshire ,England
UKB1434225250469A0228522Murray ColpmanHampshire, UK
Keys look ever so slightly paler than in the picture, but I'm not sure if that's just the plastic changing colour over time or not. There appears to be no country of origin on the board itself, but I might just not have looked hard enough (also, I only looked on the top, I didn't unscrew the board or anything).
UKB1443442250407B165907Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1445689250407B175849Martijn van PoortenLelystad, the Netherlands
UKB1445724250425Unknown, under heatsinkNo sticker on shield.JecepedeWageningen
It has the wrong top case. Someone probably used it as a donor at one point, but Frankensteined it together with spare parts.
UKB1446243250407A3103Peter GeerkenThe Netherlands
UKB1447190250407REV B151774RdLaatNederland
UKB1448405250407REV.B0070978Ronald EsselbruggeThe Netherlands
UKB1450039250425B108501Rob OttenhofAlmere, Netherlands
UKB1453936Richard WaughEdinburgh, Scotland
UKB1454906250407B102145Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Ceramic RAM.
UKB1456217250407B092212Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1457411250407C183568Karl JanssonSweden
Buy in 2022 from the first user, and the plastic are beautiful, but not power brick and black screen for now
UKB1458121250407 251137rev. B0061793Jos De HaanNederland
Only 6581 has a socket. Everything else soldered to motherboard.
Bought December 2014, refurbished (replaced dram bit 0), sold March 2015
UKB1468512Darren HNewcastle AUSTRALIA
UKB1470002250407Rev. B916572Mike EllisCumbria, UK
UKB1470225250407REV.C241006Dimitrios KalpaxidisGreece
UKB1470862REV.CUA162627Gary RobertsonScotland
UKB1474291Justin MitchellNew Zealand
ukb1477562Dan The ManIreland
UKB1481730Karl BurnettAuckland, New Zealand
UKB1482590250407B154176Peter GillottSheffield, UK
Replaced and socketed faulty memory, replaced faulty 6581 Sid with 6581R4AR, repaired keyboard 100% working now
UKB1492882250425A238402Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1495375250407B225369HedningLund, Sweden
Not working; only kept for spare parts.
UKB1495776250407Rev. BS. YoungDeventer, the Netherlands
UKB1496559250425B101148Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1498298ASSY NO. 250425whi s/n0080085 (new line) ww /84Roland LemmersNetherlands
UKB1499224Justin MitchellNew Zealand
UKB1500048250407B121912Karl JanssonSweden
UKB1500324250407B126548obsoletemacStockholm, Sweden
Most ICs soldered to the board
UKB1513867250425085250Luca G.Legnano, Italy
UKB1517195250425AVille LaustelaFinland
Has a hot-running ceramic VIC-chip with a huge heatsink.
ukb1518254chad kaustralia
this is a early c64 cause it is made in england.
UKB1519018250425Mikko HyytiFinland
Swedish keyboard Å, Ä & Ö.
UKB1520443250425326116cjTor PrioSweden
UKB1520843Jaakko HaakanaFinland
UKB1529340250425B036347Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1531351250425352171Lars BeckerGermany
UKB1539124250425451142Karl JanssonSweden
UKB1539455Marco FelicaniItaly
UKB1539577Pace GiovanniItalia
Bought november 2014, refurbished (fault power switch), sold january 2015
UKB1549757250425A136763Damian VilaMadrid, Spain
Bought in Spain to another owner.
UKB1557929250425A441077Florian ReitzOffenbach / Germany
showing only bluescreen - needs maintanance))
UKB1565846Simon TanSwitzerland
UKB1565965Massimo BattistaItalia
UKB1571313250425000822Bruno KeymolenGhent, Belgium
UKB1571865Gill VdbBelgium
UKB1574881Olivier BERNHARDFrance
UKB1579635250425AUA 079758Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
No board rev found anywhere.
UKB1584944250425/0091672Koen De BrabanderBrugge, Belgium
UKB1586644250425WHI S/NO 101567 WW /84Mikko LeskinenFinland
Swedish / Finnish keyboard + character and kernal roms. PLA chip changed.
UKB1588510250425A326116Jouko KarhuFinland
UKB1588763250466114466Tomi MalinenFinland
UKB1589141250425CF OlieEU
UKB1592404250407Rev. C1014239GiuseppeSicily
Bought on an auction for 10€ as 'not working' . Instead it works fine. Has just one RAM chip replaced from some GOOD technician, sometime ago and somewhere..It's a very clean job that was done.
UKB1599002250425A654204Samuel ReySpain
Wasn't working when I got it. 8701 and RAM replaced and now works! Sid needs to be replaced tho.
UKB1602602Nordiska museetSweden
In the collections of museum "Nordiska museet" in Stockholm, Sweden. See it and read its history at https://digitaltmuseum.se/011023824975/datamaskin .
UKB1606153250425525681Noah GeorgesonAustralia
ukb1609096250425326116cGarth Elderaustralia
ukb1611492250425hkc 531379emanuele cattaneoitaly
UKB161893125042543485Alessandro BertiFicarolo (RO) - Italy
UKB1628071250407B946624Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1630216250425SamueleMantova, Italy
Bought november 2014, refurbished, sold november 2014
UKB1636062 Marco PedriniItaly
UKB1636497250425074918Mk PorcuSardinia
UKB1641674Harry MorrisUnited Kingdom
UKB1650963250425081882Alberto NegriMotta Visconti (MI) Italy
SwinSID in 8580 emulation; Jack audio out; heatsink on VIC II.
UKB1651090250407B48Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
In good external conditions. Still working in 2019 with all the original chips.
UKB1652077250425Alberto LoriniItalia
Very good conditions, works perfectly. All components are original except: VIC-II replaced (original doesn't work) and all electrolytic capacitors replaced with new ones. VIC-II, SID, PLA and CPU heatsinked. All chips are XX84. 8 pin video. VIC-II, MOS 8701, SID, PLA, CPU, KERNAL ROM, BASIC ROM, CHAR ROM and two CIAs are socketed. Mitsumi modulator.
UKB1653322250407REV.B1041050Davide GiazziItaly
Purchased 09/2019 from ebay. Don't know if the seller was the first owner. The original box is not in good condition. It works. No ceramic chip on board and they are all soldered except VIC, Kernal and SID. They are all dated 1984. The case is a little yellowed and the power supply seams to have overheated. I've applied new clips at the top cover cause they were all broken and added SIDFX with the original 6581 and a 8580R5 (1989) and of course I replaced the power supply.
UKB1658334250407BAndrea SandroneItaly
Good condition. Will restore this one.
ukb1666272250407rev amd6-ue3603peter tempelnetherlands, arnhem
ukb1669080??????j.david atkinsnetherlands
haven't looked inside but other info on outside lable "Allg.gen.n.DBP-Vlg.529/70" Given to me as a gift by Agfa Nederland.
Ukb1671307Reno Netherlands
UKB1686721250425145052Stefano BoriniCambridge, UK
UKB1698055Peter OSweden
UKB1701378250425A59JA2018299DAVID NUK LONDON
on boats says 1984GX-211 VO 8515. currently not working . sometimes screen gives a garbled image. need to fix . don't know how.
UKB1709151250425AMatt MoneyUnited Kingdom
UKB1711959No board fittedNo board fittedNo board fittedLeeWales, UK
UKB1714080250407B169253Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1718041Greg BrookesUnited Kingdom
UKB1722946250425Roberto PiantoniBRESCIA, ITALIA
UKB1724323250407B1035918Hal2710Liverpool, England
Bought December 2014, refurbished (fault RAM), sold February 2015
UKB1729580250407REV. C497016sandosSverige
Patchwork done (1 soldered cable) on the underside to one of the external slots. Probably hobbyist work though.
UKB1729771250425A326116Massimo PacilioItalia
UKB1730075250425110154Robin ElvinUK
UKB1730404250425A.E.L. 0017786Ingo Schalk-SchuppGermany
On the badge, the C='s "flags" are detached from the C, while on my other C64s, they are "bleeding" together.
UKB1738328Lee EvansWales, UK
UKB1738598Huseyin AltiyaprakTurkey
UKB1739822250425362594Glenn LarssonSweden
UKB1739833250425REV.B541724Arnoud BoomLeicester, United Kingdom
ukb1745490250425Not foundHKC539915Ross BushbyUK
No REV number found but in the bottom left corner I have: 94V-0 11045 to the right of Made In Hong Kong and KALEX. Also looking at the following link http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/~schepers/MJK/c64__.html I seem to have the board shown in point 5. Also there seems to be thermal paste present on top of two of the chips but no heatsinks etc. I have only just acquired this machine having not owner since 1989. I can provide a picture if that is any help?
UKB1745958250425A367563Michael McClenaghanBrisbane Australia
UKB1746712250441C10Paul ThurstonAustralia
Refurbished (replaced 4 dram chips), sold september 2015
UKB1756023DaniBarcelona (Catalonia)
UKB1758896250407AMichele TomaselliItaly
Ukb1761164Martin FriggenNetherlands
UKB1761821250407B221486Bjarne RONorway
Manually socketed by myself to restore working condition, still needs a fully working keyboard (SPACEBAR key is missing), everything else is working 100%
UKB1764463Willemijn CoeneNetherlands
UKB1768062Philip BarwellDenmark
UKB1768565hedningLund, Sweden
Not working. I think it's the PLA. I'll try to fix it though. Otherwise it will be used for spare parts.
UKB1769556250407B216225Glenn LarssonSweden
UKB1771446250425 (1984)BrackefnesSweden
UKB1773921250425REV.AHKC323256Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Working. SID, VIC, 8701, PLA, KERNAL ROM are socketed.
ukb1780666Stefano BellodiItalia
UKB1785161Alessandro VillamainaGenoa, Italy
UKB1795929250425147110 /84Frankie_BDeutschland
still working
UKB1796687Martin SchobbeNetherlands
UKB1801812250407REV.B1054175Luca NicoliniItalia
Board is damaged, case is fully painted and modified to dualSID, keyboard is a replacement in other C64C. Plan is to make it as a synth. with Cynthcart using the latest C64 mainboard with newer C64C Keyboard.
