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Vorpal - Later
Epyx Vorpal (later versions with sync-less tracks)
Last Updated: 10/12/05

This protection is used to protect later Epyx games such as California Games, Legend of Blacksilver, Championshiop Wrestling, "The Games" Summer and Winter Editions, LA Crackdown, and Street Sports Basketball.

These disks contain several tracks (every other one for at least tracks < 18) that have no sync signal. I have partially disassembled the Maverick copier and it is trying to detect sectors on these syncless tracks by searching for the pattern $55 or $AA. We cannot detect a normal track cycle in these tracks by normal means due to unknown reasons. My educated guess is that either the tracks contain data written at different densities (doubtful, since there isn't any bad GCR) or it has several sectors that are "sliding" (bitshifted from one another) due to lack of framing.

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