Bought in West Germany in 1985.
UKB1820758250425Michel van der HulstNetherlands
Working great, my testing C64 ;) Comes with metal RF shield instead of the cardboard ones.
Bought April 2014, refurbished (fault switch), sold June 2014
UKB1836924M. V.Bergen, Norway
UKB1836999250425Reads P/N 251470-01 REV.A under the mainboard214959Rune KaarudVormsund, Norway
Mainboard reads 94V0 MADE IN HONG KONG on top of mainboard mainboard produced between week 41 and 46/1984
UKB1837300250425Sippo LippoRoma, Roma, Italia
UKB1841265250425ni-pricP37B179367Dark AngelAthens, Greece
UKB1845869HrvojeNew Zealand
UKB1852150250425REV.A174233Gábor VargaHungary, Tatabánya
Manufactured 1984.
UKB1854019Pelle Stenild ColtauUnited Arab Emirates
Has graphical glitches some times. Chars go black or orange from time to time.
UKB1855114250407B173464George Anastasiadis (GeoAnas)Greece
UKB1858106250407AFlavio PasqualinItaly
This machine have ceramic VicII chip with golden pins. http://www.flavioweb.it/foto/Retrocomputing/C64-CeramicCircuitoVideoVersioneMB.jpg Other images: http://www.flavioweb.it/foto/Index.php?f=Retrocomputing
UKB1858448250425A251470Roberto PiantoniItalia
Works very well
ukb1861202250425371400Kim LindbergDenmark
Factory fitted Swedish Kernal, Char ROM and keys (not stickers on keys)
UKB1862733250425413074Tony LindbergSweden
RF box has sticker "Final test by station 1B"
UKB1867255250425HKC S/N 150295Kristian MyklebustNorway
UKB1872640250425176074Jukka MakiahoFinland
Scandinavic keyboard with scandinavic roms installed instead of originals.
UKB1872794250425REV.A176087Mikael SaloFinland
UKB1872894250407Rev. B1046101TutriFinland
UKB1875217250425A197062Calogero GalipòItaly
hi-pricP37 B
Bought september 2014, refurbished (fault basic rom), sold november 2014
UKB1876782250425AHKC 287296Patod75Italy
All chips are original. Chipset datecodes ranges from 35/84 to 09/85. Cardboard shield present and partially removed to improve cooling. Heatsinks installed on CPU, PLA, VIC, SID. Good external condition. Fully functional (03/2020).
UKB1881043250425REV.BHKC 166023Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
UKB1893422Ruben SchoutenNetherlands
UKB1894438250425B225786Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB1897323Matej AhacicSlovenia
UKB1897469250425229215David MetlesitsHungary
Another flea market bargain find, came with a datasette and two joysticks
Metal shield installed similar to 250466 ones
UKB1931554250469B1643310Liam KelkUnited Kingdom
UKB1938229250425Rob GwilliamUnited Kingdom
Can't find the board revision number, the batch number is partly hidden by a white sticker but I can see the last 5 numbers which are 28190
ukb1941919250407Rev BHikeyuk
UKB1956054unknownVilamarxant, Spain
eBay auction 2010-11-07. Good shape. Working.
UKB1971497Christian HäggströmHudiksvall - Kiruna, Sweden
ukb1973599Justin MitchellNew Zealand
ukb1977623ChristianSouth Australia
UKB1984857Secret ManGermany
Great condition !
Ebay find, unopened, PAL. Board in good condition. Fuse intact. No modification on chips. 6510 CBM 1985, socketed 6581 CBM 0685,906114-01 1788 21, 8xJAPAN4L3X HM4864AP-3. Shielding over VIC. Yet to fire up with new power supply. Case has minor defect on above "1" key (checked inside & around where vertical column meets kb, which I consider a case design fault.)
UKB1989997250425597926Stefan CuypersBelgium
UKB1994912Huseyin AltiyaprakTurkey
UKB1995135250425714007YnzeThe Netherlands
UKB1995640Jean KochPretoria, South Africa
Ukb1999748Martin friggenNetherlands
UKB2000293250425???448151Sjoerd GroosDen Haag, The Netherlands
Been in service in a computer classroom in the 80's/90's at a primary school and at some point went into storage. Fully working and has custom reset button drilled and placed through the C= logo on the Rainbow plate.
UKB2004548250425Caj RollnyHammarö, Sweden
UKB2005666Mark BeljaarsAustralia
UKB2006092250425133033DavoMelbourne, Australia
No Rev value, no art work number.
UKB2013946250425A5182Mikkel Pilehave JensenDenmark
PCB is green, though I thought revision A was brown (and B was the green one).
UKB2013949250425707440Kim LindbergDenmark
UKB2016485unknownHannover, Germany
eBay.de auction 2009-07-29.
UKB2020046250425HedningLund, Sweden
Fully working unit in good condition. U1: MOS6526 4585, U2: MOS6526 2185, SID: 6581 R3 4285, CPU: MOS6510 CBM 1083, VIC II: MOS6569 R4 4285.
UKB20201282504250062673ObsoletemacStockholm, Sweden
Swedish keyboard and character ROM. Not fully functional
UKB2020334250425A669170 labeled, 326116 stampedSnigelSweden
Swedish keyboard and char rom.
UKB2037257250425HKC S/N 700557GrahamGermany
UKB2040715Secret ManGermany
Great condition ! Jiffy Dos V 6.01 installed.Switch to change to Jiffy Dos
Did'n find any usual S/N sticker, just a little white label with number "5215" printed on it. There is another white label near ASSY number with "JA2 032755" which seems a sort of S/N... Ideas are welcome, anyone?
UKB2043654250425HKC S/N 616280GrahamGermany
Revision number probably hidden under voltage regulator heatsink.
UKB2048630DEADDEADDEADKaan Akkurtİstanbul/Türkiye
Raspberry PI-3 Mod & Retropie
UKB2050279Mikko LeskinenFinland
Water damaged and salvaged for parts. Case in mint condition.
UKB2050336250425REV.A612005Mikael H.Finland
UKB20514712504251HKC 581887marty/RADWARAix la Chapelle
UKB2052032Petri RemesahoFinland
UKB2055144Secret ManGermany
Great condition.
UKB2058456250425AÁkos BudaiHungary
UKB2059768250425Jesper PaaskeSlagelse, Denmark
Black screen when powered :-(
UKB2059894Darren PowellAustralia
Work perfectly !
UKB2152069250425Vesa HeikkinenFinland
UKB2159463250425691257Björn PaetzelGermany
UKB2167939250407Rev. B1068321Oliver Grafe Germany
In original box with manual and warranty card.
UKB2175098Per EricssonSweden
UKB2177258Nathaniel DaviesEngland.
UKB2182698250425REV.A732246Robert WerngrenSweden
UKB2183253Vesa HeikkinenFinland
UKB2187148250425there's nothing326116sMikeDenmak
Machine works and is in fair physical condition. All larger IC's are made in 1985.
Bought bebruary 2014, refurbished, (fault PLA), sold april 2014
UKB2196904250425033796Liam WLeics/Northants, England
UKB2210319250425Version B.723387Mads SeidingDenmark
ukb2211247urfan mirzaWest Yorkshire
UKB2213012250425Rev. A-dogfriendGermany
there is no board serial on the cartridge port shield. just a small white paper sticker with the number: 5185 on it. the PCB itself says: (C)1984 GX-211 VO 8515; COMMODORE INTL COMMODORE 64; ASSY NO. 250425 - on the left side of the ASSY is a white, small paper sticker with the number: JA2 011685 (JA2 is printed fat, the rest normal) ... on the modulator is also a white, small sticker with the following on it: P/N:251697-02 ....
UKB2213048250425516867Michael HuthHalle / Germany
no board rev., no board origin printed VIC shielding handsigned with: 910603 + signature of someone, C64 in perfect shape, was backup unit at university stored dark all over the years.
UKB2213164250425AHKC S/N 701441Stephan RickenDeutschland
In working order. Bought this one from the original owner, has never been opened for repair. 6510 production date is week 13/1985.
UKB2215941250425363691Gerald HoldsworthInverness, Scotland
UKB2217072DaveEngland, UK
UKB2218588250425BN/AAdam WilsonUnited Kingdom
ukb2218926250407B250406Thurstan JohnstonFarnborough, UK
Jiffy DOS installed. No board country of origin or batch number shown.
UKB2221054250425985787Jukka MakiahoFinland
On board there is labelled OPC 94VO 1298A 13-86
UKB2221970250425A087839Ville LaustelaFinland
All big chips socketed, no heat-sink around the VIC-chip.
UKB2222139250425A619718Jouko KarhuFinland
Scandic keyboard
UKB2223316Petri RemesahoFinland
UKB2234794250425A384210Robin ElvinUK
UKB2242714Luis Miguel DominguezSpain
UKB2245937250425REV.A249077George WedlakeSurrey, UK
UKB2246300250425StefanZeeland, Netherlands
Ukb2249992Javier PizarroBarcelona
UKB2252842250425B082859Ilkka EFinland
UKB2254913250425A725025Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB2261866250425JuergenStuttgart / Germany
UKB2265320250425B402562Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
"Compendium Pack" machine with metal RF shield.
UKB2265412MarkUnited Kingdom
UKB2266771Marcus Booth-ScrimshawUnited Kingdom
UKB2282503Steve BirtlesUK
UKB2287693Adrian WallerUK
UKB2296758250407REV.B0613852Erik van BarneveldStolwijk, Netherlands
UKB2301490250425B536345Tom EvansMilton Keynes, U.K
UKB2301704250425James TinmouthChester, UK
UKB2320841250425Thorsten RosenbaumGermany
UKB2323773250425090295Fabrice DIAZFrance
Some little marks on the power switch side.
UKB2329266Peter EikenboomNetherlands
ukb2330808250407C821896Pete HUK
latest board revision, 2 ram chips instead of 8
UKB2337833250425A670136Nick PolwinUK
Printing error on rainbow sticker on case, the coloured lines are smudged.
UKB2344830250425REV.B53694Henrik Schick-HansenDenmark
MADE IN HONG KONG KALEX (Lower lefter corner of board)
UKB2345939250425Brambilla LucaItaly - Monza
Good conditions and working
UKB2346564250425326116Semmegidiitalia- brescia
UKB234830925042552030Remy BohmerNetherlands
Newest chip on the board is from ww49 1985, most are ww46 1985.
UKB2349866Luca D'EmilioNapoli, Italy
UKB2354205250407Michel van der HulstNetherlands
DOA. No screen.
UKB2355388250425A085697Mark ListerWest Sussex, UK
All main chips socketed from factory.
UKB2355592250407Rev.B675624Bas BurgerNetherlands
Very clean board, no repairs seen, all ICs 1st quarter of 84, CPU/PLA and SID socketed, all others soldered to the board, modulator shield cap matted but not rusted. VIC shield unopened so no status, does have ghosting on the modulator output, PAL machine.
UKB2356510250425Matthew FarrimondManchester,England
Immaculate!Still works and uses Microrythem for drums!(Sid Ceramic)
Ukb2358618Martin FriggenNetherlands
UKB2359228250425n/a548957jason birchMidlands, UK
Intergrated Shielding and heatsink combination .Ive replaced Keyboard with exact match .
UKB2359291250407REV.B?Jonathan BishopUK BUCKINGHAMSHIRE
Board Serial/Batch Number. There is no sticker or printed number on the Cartridge Sheild. However, there is two sticker's, on the RF/CH Screw Component. One on the top, and one on the side. Top sticker has three signatures on it, "Heather, Jan, Sue". Side sticker reads, "MD6-UE3603 532 T", with a black bold circle at the end of the T. There is no sticker or print, that identifies where the board was made. The only other sticker I could find, was 4 inches to the left of the assembly number, which reads, "DE 4004208". There is also a number printed onto the the large shiny metal square with tiny holes on, which is, "251024". Oh, and it's just broken down. Power light is on, screen is black, with a very low hum. Do You know anyone who could repair it for Me. Thankyou. Jon. 07721656104.
UKB2362052250407BSascha GeertmanNederland
UKB2363390250425-087867Christian ForstreuterHamburg, Germany
Board has 8500 - all circuits are original!
UKB2363699250425657296Mikko HyytiFinland
Has 8500 CPU instead of 6510.
UKB237838625042555674DominicUnited Kingdom
UKB2378755250425A23090Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB2382422250.425 (1984)Roberto FerriItalia - Imola
UKB2382785Matteo LussoCagliari, Italy
Found in a dumpster but working!!! I also have the box! I've never check the motherboard so I don't konw some information, sorry. Sorry for my bad English.
UKB2394204250425Not specifiedHKC S/N 678593Fernan SchouffoerNetherlands
UKB2396424250425A646078Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKB2399628250425326116csSteffen Kleiv Norway
Excellent original order - perfect working order - all soldered in from factory chips (apart from Vic./sid) - date codes up to 51'85 - I have owned over a thousand UKB units - this is the latest I've ever owned / seen
UKB7798448250425251813y2MD6-UE36505742TNeil Huntuk wigan
ukb11145577250425b466478Michael SmithTasmania Australia
UKB215979432504255858874Miro SigmundLaupheim, Germany
UKB2378092625042548489 or org. missiingSaschaGermany
Its a "hi-pric P37 A" board with no revision or country of origin printed on. Assambled in 1985 (looking at the MOS IC's)
UKB13252772504250069117Esa-Matti Ã…kerbergFinland
UKI2071469250425326116 (C.S.)Regin NicolajsenFaroe Islands
UKI2072663250425B554115Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
UKI2094065250425Juha EFinland
UKI2108462250425722037Peter GillottSheffield, UK
All chips 1985, rf tuner is engraved with "Commodore, made in taiwan"
UKI2138906250407BSecret ManGermany
Great conditition.
WG39982250407REV.A00126082Peter SjöbergSweden
WG40602Peter SjöbergSweden
WG78036250407REV.B113664Alice EngblomSweden
Holds a Swedish character ROM. Keycaps have been replaced at some point with English ones.
WG171081W250407P0063193Stan van KraaijNetherlands
WG A6566KU-14194HB------HONIGermany
no label on cartridge port no guarantee label (had never one) all MOS chips are in sockets PLA with "C64A" imprint CIA 1&2 datecode 0283 CPU datecode 4782 SID datecode 4982 ceramic VIC, datecode 6082 ROM(U5) datecode 2182 (???) the SID has a very idiosyncratic sound but works fully
wg a8379KU-14194HBCS00008657Danny MoutNetherlands
WG A38968250407Rev.BCS00120386Giuseppe_GiuItaly
The label of the board's serial number is attached at the bottom of the board's frame and not on the mettalic Exp. shield. There's a ceramic VIC 6569
WG A47284 250407BCS00118555Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
Datecodes: mid 1983
WG A249757250407C810874Ingo Schalk-SchuppGermany
Sticker on keyboard: "326166-02" (pre-printed) and "10840521" Stamp on cartridge shield: "326116 (C.S.)"
WG A307038250425UA 003617Ingo Schalk-SchuppGermany
Sticker on keyboard: "326166-02" (pre-printed) and "17831129" Stamp on cartridge shield: "326116CS", the letters of which in a fancy font.
WG A315702250425Rev. An/aSven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
The C64 is fully functional. Date Codes 21-51/85. A Reset switch and a kernal switch (original/speeddos plus) was installed.
WG A367728250425Rev. A806533Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
Warranty seal was not broken, the C64 is fully functional, original package is existing. Date Codes: 02-06/1986
WG A438864Sven PetersenBruckmühl/Germany
WG B7436KU-14194HB (1982) Rev . AF130484Lorenzo Chiodi italy
Tutti i componenti datati 1982 , chip video ceramico , tastiera con ventosine e non con molla .
WG B09854250407AF161748Mike StuartUnited Kingdom
WG B16615DarrenAustralia
WG B53974DarrenAustralia
WG B67604250425n/a42820Tony LyonSt.Helens
WG C3688KU-14194HBMarkBelgium
WG C5892KU-14194HBREV.AF121232Frode van der MeerenNorway
Very clean inside, almost no wear to edge connectors. Case has a little wear. Previous owner used it with a modified VIC-1540. VICII: 6569R1 (4882) SID: 6581 (5282) PLA: 93459PC (F 8218) CPU: 6510CBM (4782) CHAR: 901225-01 (23-82 B) KERNAL: 901227-02 (2D64 3A04) BASIC: 901226-01 (2D64 3A04) 2xCIA: 6526 (0383)
WG C5940326298REV A326116@FessompaNorway
Ceramic VICII Norwegian character ROM. Norwegian letters Æ, Ø an Å are stickers on top of ;, : and @ -keys.
WG?25279250407REV B1055155LuzurSweden
WGA1255326298A01123cavemanBavaria, Germany
WGA1789326298Rev. A326116mantaworksSchweiz
WGA1837326298REV.A3841fladdyBremen, Germany
WGA2340326298A03714cavemanBavaria, Germany
WGA2428326298REV. A01540sirtetSwitzerland, GR
Board looks unmodified. Maybe normal, but i notice: U20 has a wire: pin 9 to 13 RAM is Hitachi ceramic DIP package
WGA3850Florian FoersterGermany
WGA4887KU-14194 HBn/an/amapGermany
white sticker on the motherboard: F119621 U4 is 2764-EPROM w/ adapter
WGA5564326298REV.A05625Jari TulilahtiFinland
Finnish/Swedish keyboard with ÅÄÖ letters.
WGA5876326298REV.A05352Holger LichtGermany
WGA6326KU-14194HBCS00002100Thomas BaderDeutschland
WGA7766KU-1419HBHans CannegieterAmsterdam, NL
WGA9002KU-14194HBN/AN/AJörg LeppingDeutschland
Joystick Port 1 stands outside the shield, Joystick Port 2 ends plain as usual. Maybe not original.
all chips 1982, except CIA's (02/83) PLA is stamped: C64A square power-opening
WGA9497Sebastian PichlerDeutschland
WGA9632KU-14194HB (1982)CS0003339Erik DresenGermany
Mint condition; tested and fully working.
WGA119264250407B104014Bernd WolffDeutschland
WGA16175KU-14194HBRev. BF135252AdminaWuppertal, Germany
407B seems not the original Board, as most C64 with higher numbers have lower Bords
Quite early 250407 board, excellent condition. The ICs datestamp range between 0283 - 0983.
WGA25331250407ACarsten HoyerGermany
WGA26290KU-14194HBREV. AF142818foenfrisurGermany
WGA27372Patrick SchlichtDuesseldorf
WGA29995KU-14194HBREV.AF153388Gábor VargaHungary, Tatabánya
VIC-II 6569R1/0583 (ceramic), SID 6581/3282 (plastic)
WGA29997KU-14194HB (1982)REV.BF153378Erik DresenGermany
The device is repaired VIC-II and almost in a mint condition.
Expansion port sticker missing.
WGA30761250407B251024Michele ForteItaly
WGA30890250407REV.An/aStephan RickenGermany
Has printed on the board: MDK 2|HB
WGA32514250407Secret ManGermany
Good condition !
WGA36684250425Secret ManGermany
Great condition.Looks like new.
WGA37139Ulf DunkerGermany
SID from '82.
WGA41174250407REV.ARobin BGermany/Bavaria
WGA42555250407REV. B250407Marco RomagnoliItalia
Perfettamente Funzionante. It's Work!!
WGA42691250407ASecret ManGermany
Normal condition !
WGA43893250407BCS00145343Frank ButterbrodtDanmark
WGA44350Secret ManGermany
Good condition.Sid 6581
WGA45501Secret ManGermany
Normal condition.
No sticker (left) on the cartridge port shield. So the Board Serial is not there, but there is one orange sticker above! the TV modulator, which I entered (could possibly be the Board Serial as well). Orange function keys !
WGA59704250407BDE 4009685Lars BeckerGermany
WGA69865250407BDavid MetlesitsHungary
Had a dead SID chip which I've replaced, still needs recapping to work properly
MD6-UE3603731T on the RF module
WGA74170Hagay GillerIsrael
WGA76257250407REV. BMariolinoFinland
WGA77004Klaus EckertHannover, Germany
WGA83313250407BSecret ManGermany
Normal condition.Contains Sid 6581 2687
WGA8415325407BHKC S/N 98285Schmitz, M.Germany, Berlin
Fully functional, in very good condition.
WGA85739250407REV B97000ChéSwitzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
WGA91529250407B137163Jens NehringBerlin
Number keys without colour abbreviations printed on them. Function keys missing even numbers. Ports at the back not labeled.
Reset installed
WGA95651250407AStefan MentilAustria
WGA96890250407B117547Gabor ForraiHungary
WGA103580250407REV.B129930horniger.deBerlin, Germany
Assembled in Hong-Kong is labeled on cartridge port sheild
WGA104051250407BHKC S/N 118605Christian F.Vienna, Austria
All chips socketed (SID 6581), Reset Button and ROM switch installed.
WGA105599250407REV.CHKC S/N 123776Roland SchieferSalzburg, Austria
WGA108279250407Rev. B125334Stephan SzloszeDorsten, Germany
SID 6581 R3, Ceramic VIC
WGA111319250407BSecret ManGermany
Top Condition,No yellowing,Contains Sid 6581 4982 and Jiffy Dos 6.01 Its a switch for Jiffy Dos on the top of the Case
WGA113460EgonOlsenLaatzen, Germany
WGA119204Frank MacranderThe Netherlands
Fully functional and in original box with manual, power supply, polys.Case has never been opened.
WGA123015NistronWestern Germany
WGA123176250407Rev. B0004282AphexianDayton, OH
Purchased on ebay. Completely mint condition in original packaging. Somehow the machine is actually not PAL, its NTSC! Even the board is mint condition as well, I'm convinced it was never used.
WGA126341250407Rev. B0170110Guenni74Germany (NW)
eBay auction 2009-11-24
WGA130432250407B179794Roland EversCologne, Germany
This is my first C64, which I bought in Dec. 1983. It was build with the VIC Keyboard.
WGA132200250407REV. B180904alke01Germany
WGA133568250407B178038Karl JanssonSweden
WGA135942250407REV.BZolkerHamburg / Germany
WGA136047Secret ManGermany
Normal condition
Compressed Keys
WGA138611250407REV.C423552Stephan RickenGermany
Bought it on eBay from previous owner from Germany.
WGA138622250407REV.C158525Nikolas UnglaubGermany
adjustment pot instead of channel switch
WGA139178Glenn BraidAustralia
WGA144511Gino EspostoZürich
WGA146375250407C765803Miro SigmundLaupheim, Germany
WGA148895250407C570230OmegaOnlineGermany / Hessen
WGA158017Secret ManGermany
Great condition.Jiffy Dos 6.01 installed.Switch installed.Choose between Jiffy Dos and normal system
WGA162899250407REV.C485766Stefan BäderGermany
WGA167200250407BHKC 524446M. KnödlerGermany
WGA171086250469REV. ASandro ChiaAustria, Europe
Could be an ALDI version. C64E board, original rainbow badge. Original keyboard. Probably manufactured in 1988 (inferring from chip dates).
WGA171786250407REV.C326116Lennart SchmidtGermany
WGA173882250407REV B528156ChéSwitzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
WGA178234250407REV B542283ChéSwitzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
WGA192051250407REV.BS/N 546247Frank HGermany
SID is rotated 180 degrees. Production errors. New label printed. He still works. Production of the SID is 30/83. Very RAR
WGA193161250407C557586Andreas BujokGermany
WGA194630250407 (MDK 14 HB)REV.CHKC 595639Frankie_BGermany
WGA194870250407REV. B.510035VarlaHungary
Case partially ruined and yellowed, keyboard perfect. Its motherboard is fully working. It came with ceramic VIC, and 82S100 PLA.
WGA197731250407B23.08.85Mark JohnsonUnited States
Possibly a refurb, chips have differing dates, but have identical yellow paint marks. Newest chip is GI BASIC 901226-01 Date Code: 8418 / SID 6581 DC:4982 / VIC-II 6567r8 DC:1384
WGA201684250407REV.B599128Risto KFinland
Bottom sticker reads, before serial no: Allg. Gen. n DBP - Vfg. 529/70 5V = ; 9V ~ 15W
wga205419250407rev CJuan Pablo SchisanoBarcelona , Spain
WGA205422250407REV C0615033Thierry BenitezFrance
Buy out of eBay in not working/for parts. VIC II was bad. Majority of IC are from 1984
WGA208809250457REV.C326116Gianluca SchmttGermany
WGA211550230407BA47445DMiro SigmundLaupheim, Germany
WGA216794Christian HarmsDeutschland
Expansion port has two stickers on top of each other, one with HKC... and another one with just the serial number.
HKC S/N 659143
WGA230447Teemu RopiloFinland
Refurbished (replaced SID and VIC2), sold November 2015
WGA238626250407B787758Tero M (deetsay)Finland
6581. Literally a bit rusty.
WGA244766250407Moritz WeißbrichObernkirchen, Germany
Great condition, 100% working. SID is from early 1984 and has got very strong low-pass filtering.
WGA245725250407Rev.C810055Peter GillottSheffield, United Kingdom
Sid chip only socketed chip, Vic II has slight fault ie. graphics glitches on some games. Joystick port 2 has fault. Will try to repair
SID 6581R4AR, VIC 6569R5, CIA1 6526A, CIA2 8521R0
WGA2556232504251098445Tero M (deetsay)Finland
WGA263753250407C251137Julian SchafzahlNestelbach bei Graz,Austria
WGA264471250425REV.AHKC134078Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Fully working! All MOS chips are socketed.
WGA270296250407Rev BHKC S/N 974075FernanHolland
This C64 was repaired by a 14 year old who is an enthusiastic collector with c64 computers!
WGA274711Soren RosenbergDenmark
WGA275374Secret ManGermany
Great Condition but defekt.Black Screen.Contains Sid 6581 2484
WGA281989250425 472072ConstantinGermany, Hamburg
wga283547250425?554631Thomas BrodaGermany
Restored in 2012 after 20 years on the attic. PLA had wrecked in the meantime. Looks like new
WGA285678250407974757Han van GeelThe Netherlands
Junk. Black screen, SID completely dead, two chips seem replaced by resoldering. Case in bad shape.
WGA287036250425116767POiSON07Czech republic
WGA288869250425B649555Heiko A. WickelGermany / Hessen
WGA291039250407B906929Simon AugustinGermany
Has the SID filters that make Hülsbeck's Shades and Kristensen's (Future Freak) Great Tune sound awesome. Has an autograph from Pornophonique. My main C64 (I got ten)
WGA301186250425A0076287Caution HeavyGermany
WGA301810250407Rev. B326116Ward BoumansThe Netherlands
WGA308128250407943856Peter VajdaHungary
This was resurrected from the glue, and now it's in working state, just like new in the box from 1983. It also loads games fine, and plays SID music.
WGA308494Benoit THIERRYParis, FRANCE
WGA314574250407BWW/84Damir MujacicBosnia & Herzegovina
WGA315208250407B0117722Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
WGA320336Tommy OlsenNorway
WGA321417Pelle Stenild ColtauUnited Arab Emirates
Excellent condition
WGA325719250407REV.BZolkerHamburg / Germany
WHI 125475 WW /84
WGA327789250407B235862Martin BergfeldGermany
WGA328428250407Rev.BZolkerHamburg / Germany
WGA330251250407REV.BS/N UA 49113Mark JuhrigOtzberg, Germany
DELA (85306) 5x Kernal board added (1x origina
WGA330847Mats SchalinFinland
WGA331106250407 REV.C320425Mike RobertsonGermany
WGA332480Secret ManGermany
Great condition!
Bought March 2015, refurbished, sold May 2015
WGA334870We750880Luca D'EmilioNapoli, Italy
WGA335269Daniel WermterGermany
WGA337077250407Rev CUA 187621Adrian's Digital BasementPortland Oregon
Donated by ULI. Featured and repaired on Adrian's Digital Basement. Watch Video
WGA341424250407B151784Collin Shreffler Indiana
This C64 has a custom EPROM built right into the machine, with a switch coming out of the case that’s attached to it. As of yet I’m unsure as to what it does
wga342189326166-021077574Jos de HaanNederland
"Board Serial/Batch Number" and "Board Country of Origin" unfortunately unreadable.
WGA346102250425JA2054265Ronny StrandNorway
no board rev.
WGA346511Secret ManGermany
Good condition !
WGA347924250407B099576Alen MarkovSwitzerland
WGA348813250425REV. B770098Arjan KuiperOude Pekela, The Netherlands
There are stickers on the RF modulator with the following information: P/N:251697-02, BURN IN, VDE, 5512. On the back of the board there's the following information: P/N 251470-01 REV. B, ASSY NO. 250425, KU-14194HN. Both top and bottom halves of the case are stamped on the inside with the following numbers: 251790 (bottom), 251813 (top). There's also a sticker on the back of the keyboard PCB, it gives me the following information: 326166-02, 17840217.
WGA349914Jeroen JacobsBelgium
WGA351863250407B326116CJHeinz CorleisGermany
Modification with SD2IEC in progress.
WGA352684250425059684Ronny StrandNorway
Dead C64 only kept as spear parts. no rev on board.
WGA359501Secret ManGermany
Good condition.
Youngest IC found on board 0686
WGA368732250425326116CSJeremy PiersonEncinitas, CA USA
Special thanks to SceneCAT in Netherlands, and CDeth in Ohio for hookin me up with a PAL C64 breadbox / demoscene goodness! I heatsinked everything, hopefully it can stay a while, stay FOREVER!
WGA370768250425George Anastasiadis (GeoAnas)Greece
Switchless Dual kernal, SwinSID nano and PLA replacement inside.
WGA372192250407REV.B39198sven700cTokyo, Japan
Donation from a friend. Came with a broken 6 key that I fixed be replacing the plunger.
WGA378151250407CUA167951Kristian MyklebustNorway
WGA379681250425774317Patrik PerkovicAustralia
Nothing, except the fact that I had the box in B grade condition until my mother threw it out because of the styrofoam :(
WGA381348250407B198306Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
WGA383748250425 REV.A290019sven700cTokyo
WGA386272250425885122GreenGermany, Marburg
my badge is a Rainbow sticker
WGA389487250425326116SMatolcsi ZoltanBudapest, Hungary
WGA391257250425977242Michael HuthHalle / Germany
can't find Rev. print on board uses 8500, only 6581R3 socketed
WGA398788250425Miro CosicCroatia
WGA402746Secret ManGermany
Good condition
WGA402852250425121136Carsten SchlotmannGermany
WGA403344250425BHD SeemelinkMoers, Germany
WGA410523Stefan BaurGermany
wga416429250466326116 (kh)Milos PajicNovi Sad Serbia
no Board Revision
WGA418345250466 hkg 057280ChéSwitzerland / Suisse / Schweiz
WGA430838Angelo HoubenNetherlands
ALDI model
WGA433114Gyorgy KepesBudapest (Hungary)
Aldi C64
WGA4340662504693062293Karl JanssonSweden
WGA4400722504693036874Karl JanssonSweden
PLA replaced.
WGA448315Secret ManGermany
Good condition
A 'wannabe' Aldi-C64
WGA459615Martin SchobbeNetherlands
WGA465502250469Rev.3099306Guenther MontagBerlin/Germany
The label on the cartridge port shield shows: C64E P HKC S/N099306 WW /3/87/88 where "/3" is written by hand and "/88" is crossed out by hand. There is also another label nearby "Assembled in Hong Kong".
WGA466022250469REV 3007891MarcoNetherlands
Assembled in Hong Kong - SID 8580R5 / 1087 25 - Name UNITECH stamped on board
WGA468530Secret ManGermany
Normal Condition.Keyboard is Yellowing.I will install an new keyboard
WGB0693326298ARichard AtkinsonCambridge, UK
WGB1961326298 (1982)REV A326116/04165FractallyteLondon, UK
WGB2324 326298REV A.326116Bill B.England
Very early PAL C64, manufactured November 1982.
WGB2658326298 (1982)Ross Bushby
WGB2723326298A00760Gerald HoldsworthInverness, Scotland
The keyboard is not the original.
WGB2790KU-14194HBCS00003060Rob CSwitzerland (originally UK)
Underside of the KU-14194HB boards is another marking "FAB NO. 251022 REV. B". Char ROM is week 21 1982
WGB3303326298A02598Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Ceramic RAM; ceramic VIC-II.
wgb3351326298 (1982)A326XXX-Rest Obscured by QC stickerRoss BushbyUk - South East
Acquired from Marks Commodre Sales - October 2018 Odd that this is not a silver label case as has all the traits. Another example of C= inconsistency :-)
WGB3642326298 (1982)Ross BushbyUK
WGB4462unknownOxelösund, Sweden
Swedish Tradera.som-auction 2010-11-09. Working unit in nice condition.
WGB5066Jon StoneFrinton, UK
no port labels on rear
WGB5460326298 (1982Ross bushbyUK
WGB7728KU-14194HB (1982)Ross BushbyUK
Totally untouched example with serial matched box
WGB7804Jeremy HockingUnited Kingdom
WGB8584KU-14194HBREV.BF103820David ShepherdUnited Kingdom
This has all original chips including the buggy 901225-01 character rom dated 23rd week of 1982.
WGB8752Fredrik KorsbäckSweden
Unknown working status. F1/F2 and a couple of other keys seems lost or broken. Heavily modified unit: lots of buttons and switches etc added - once belonged to a Fairlight member. Shown on owner's Facebook page 2015-10-07.
WGB09574250407REV AdoolyUnited Kingdom
matsumi sticker dated 1983 04 06 inside also two additional Plug in ports fitted below badge, ? unsure what they are for but attached to the board at RP3 and to CN4
WGB9763KU-14194HB c64_markUnited Kingdom
Excellent original condition, all hooks at back still intact. Boxed.
wgb9775KU-14194HBF109349Michele FioriItaly
WGB09956Daz EdwardsEngland
Cannot work out what inside. Looks different from through expansion port and machine fully working and never been opened as of feb 2013 - 30 years :-)
WGB12696250407A209589Michael hedgesUK Northampton
1 of 2 c64's that belong to Activation in there testing departments. My dad was warehouse manager back then and when they where no longer needed he got to take them home.
OtherWGB13410Godfrey SheridanAustralia
Has function keys like the original keyboard but grey in colour but there not the C64c ones
FAB NO 251022 sticker on board with CS00004941
WGB22619250407REV.AMissingglenn DavisVictoria Australia
BAD CPU and CIA upon purchase, all main chips socketed, Ceramic VIC 2 chip
WGB27085Bill WilliamsonNewcastle, Australia
WGB29612KU-14194HBRobert IvyTexas, USA
Originally a silver sticker machine. Has "64" sticker near the power LED
WGB30566Hayden Wellington, New Zealand
Brand new in box (both computer,Datasette, joy stick) NEVER BEEN USED, has ALL packing menerial (plastic bags etc for all items), has both the orgianl invoice, and Commodore 64 manual in 100% condition, manual never been opened (no dog ears), promotional flyer (100% condition).
wgb30956250407Rev A208282hikeyuk
WGB32244250407REV.AF156297Patrick NorénSweden
Serial? number is on a white sticker to the left of assy no. On the rear of the PCB "W-18 94HB" "FAB NO.250406 REV.A"
WGB33222South Africa250407B021224Liam McDermottJohannesburg, ZA
WGB36736250407B019018Mark GoslingUK
Reset button situated above the power button soldered onto pins of the user port.
WGB37101250407REV.ANathan DivinoUK
ramchips all ceramic-type
WGB39172250407A010163Ashley WardEast Sussex, UK
WGB40888250407ACS00067406Rob DunfordUnited Kingdom
Owned from new and fully working. All original except the two CIA chips which failed a couple of years ago.
WGB41345250407AF218101LurigoSouth Africa
Socketed main ICs, heatsinked and recapped.
wgb46374Martin Roddischesterfield
about to go on ebay
WGB53046Justin MitchellNew Zealand
WGB57891Gareth ChoakeGold Coast, Australia
WGB58860Derek OsbornAdelaide, South Australia
WGB59392250407A005173Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
Ceramic RAM ICs.
WGB73788250425326116CJEspen Sande LarsenNorway
WGB74648250425326116S (engraved on port sheild) / 380441 (HKC. S/N on sticker)uka/smrPoland
WGB75577250425890260Emanuele PallozziItaly
WGC139.564250407CHKC S/N 263723Samuele GarrisiLecce, Italia
The computer has the VIC of ceramics and the sockets are of different colors.
WGC0359326298REV A03678MarcoNetherlands
I bought this c64, 15 march 2009, from its first owner. Its the cleanest c64 I've ever seen. Is has been rarely used and was always packed in its original box. The c64 looks as if it has left the factory yesterday. The man told me that he pre-ordered the c-64 so it must have been a c-64 from the first batch delevired in The Netherlands. The box carries a sticker with the serial number that on the c64 too, WGC00359 (extra zero). Other specifications: CIA: MOS 6526 3382 (2x), not ceramic -- BASIC ROM: MOS 901226-01 227C, not ceramic -- KERNAL ROM: MOS 901227-02 1982 4482 ceramic -- CHAR ROM: MOS 901225-01 1982 4482, not ceramic -- CPU: MOS 6510 1582, not ceramic -- PLA: 93459 PC / F8235 / SINGAPORE, ceramic, white sticker with c64 written on it -- SID: 6581 2282, not ceramic -- VIC II: 6569R1 4282, not ceramic
WGC0442326298REV A01490 (paper label) 326116 (stamped in metal cover)Max SikströmVänersborg, Sweden
WGC0948326298A03056Roger AasNorway
On the RF module is a sticker with this text: commodore P/N:326162-01 MADE IN TAIWAN R.O.C. (M)
WGC1746KU-14194HBAF106356Tom UtrechtNetherlands
Shift lock connector of the keyboard sticks out of the keyboard pcb
WGC2530Peter OSweden
WGC2858AustraliaKU-14194HBREV.BFAB NO. 251022Nick DuddyAustralia
Paper foil shielding 8 PIN DIN for video SID 2882 6581: 5082 RAM: 8242
WGC2889KU-14194HBREV BmissingEddieaustralia
WGC3138KU-14194HBNils OlssonSverige
6526 CIA U1 is a 1385 & 901226 Kernal ROM U4 is a 1185, all other chips are socketed and from 1982.
WGC5072KURev.Bn/aFrank ArnhemNederland
Bought from the original owner in november 2016 with a batch of other c64's and goodies. Currently SID broken (dated 4982) and will be replaced with another SID dated '82. There is a rainbow sticket instead of silver, board only repair shows at soldering at the power connector, might be a RMA and sticker replacement.
WGC5154326298REV. A05104Natale SalvoItalia
WGC5391Tomasz KoellnerPolska
No rev on mainboard what i could see. No batchno either.
WGC5701Magnus LovkvistSweden
VIC-II 6569R1/0283, SID 6581R2/0383
WGC06529KU-14194HBF113334 ?Jukka MakiahoFinland
Scandinavic keyboard with scandinavic roms installed on top of originals. No text markings on rear ports.
WGC07507KU-14194HB CS00005322TTFinland
Scandinavian keyboard layout (Ö,Ä,Å).
Working condition, one CIA 1893, the rest of the chips all 1982. Build-in FC. For more information abt build-in FC see: https://blog.worldofc64.com/?p=2054
wgc07929326298rev a326116pvdmattenamsterdam
one of the 1st in the netherlands
WGC08581KU-14194HBDan SteniusSweden
Could not find any Board Serial/Batch Number, Board Revision and Board Country of Origin on my board. I did find a number printed on the bottom of the board in white background: F113576 and I found a number stamped on the cpu shield: 251024. Perhaps this helps. BR Dan
WGC08691KU-14194HBREV.BCS00006346Maria EngströmSweden
WGC10626E250407 REV.BVerzItaly
battered, case with signs of time
WGC11324KU-14194HBKarl JanssonSweden
no sticker on cartridge-port shield, I found a little white label with "F132729" stamped on it.
WGC15629KU-14194HBEnrico GueliAgrigento, Italy
A label on the board says: F130707
WGC17713250407REV .AJukka MakiahoFinland
WGC20394250407REV AMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
WGC21532Tommy Karstensen Denmark
WGC22448250407AF149071Lars DamTaastrup, Denmark
WGC23720250407REV. ATDBBelgium
Bought from 1st owner in working condition. All original chips dated from 82 or early 83 with ceramic VIC. Original packaging (incl plastic bags) with matching S/N on box.
WGC24279250407AMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
WGC24933KU-14194HBCS00014017 ?donniNetherland
WGC27612250407Rev AAnders ParmstrandSweden
WGC27641250407REV ALuzurSweden
WGC30506Joni KFinland
Fully working, Seal not broken.
WGC31135250407AJohn C. LonningdalNorway
VIC chip is ceramic. 6510 CPU date is 0583.
wgc33506Koen De BrabanderBrugge, Belgium
WGC33559250407Rev.B?Yves GrethenLuxembourg
I've got this C64 in november2014 and it unfortunately is in a very bad condition. t is working, but the case is broken.
WGC34860250407AHan van GeelThe Netherlands
No boardnr. found. This one is in such a bad condition that it will be scrapped for parts.
WGC34958250407REV AMichel van der HulstThe Netherlands
Rev A board, chips all early '83, 100% working.
WGC35050250407AF198408Johan JaremkoBelgium Tongeren
No sound,case dammaged. Case was badly openend. Bought in 2014 in The Netherlands.
wgc35321philippeamsterdam, NL
WGC37069250407Rev. ABrackefnesSweden
WGC37078250407AGlenn LarssonSweden
WGC37751hedningLund, Sweden
Weird unit. Works perfectly one day. Next day - nothing. Needs love. Almost all of the chips are socketed.
WGC39663unknownNybro, Sweden
Tradera.com auction 2013-08-08. Working unit in original box.
WGC40394250407B00126116Karl JanssonSweden
Original Rainbow label replaced with custom label.
WGC40451250407REV. ACS00112159BrackefnesSweden
Case has sticker marked SER.NO.C 40451
WGC41132250407B023654 (first 2 digits not sure, they are faded)Bert VisserNetherlands
VIC 6569R1 SID 6581R4 Everything seems to be original.
Bought february 2014, refurbished, (fault SID), sold april 2014
WGC4505625040A027552Glenn LarssonSweden
Wgc46375250407REV.AF202222Marco crivellaroItaly
WGC46894250407REV.C0114300Tomi MalinenFinland
+ Internal 256kb memory expansion + JiffyDos
WGC51028#250407REV BBARROO Paul-MarieFRANCE
WGC51216250407AHarald BjørnerudNorge
WGC52891250407AGone or not presentMarco AlbusNetherlands
Kernal Rev 2, 93459PLA Chip, Ceramic 6569R1 VIC II Chip. Date Codes chips vary from 4782 - 0783. RAM chips are a mix from ceramic Hitachi, Plastic Hitachi and Toshiba. All MOS chips socketed.
WGC53038250407REV. AUnknownArjan KuiperOude Pekela, The Netherlands
There's a sticker on the RF modulator with the number 007344. Number on VIC-shield is 251024. Also on the back of the board there's the following information: FAB NO.250406 REV. A, ASSY NO. 250407 REV. A, KU-14194HN. Also there's a sticker on the back of the keyboard PCB, it gives me the follwoing information: 326166-02, 83.6 28.
WGC56681250407 originally, changed to 250469REV.A895860lemmingFinland
The 250469 board in this machine has been modified to use this machine's original 6569R3/3383 (ceramic). The broken SID 6581R3 of the original 250407 board was replaced with a 8580R5/3188
WGC57743Pieter KampHaalem
WGC58062Timo MyllymakiFinland
WGC59140250407BCS00162037Ronny StrandNorway
Wgc61087250407APaolo TonelloFriuli Venezia Giulia
WGC64501Jan EspenNorge
Good condition
WGC65013Tommy Karstensen Denmark
wgc68306Tommy EriksenNorway
Cermaic memory chips.
WGC68577250425HKC S/N 696664Kristian MyklebustNorway
WGC68670240407B076615Rune KaarudVormsund, Norway
VIC chip (U19) of ceramic type MOS 6569R1 2283 PLA chip (U17) Commodore 251064-1 RF-Modulator shield stamped: MD6-UE3603 533T
wgc68785Trond MichelsenOslo, Norway
WGC69379250407REV BSindreNorway
Broken "w" key and keystem
WGC69444250407ARTWORK.NO 251137 REV.BFAB NO.250406 REV.A (under mb)BÃ¥rd S. LarsenNorway
Ceramic VIC chip. All original components, still works well now in 2021.
In good shape.
WGC72244250407BDave BowmanNetherlands
strange unit, early serial but the case is the newer design breadbin. has a ceramic VIC
WGC73353250407Rev.B157948Bas BurgerNetherlands
Repaired, CIAs socketed and 3283, soldered ROMs/PLA and socketed SID from 84, kernal-03, 6510 from 1686, repaired/socketed 74ls139, rusted modulator cap. Not opened VIC shield, so dunno, does have ghosting on modular output, PAL machine.
WGC75237250407B554734hedningLund, Sweden
A bit worn, but fully functional. Swedish keyboard and char-roms. Came boxed in a mint box with matching s/n.
WGC75284Renate de RijkNew Zealand
Bought in The Netherlands, moved to New Zealand
WGC76620250407BDan MSan Maros, TX, USA
Case only. Board missing from computer.
WGC77454250407REV. AF238546MathiasSweden
Rather High serial number for VIC Keyboard WGC/Rev. A board. Must have gotten its ser no a much later than the others with this setup, as the rest corresponds with machine with sub 15xxx serials. http://i.imgur.com/x2PKTdE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dRFKZKo.jpg
wgc78063250407Rev BDaniel WindstamSweden
WGC78073Peter OSweden
Wgc78365250407MD6-UE3603Peter SjöbergSweden
Red letters MOS chips! Metallic memory chips
WGC83322250407BDave ForseyNetherlands
wgc88854250407rev.b074395Kim LindbergDenmark
WGC91180250407REV.BDE 4009163Massimiliano HocevarItaly
PLA, SID, 6510 901227-02 and both 6526 socketed
WGC91342250407BDE 4010736Michiel GroenZwolle, The Netherlands
WGC91829250407Michel van der HulstThe Netherlands
Like new, 100% working condition.
WGC92475Jacob MadsenCPH, Denmark
Rainbow label is missing!
wgc93067250407BMario GonzalezNorway
WGC96808250407REV. BDE 4019280Gisle N. MalmNorway
WGC97458250407REV BDE 4012954Eli MellemgaardFaroe Islands
WGC9753497534Emil Larsson-Trassel Sweden
wgc97671250407Rev.BDE 4036276Frank CarvalhoDenmark
WGC98530Zabeo LuvaItalia
I dont open my c64 but i have the image into www.manetta.it/retrog.
wgc99206250407rev.b4013363Kim Lindbergd
WGC100898250407BSimone RiminucciItaly, Ravenna
WGC101929250407 B98489Eduardo CasinoMadrid, Spain
WGC104630250407BDE5054154Rasmus AnthinGBG, Sweden
My childhood computer (second hand from friend). Artwork No. 251137. RF-modulator: MD6-UE3603 6 3 I T
WGC104720250407BDF5027041HedningLund, Sweden
Swedish characters on keyboard, and in ROM. Working, but SID is broken.
WGC104845250407REV. BDF5027067Viktor HenningUppsala, Sweden
WGC104854250407REV. BDE 5055519Erik BSweden
U1, U2, U4, U7, U17, U18 in sockets (factory soldered, not added afterwards).
WGC108256250407B12657Alessandro LiberalatoItaly
Has Speed DOS. Fully working.
WGC109547250407BDE5055699HedningLund, Sweden
Machine broken, just kept for spare parts. SID: 6581 (3183).
WGC109794326298A04161Kristoffer BjörkmanSweden
Bought online in Sweden 2018, earlier history not known. Very nice condition with some apparently some service/fixes done over the years. The badge is probably a late reproduction placed over the original. The chips are all 1982, non-ceramic, socketed.
With Swedish Characters, ÅÄÖ on original printed keys. Custom character- and kernal-ROM.
Missing RF-Shield, maybe previous owner pulled it off. Plastic case have been severed near expansion port.
WGC112550250407REV. BM1Finland
WGC113255250407BTero M (deetsay)Finland
6581. In box, stickered with matching serial number.
WGC113855250407BTero M (deetsay)Finland
wgc114104250407BHKC S/N 128260Koen De BrabanderBrugge, Belgium
wgc115967250407rev.b129717Jos de HaanNetherlands
WGC117616Curt Cool aka FrankCopenhagen, Denmark
Bought at a fleemarket more than 10 years ago.
WGC118599250407BMissingTommy EriksenNorway
Has powersupply with 2fuses and powerswitch.
WGC118909250407REV.BJesper PaaskeDenmark
Printed on the underside of the board is: FAB NO.250406 REV.A ASSY 250407 H.E.C. GEA 94HB
WGC118954250407REV. BE5048982Rene ThomsenAarhus, Denmark
WGC127899250407REV.CMithrius BrightbladeSicily
Bought May 2015, refurbished (fault PLA and Kernal ROM), sold June 2015
WGC138235250425781250Ronny StrandNorway
Dead C64 only kept as spear parts. no rev on board.
WGC144045250407BA62352FSandro VandoniMilano (italy)
WGC148052Promax3dItaly, Rome
WGC150603Scozzese FabioItalia
WGC152468Jacob MadsenCPH, Denmark
Danish Keyboard layout
WGC153493250407Rev.C651826Johannes Carisius JohansenDenmark, Søborg (København)
Installed a new Ic scoket and new PLA IC the old one was defektive.
WGC155624250407Rev. BHKC S/N 1044518Fernan SchouffoerNetherlands
It has a ceramic VIC-II and a "n82s100n" PLA chip
WGC169262Jan EspenNorway
In very good condition. Works like a charm. I guess three owners.
WGC174197250407C695936Leon bikNetherlands
WGC191834250425A071175Marko KoivuniemiJalasjärvi, Finland
Waiting for repair.
Keyboard badly damaged. U19 missing. Will possibly be used for spare parts.
WGC201558R.H.K.M. RaatsNetherlands
WGC202374250425326116ThijsThe Netherlands
Found it in a garage sale, has SPEEDOS installed.
WGC202520Christiaan LockAmersfoort
WGC203586329378Daniël MantionePurmerend, Netherlands
Used this machine in my youth and is one of my most loved belongings. A reset button was added already in the 80's. I keep it otherwise original and unmodified. It doesn't look new, but for the rest it is in excellent condition.
WGC204684250425Salvatore AlmaMilan, Italy
WGC204961250425084112Matteo RomagnoliItaly
WGC206729Paolo SotgiuItaly
WGC211042Federico TubaroItaly
light plastic molding streak in the spacebar key
WGC213100250425Mithrius BrightbladeSicily
Bought december 2014, refurbished (fault CPU), sold May 2015
WGC216027250425REV. ?0134135Giuseppe FrisiItaly
Bought as not functional. In fact it doesn't work, as it shows a blank screen on startup. All custom chips have sockets and U27-U14 are made by MOS even though they're normal logic Ic's. They're lots of rust spots on the board.Mitsumi TV modulator.
WGC218996250425N/A127331Daniele GratteriModena, Italy
Salvaged on the 1st of April, 2007, it was into its original package (unfortunately damaged by water) near a waste container. It was fully functional!
Buyed on Ebay. It Works. The case is not very well.
Refurbished (replaced U8, PLA, CIA2), sold August 2015
WGC225996Marko KoivuniemiJalasjärvi, Finland
Currently waiting repair.
WGC226242Martin SchobbeNetherlands
WGC231164Xander MolNederland
WGC231551250425B091767Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
No Rev# - Assembled in Hong Kong - SID 6581R4AR / 3586 S
WGC242528250407B57121Guilain AchardLyon, France
WGC243174250407REV.CLevente HársfalviHungary
C64 RVB No. 109039 (a.k.a. a French market PAL-RGB transcoder equipped machine, produced by Procep). Chip datecodes of around 2084 inside.
Wgc249397Pekka AbrahamssonFinland
WGC249531250425REV.A283036Gábor VargaHungary, Tatabánya
board revision printed on the back side of 250425 boards
WGC253092250425-112583SalientThe Netherlands
RF adjust knob present next to RF out.
WGC253842Filip TackBelgium
Have replaced the Board with Assy 250425 S/N 058496 and selled the original with defects.
WGC271401250425304755Ville SaarelainenFinland
Got this from an auction in May 2022. After thorough cleaning it's in decent condition, except a hole for a reset switch, drilled right thru the C64 badge! That needs to be fixed somehow, but otherwise it's 100% working. Chip dates are from summer '84 to early '85.
WGC273673250425HKC S/N 322757GrahamGermany
Revision number probably hidden under voltage regulator heatsink.
WGC277713250425obscured by aluminum heatsink112602PaulUK
WGC279602250425343373dEViLOCkBremen, Germany
WGC292006250425A482899Joao MiguelLoule, Portugal
WGC295984ce33Aland island
WGC297558Ruben SchoutenNetherlands
WGC299799unknownMalmö, Sweden
Tradera.se auction 2010-02-24. Working unit.
WGC299945250407BJosh NAdelaide, Australia
Retro fitted with Swedish character and kernal ROMs as well as relabeled keys (with an official update kit).
Added 3 heatsinks to VIC, SID and CPU
WGC301014Oscar SommerboStockholm, Sweden
Stickers on several keys with swedish chars
Working. Bought at a flea market in Gothenburg ca 2004 with working 1541 and TFCIII.
WGC301321250425REV.A801329Thomas KraftDenmark
WGC303553250425754874M. RomijnNetherlands
WGC303732250425766472OyaworksThe Netherlands
Sold by Herentals Maes in Belgium
WGC310445Mikko LFinland
WGC310664250425HKC S/N 803822Jukka MuhonenFinland
-On the board there's a text: hi-pricP37 B -326116CS is carved on the metal shield of the cartridge slot. -Sid chip: 6581R3
WGC313354Kai SulinFinland
WGC314169250425842578Jukka MakiahoFinland
On board there is labelled W-79 94V-0
WGC319252250425854077Nils OlssonSweden
WGC321420Nils-Erik AbelsonSweden
wgc323326Victor LancingSweden
WGC325072250425 855746Nikolaj KDenmark
WGC326965250425853822Niklas BernljungHultsfred, Sweden
Not working,U11 is shorted. The power LED is not original. No REV number or board origin.
WGC331374250425853300Paul FindleySweden
WGC334589Carsten BerggreenDenmark
I havent opened the chassis yet.. so I cant provide you the partnumbers inside it. But I've had it since I was 13-14 years old and I am 40 today.
WGC335277250425975137Lorenzo DainiItaly
WGC341139250425Robin BGermany
WGC341555250425118437N. VanraesBelgium
WGC345425250425 REV.B885616VerzItaly
Pal machine. Almost all chips 1986. Worn case. Keyboard from another unit
WGC347215250425903022ilke DirekTurkey
No Revision number on board.
WGC348231250425978008Daniel AnnertornSverige
WGC348740hedningLund, Sweden
Working unit in good condition. Swedish chars. I bought the unit from a guy in Stockholm, Sweden in dec 2010.
WGC349084250425881632 (or 326116S)hedningLund, Sweden
Working C64 in good condition. Came boxed in a trashy box. Swedish charroms. Sid R3 4885, the rest of the chips are from 86.
WGC349691250407B133523Bernd WolffDeutschland
WGC357950Sven van der HartUK
WGC360904Rami AirolaFinland
Good condition, working
WGC364433250425Aki VänskäFinland
Sid chip: MOS 6581R3 0786
WGC367901250425-HKC S/N 890099Joan Josep B.Palma (Mallorca-Spain)
Casing number 251813 Funkentstört n DBP-Vfg. 1046/84
WGC372782250425013682dionoidThe Netherlands
WGC381350Jan GalaBrno, Czech Republic
Original function keys, keyboard alternating between brown and white.
WGC383391250407Rev.B142168Johannes Carisius JohansenDenmark, Søborg (København)
Dolphin Dos 2.0 Installed and Reset Button Installed.
064587E250469B0939089Stuart WaldramScotland
Bought from ebay in 01/13 Excelent condition fully working, slight yellowing of the case.
214496B1250469REV.307027Stefano A. AlfonsettiItalia
266988250469Rev 4829620Mike EllisUK
276959250469REV. 3346537Peter SjöbergSweden
Case has clips instead of screws. C64E board.
282911250469Rev. 3S/N 257352David MetlesitsHungary
287013M. KnoedlerGermany
288459HedningLund, Sweden
Bought from a guy in Trollhättan, Sweden. Working unit with warranty seal intact. Some small scratches, but a nice and well preserved unit.
2886102504694342590Glenn LarssonSweden
289671250469 252311rev. 4Jos de HaanNetherlands
292562Kristoffer BerggrenStockholm / Sweden
Got it on ebay, 13$ + shipment, Warranty Seal still unbroken.
292636Erik AasbergDenmark, Copenhagen
293390Per EricssonSweden
Broken (blue screen shows on startup but no text)
2936232504694334185ObsoletemacStockholm, Sweden
2936972504694369757Johan BentzenLidköping, Sweden
1987 week 42
303730250425REV.AHK C S/N 713823Jan de VeenNetherlands
In full working order. Assembled in HK in week 24 of 1985 CPU: MOS 6510 CBM 2085 VIC II: MOS 6569R3 1485 PLA: MOS 906114-01 1985S SID: MOS 6581 4384 CIA 1: MOS 6526 2085 CIA 2: MOS 6526 2085 BASIC ROM: MOS 901226-01 (C) 1982 CBM 2185 KERNAL ROM: MOS 901227-03 (C) 1983 CBM 2185
3045232504694372105Glenn LarssonSweden
3049552504694322334Johan BentzenSweden
Assembled week 41 year 87 or 88, hard to tell, no clear mark on that sticker. Some of the ic's are dated 3787-4087 and the PCB is dated 38-87
Funkenstört n.DBP-Vfg.1046/84
3068732504693307913Paolo Brunostockholm, Sweden
311247250469REV.4426266Niklas BernljungHultsfred, Sweden
Working. Saved from the trash with a working 1541 in september 2009
311520hedningLund, Sweden
Fully working C64 in mint condition, with s/n-matching box. It it sealed with a Commodore service seal, so at some point it was repaired.
312387Mattias HjalmarssonSweden
Found on Facebook. Was fit into a box with the s/n HB4 490733
313653HedningLund, Sweden
Warranty seal intakt. Fully working. Came with mint box with matching s/n.
Working unit. English keyboard. Info taken from a swedish Facebook auction in june 2016.
320347HedningLund, Sweden
321359250469 C382140JavierSpain
Spanish keyboard
323181250469REV. 3334620Antti SuomelaTurku, Finland
Expansion port shield stamped number: 326116 (K.H.) Expansion port shield label: C64E P / HKC S/N 334620 / WW 44 /87/88
3250562504693444384Glenn LarssonSweden
3279192404694Secret ManGermany
Good condition !
329773K NandorHungary
341842Tore L. TangenArendal, Norway
0003451980000000Moretti AntonioItaly
348680unknownKungsängen, Sweden
Tradera.se auction 2009-08-14. Working. Warranty seal unbroken.
359810Moudatsos StylianosGreece
3669242504693480142Bjørn-Olav StrandNorway
370117Glen MasonSwitzerland
Seal unbroken, fully functional.
376709250469REV.4415364Niklas BernljungHultsfred, Sweden
Not working, U11 is shorted.
3772762504694415466Kimmo MartimoOulu, Finland
Manufacture date 47/87. Warranty seal was broken when I got this in 2016. Sold as partially broken (9V fuse was broken, looked like mechanical failure rather than it being actually blown)
377866250469REV.4052008Joel Toivonen (hukka)Salo, Finland
377880Petri RemesahoFinland
3783012504693467371MarqHelsinki, Finland
378628mikko salonenfinland
This was also on the back of the commodore "funkentstört n.DBP-Vfg.1046/84" and back of the datassette: jo4 339570 11/90
379933250469 REV. 4048851CF OlieEU
Snap instead of screws.
3804772504694051926Teppo HeinonenFinland
3840272504694252311Magnus OlofssonSweden
Not completely sure if what I listed as board serial/batch number is correct. It's printed on the board as PCB NO.
385849250407B4556Angelo HoubenNetherlands
It's dead, although the mainboard still works, someone has soldered a sid2sid on it that doesn't work. It could be revived.
3893752504694151504Jussi Ala-KönniEstonia
Obtained in sealed condition.
392889Moudatsos StylianosGreece
394702Marty BochaneNetherlands
4034042504694598527Glenn LarssonSweden
403656HedningLund, Sweden
Mint condition in a mint condition original box. Only one previous owner. Working. Warranty seal intact.
Computer found on an auction on Tradera/E-Bay 090324. http://www.tradera.com/Commodore-64-paket-med-nagra-originalspel-auktion_87438531
4037852504694150603hedningLund, Sweden
Bought in feb 2014. Only one previous owner. Original box. Very good shape, fully working unit.
404422250469rev.3599177desmon derksennederlands
4050172504693599502MicheleMilan, Italy
408533250469REV. 4HKC S/N 556425BrackefnesSweden
408822250469REV.410077Daniel LFinland
418189250469300543Glenn LarssonSweden
419732250469REV. 3068409Per-Erik BrozNorway
421157unknownAu bei Aflenz Kurort, Austria
ebay.de auction 2010-05-23. Working unit.
431676250469REV. 4HKC S/N 763150Massimiliano HocevarItaly
It has an embossed text in pace of Serial Number sticker on the bottom case. The serial number is reported only on a small silver sticker without any prefix or suffix as a 6 digit number. The embossed text says that is a "Commodore C64 made in w. Germany ". There are no screws for closing case nor to fix the keyboard. The model is release is C64E
437020250469 REV. ACF OlieEU
439240ERobert GrayScotland
440347Sebastian PichlerGermany
443338Secret ManGermany
Top condition.No Yellowing.Warranty seal,never opened
4519022504694248460konakonaEssen, West-Germany
My granny bought this one from Otto or something like that somewhat around 89 or so I think xD Didn't test it until now, but I think it still works (:
455731Christian RethmannFinland
456732Peretto PierangeloMilan
460767250469REV.4251822Matteo RomagnoliItaly
461708250469A244702Per EricssonSweden
4617402504694244250Kristoffer BjörkmanSweden
RF housing engraved "MADE IN TAIWAN". Keyboard stickered 326166-04 MADE IN MALAYSIA", and the sticker stamped with "50881015".
477717250469REV. 41037965SalientThe Netherlands
8580R5 SID. Case is 'clicked' together rather than screwed. Only serial no. is printed on a sticker, the rest of the information is moulded into the casing. Keyboard was replaced with old-type because of broken key no. 5.
480058Daniel CloutierGermany
485009250469REV.4Nikolasz Inzsol (NikM)Hungary, Tatabanya
Warranty label intact.
4860232504469 252311rev. 4273972Jos de HaanNetherlands
487630250469REV 4273385KristianGothenburg, Sweden
SID: MOS 8580R5 CPU: MOS 8500 Unfortunately, there was no marking of the origin of the motherboard.
498585250469Nicolas TriebeEssen, Germany
501573250469REV.4HKC S/N 1126178HexcoderGermany, Lower Saxony
501930250469 REV. 4CF OlieFinland
504585250469REV. 4320898PARALAXGermany
Keyboard and case not fixed by screws, only plastic brackets. Case can be opened very quickly with this method but it creaks a bit when typing a bit harder on the keys.
5159862504694UAL S/N 294499GrahamGermany
527623Secret ManGermany
Good condition
529713250469B0434499Ronny J.Germany
531923Rob BaileyAustralia
Some yellowing from sitting in the sun. A hand me down from a friend that I'm now taking care of.
532204Secret ManGermany
Great condition.No Yellowing.Warranty seal.Never opened.
534512hedningLund, Sweden
Only a shell. No motherboard inside.
543086250469ASecret ManGermany
Case was ugly and yellow,so i gave it an new color.Silver metallic.Contains SID 8580R5 3989 25
547069unknownVilamarxant, Spain
eBay auction 2010-11-07. Very clean unit. Working. Warranty seal intact.
557177250469 A1715031bob lewisireland
no screws on the case at all , just clips! and a red power led (my 2 others are green!) bit yellowed but still working fine!
562085Secret ManGermany
Defekt.Only yellow defekt case and yellow keyboard.Without mainboard.
00564822Matt StreetUk
569489250469A1840995Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
586841250469 A266354Julio CesarManises, Spain
591287Moudatsos StylianosGreece
596577250469REV.AHKM S/N 0257234PohliGermany
Badge has been removed.
613231250469A320955Lee LittleUk
616209250469A0322078Heiko WickelGermany / Hessen
Clicked Case
623713250469REV.AHKM S/N0341646Richard LancettUK
634034250469A0362397Adam WilsonUnited Kingdom
637138250469Rev A0364042Chris SweetUnited Kingdom
Red led
639456Egemen Batu VAROLTurkey
653848250469B0420564Heiko A. WickelGermany / Hessen
Click Case
659559unknownMannheim, Germany
eBay.de auction 2009-11-16. Working unit with Speedos Plus installed.
Sorry, still sealed
682904250469Rev.BHKM S/N0959106 WW 48/90SalatorGermany
684993Secret ManGermany
Great Condition,no yellowing.looks like new :-)
Original warranty seal. Unopened. Has only small label with serial no.
719738250469252311.B1058246Kevin BarbeWolfenbüttel, Germany
735480250469B1086101Olek LamzaPoland
green power LED
781700Secret ManGermany
New in original box.Never used.Warranty seal.
801979250469REV BStamped: 326116; Label: C64 E P / HKC S/N 2267636james HartLuton,UK
No "made in" labels except on Keyboard: "Made in Malaysia".
845514250469B2300778Roland EversCologne, Germany
No Label, no engravement, only S/N Sticker.
846378250469REV.B1530862Jens RUnited Kingdom
4119786250466Vesa HeikkinenSuomi
c64283682283682Dirk kindlerGermany
c64415736Alexander LandaMoscow Russia
Nice, clean and retrobrighted!
CA1001875C250466Joseph LeVanHershey, PA
CA1007759C250425not shown016817Ernie ChornyMississauga, ON, Canada
CA1013379CJames WoltersArdrossan, Alberta
Purchased from Compute or Play store (from West Edmonton Mall) at a Commodore Computer show I believe in the summer of 1987. It was my second C64.
CA1013501C250425No rev. number listeds/n 493958 label or Stamped 326116STimOChicago IL. USA
I am the original owner of this C64c computer. I bought it in 1986. I was surprised to find a 1984 board inside, confirmed by the assembly number and 1984 Commodore Intl. Commodore 64 printed on the board. It has the 8 pin din connector for video as well. Not sure how an 84 board would have that? I assume that the board was a left over batch being used in the 86 production line? The board did not have a rev. number printed or label on the board.
CA1016517CunknownhdtvmanFlorida USA
Case acquired without original board. New board is SixtyClone assembly 250466
CA1019742CNic HallangerMinnesota, United States
CA1021401C250425HKC S/N 505540Eric ParkerUnited States
CA1022711C250425B326116SDavid NowakTallahassee, FL
Found at Goodwill. Included box, power supply, RF adapter, two serial cables and original documentation.
CA1030133C250425326116sBen BattenFlorida
CA1036170Joe BucciNew Hampshire, USA
Nice looking machine, in the original box with manuals, setup chart, power supply, RF connector and all cables. Does NOT work!! - (Bummer)
CA1043229C250425485804TPUGMississauga, ON, Canada
CA1049183C250466170001Julio E RodriguezSan Juan, Puerto Rico
CA1049810CAndy Raisovich, IIIWest Virginia
CA1053282CPete RittwageAugusta, GA, USA
CA1059320C250466530806Keith GreeneLas Vegas, NV, USA
OtherCA1073408250466AJason HerrGuam
Basically BRAND NEW, even had the warranty sticker in place until I removed it to get the info for this, VERY CLEAN, only issue was the badge was pealing off, but I fixed it!
CA1083886c250466401808Shawn P. KichtaUnited States
CA1088011C250466P/N 252280-01 REV.A221899Manuel RegoUnited States
CA1088222C250466A549502ThomasNew Jersey, USA
Revision number was on underside of the board.
CA1093622C250466326116Michelle SixUSA